I wish every sweet-hearted guy who's just having a rough time here will be happy someday

I wish every sweet-hearted guy who's just having a rough time here will be happy someday
My heart cries for you

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Thanks user. Wish you would suck my dick though, you seem cute and I would love to brush my hands through your hair.

they're not worth it. they seem sweet but each and every one of them would take your kindness for granted and break your heart if you gave them a chance.

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Yeah every internet person say that, it's strange how their irl attitude is different always

I dont think my heart is so sweet anymore. But I hope for happiness like everyone else.

Who hurt you femanon? Why have you let your heart turn into tar?

I hope you get tortured and die.

I'm pretty kind and I'm not gonna be humble about it. Just a fact

i've been having a rough time for probably the past 5 years. my hope is beginning to run out, but thanks for your consideration user

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i want to be sweet but life turned me into a bitter asshole. i just want a girl to be sweet to but they dont want me so fuck em

What's going on, user? Care to share?

Can you please post a picture of your butthole. Please, just one, please let me see it.

Inside every grown man is a boy who wants to crawl up in a ball and cry

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Life didn't turn you into that. Life made you suffer unbearably and then you decided fo be like that

Fuck you for making me feel

and now im deciding to tell you to lick the sweat off my balls

Disagree. That little kid grew up and started being productive. Life hurts but that will not stop me from my goals.

Is it really every grown man though?

You know I'm right, user. You know I'm right

>life puts you down over and over again just for being yourself
>haha dumb incel just stop whining and accept it already
.t fat roastie or beta orbiter

Events that happen to you are an outside force. I don't care what trauma you've been through. If you're not naive, you can control yourself

if i acted sweet you'd just call me a beta cuck. i know this game, its dull

Ever wonder why you are single?

everything i ever try just falls to pieces. it's like the universe gives me a little bit of hope/happiness to rip it away in some kind of cosmic joke.

You're on Jow Forums
Men can't show insecurity/uncertainty without negatively impacting their image

not him but
>accept it
you are the one who has accepted it, you decided because the world is cruel you also have to be cruel. In other words you gave in like a pussy.

right but though many grown men are deeply insecure and have strong underlying sadness, it seems likely to me that plenty don't and are overall secure in themselves and content.

god i hope you kill yourself faggot. pic related seems like good animu tho.

so you're nice? why do i get the distinct impression that you're just a douchebag?

Stress and trauma can physically change the brain. I try hard to be a better person than what I am, but being a pure good boy doesn't come nearly as naturally as when I was younger. It's true that you do have some degree of control over who you are, regardless of circumstances or experiences, but you are mistaken if you think that personality changes are fully, 100 percent voluntary.

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But user, I've been married for 4 years now.

you're probably right but it still is better to be as optimistic as realistically possible than being pessimistic.my life was already mediocre but i made it an order of magnitude worse through stupidity and anger.

That's like half a percent. Even chads, nobel prize winners, millionaires, are just trying to compete in a world that is always questioning their competence

Maybe I will find happiness. The likelyhood of that occurring for the next 4-6 years is astronomically low. Until then there will be a lot if suffering.

>you are the one who has accepted it, you decided because the world is cruel you also have to be cruel. In other words you gave in like a pussy
What the fucking do you mean you brainlet?
What are we supposed to do just love everyone and no matter how we get treated do you think were're dogs or something, actually yeah that's exactly what you want us to do, just wageslave away and don't complain while the rest of the world is happy and laguhs at you.
That's really it untill know it was all good cause we didn't say anything, didn't really have a voice internet didn't exist and anyone who would say anything would just get bullied excluded from society and now that we started talking about it and it got a bit mainstream you hate it cause now you can't do whatever you want anymore without being judged.
The pendulum will swing back I'm just sad i'm probably not gonna be alive to see it.

You guys ever just sit there and really look at yourself and wonder how a female could enjoy your company? I think a lot about that and wonder what life has in store for me.

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Men who are like that aren't single, because women want someone who treats them like shit.

I wish for happiness for other people, but happiness will never come for me. Only loneliness.

I've never been in a relationship, i'm 20 and I find the idea of sex with someone i'm not emotionally attached to utterly revolting. I'm not a passionate person, and I just want a woman to make me feel something for someone, some real. An actual connection. But as time goes on, it seems less and less likely. I don't think i'm sweet-hearted, but I still crave the thought of waking up to someone I love looking back at me, and seeing the same amount of love in her eyes.

The only thing we can ever do is stop hating ourselves and start looking for other things to make us happy.
One thing that can make you feel a little bit better is that it's not just us, regural or even chad looks can not guarantee you a happy relationship and that's because society has changed and keeps changing.Even if you were a chad you would still have high chances of having your life destroyed by a woman and just like any other things having women attracted to you while feels nice it at the beggining with time it will be just normal and won't make you happy anymore since you will want real love.
I know people like that and they're not happy.

where did you get it in your head that nice and passive are the same thing?

where do you find real love?

Thank you, that's really sweet.
I hope you find happiness one day too.

I think I am beginning to grow a very cold heart. Used to not be so jaded but everyday I feel dead inside. I try to be good still but honestly my kindness has fucked me over a lot. Everyday I give up a little more but your post did make me feel a little better thanks op.

No. I've been divorced for two. I miss the way she made me feel at the start of us being together. But then I remember the way she made me feel at the end.

I dont think im kind hearted anymore, i hate myself so much

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thanks pal. i love to tell stories and read stories, especially other peoples stories. if i could do anything in the world i would be a documentary maker like werner hertzog or a journalist learning about the unique lives of people or a writer. but in my current world i am forced to wage cuck at quiznos. i try to be good to people but i really have no where, where i could be good to anyone, i try charity work but that is just an 1 of cheap valueless labor, and i try beign kind to people in my life but one or two words of niceness just sort of brush off them. i'm asexual so i don't want a family but what you wrote here as lame as it sounds really does help me alot

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I understand that line of thinking and partially agree with you it's just that those kinds of thoughts creep in when you dont have much going on in your life. It slowly tears away at your self confidence until it's all you can think about and hope slowly drains away.

ya well cunt, you feeling sorry for me isn't going to give me back the years and cognitive abilities I threw away after years of playing vidya and jerking off to Chinese cartoons.

fuck you and your pity slut.

The thing is it's very rare and trying to achieve it is like playing the lottery but instead of losing just a couple of bucks you loose everything.

I know and it's pretty sad but there's isn's really anything we can do about it so we either accept that and try and be happy doing other things or if can't or don't want to do that we can just end it, that's the reality we live in and anyone who hasn't accepted it already will do sooner or later.

Oh, you must not have read uncle Remus's Tar Baby. The tar is a trap brr user

I think I'd rather just end it.
I'm going to end up like the men in this story: hazlitt.net/longreads/legion-lonely

So I might as well just get it over with and check out early instead of causing others and myself pain.

If you really think you can't then sure but don't lie to yourself and be confident or at least try first.
I'm not talking about copecells and their looksmaxxing to get women but just try to make your life better and try to stop hating yourself at least.
You can still make friends and have fun buy things create things make money make people who you like happy or make people who you hate miserable just get yourself some goals.

If even the successful well off men in that story have no friends, what chance do I have?
The friends I've had have only hurt me or talk to other exciting people and ghost me. I'm boring and I deserve that fate. But I'd rather just pre-empt it instead, what's the difference if it's a little early?

My experience with life has been everyone is a loser. Those who win at life by achieving wealth, status, finding true love, achieving their goals, and so on, are just temporary victories. Soon the person returns to suffering.

One respite from life is carefree and secure love for another person or an activity, but this is temporary. Rules and expectations held for us about money, status, responsibilities, etc... tends to destroy our temporary respite from life. So there's no real place of rest or security.

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Look I know how you feel but luckily men are not like women or at least most of them so you can actually try and find some people who you can ejoy spending time with it's just important to look for people like you or similar to you otherwise you will end up with fake friends and you will just try to fit in but that will never happen but the most and most important thing is to stop hating yourself or at least try and when you see that nothing really is working then make a decision.

Thanks, but I'm already too jaded to be worth it.

Just want a girl to play my video games and smile at me and maybe when I'm sad brush my hair and let me bury my face in her belly.

And that the broken, angry guys follow suit.

Exactly this, the more stuff you get the more you want when you aquire wealth or sexual desire with time it fades off and you're back to feeling mediocre and then you want more, it's never enough.
Maybe there are some simple and actually happy people but that's very rare.
Also I just realised you're a namefag and you should kill yourself.

Thanks stranger on the internet! It's getting better I promise.

Thanks user! I hope you're happy and content as well!!!

if I'm such a namefag, why is this my 5th post in this thread

The problem is that people wont enjoy spending time with me. I enjoy spending time with others, but they only hurt me. I'd rather not bother other people anymore, because I'm broken.
I doubt you know what it feels like to be truly dejected and alienated, to never be on the same level as others.

Why do you break my heart with lies little faggot?
You think this is funny? I don't need your pity fuck off. Or your shitty anime reaction pics.

I don't know your situation but you gotta make sure it's you and not them cause otherwise you're lying to yourself and as I said before it could be that you're hanging around the wrong type of people.
Us men form friendships so much easier since we don't have any hidden reason we just like to have fun and that's it, a mans brain is so much simpler that a womans in a good way.

Your heart does not have enough tears to cry for all those who came here kind and became jaded, spiteful, bitter, and hateful.
There is no happiness here.
Not for any of us.

im really mean to women here and make long posts about jews and women all the time and im on like level 8 of esoteric revelations about how genuinely fucking depressing the future is going to be because of tinder

I used to have a gf for 4 years, she cheated on me in uni, then i fucked a ton of chicks off tinder after and now ive been entirely removed from other humans for years

everyone hates me, my parents lied to the police to have me committed to a mental hospital for 3 months this years, i have fucking genuine ptsd from being tied to a fucking bed for hours and being drugged against my will because i was angry about fucking being held against my will

I own a house, im an engineer, it was literally entirely based on fabrication by my literal extremely shit family about me being suicidal

It literally ruined my life, i blew all money i had saved covering bills

Last year was the best year of my life, this year is the worst. jail is so unbelievably fucking horrible, and there are LEGITIMATELY evil people that work in healthcare that thrive on seeing white people suffer

I just wish I was able to make a friend that I could talk to and spend time with and be open about our feelings. It's hard to find without feeling like I'm whining to someone.

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I'm not kindhearted anymore, I'm emotionally numb from isolation and just care less about people in general, family even. If someone told me X family member died tomorrow I don't think I would feel much.

I also remember feeling happy about my former fat gamer friend who grew up to be a normie semi-chad getting a tumor on the brain.

Nobody cries for me.
I'm a mostly European Muslim stuck in a really bad country and when I mention anything about it I just get shit.

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LSD raped my mind and now i think hell is real.
i am scared shitless everyday by impossible delusional shit. i can't go on, mdma lifts it but i'ts only tempoary time that i feel i can slice through the negative aspects of my delusions so i can look at them mentally and not flip complete bollocks.

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so glad i didnt fall for the lsd meme like some of my friends did easily could have. fuck psychedelics

Sounds like you should sue user.
Remember that a bunch of lawyers do not charge unless you win lawsuits, and until you consult with one, you don't know if you have a case or not. Hopefully you can recover at least a portion of those bills from your family for slander and/or the hospital for malpractice.

bocchi anime makes me cry at how amazing it is

A healthy family, a healthy extended family, a healthy community - can absolutely create longterm happiness for most members. I think I'm decently empathetic and I would guess that most people in my clan are genuinely pretty happy, at least while they're at the family compound.

Ok, tranny. Now dilate.

It makes it feel better to know somebody out there is thinking of me.
Thank you OP, from the bottom of my heart.

Thank you user, it's been a long time though and it's not getting easier. I need companionship.

Thanks :)
That actually helps.

first I'd have to wonder how I could enjoy a female's company
>tfw gay brain and straight dick

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I'm successful in anything I set my mind to except getting friends or girlfriends. I think I'll always be just that weirdo who spends his days pursuing creative endeavors, like Icarus if his wings didn't burn but had no one to watch him fly or land.

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well user, buckle up
you got something

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i feel you user, shrooms raped my mind beyond reckoning. i took way too much, and i completely murdered my self image. i never though i was too much to look at, but not ugly. i did shrooms and i just started at myself in the mirror watching my face contort and twist, every feature felt so exaggerated, i saw all the ugly parts of me that id been choosing to ignore. they daunted me for hours, while i started at myself, calling myself ugly over and over. even after that trip, i cant look at my face anymore. i can only see something hideous and disfigured, life was so much more comfortable when i could ignore just how horrible i look. as if i wasnt depressed enough shrooms completely ruined my self confidence and it may never come back

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I don't have to wonder when the answer is already there before me. Fuck bitches, I love being a douche.

>tfw naive and still innocent as I don't understand why would someone lie or hurt others for "fun"
>get hurt helping others
I feel I'll kill myself next month

Depends where you look. I know I'm a dumbass retard who gets really specific when someone pisses them off to the point where they just cry but I don't want a gf anyways I just want to be alone.