What do you look for in a girl?

What do you look for in a girl?
>for me? it's a big hip waist ratio

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dont be fat and get along with me. whys it so hard to find a girl that can laugh at stupid autistic shit

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Dorky girls i get along with well. Glasses are super cute. I dont care too much for breasts if your butt is cute. I wanna take you to the aquarium then Dom you in bed afterwards.

I no longer feel anything from these videos, truly I have ascended the coom

I'm a picky pos apparently and don't like milkers or fatties. I also can't stand the majority of women so personality is equally as important as all of the above. I tend to only be strongly sexually attracted to those I can see a future with.
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Please tell me she does porn


Yes. Alyssia Kent. Happy fapping.

A kind heart and a slender body.

if you're evaluating bodytype independently of tits and legs, you're using a weird formula

plastic surgery can fix the body but it can't fix the face
women can get in shape, but they can't get younger (even young fat girls will 9/10 times stay stay fat)
girls who are more fun outside the bedroom are going to be more fun to have sex with.
you can tell if girls have a pretty face, are young and have a sense of humor very quickly

You know what i really want in a girl?



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Purity. Innocence. Decent Looks. Good to be around.

personality > does she talk to me? > face > figure

I like really cherryful girls, they're the best ones to hurt.

For me, it's the vagina. That's all I look for in a girl.

In my experience as long as the face is not terrible you grow to love it more and more. But a lack of hip-to-waist ratio leaves you wanting for eternity.

what you faggots think of this?

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someone who wont betray or abandon me and will genuinely love me and treat me like a worthwhile person

gross dude, please stop posting

muscular yet still very slender. No image because I can almost never find any girl like this

I just want a girl that's into me. Beyond that, I really don't care.