Dubs and i kill myself, trips and i get out the closet

Dubs and i kill myself, trips and i get out the closet

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Come on papa needs a new pair of dubs

I would just pretend it was trips lol

also seek help

pls dont


don't do it user! You have to live!

Die teen


god is an excuse

Rest in peace, i hope you have more luck in your next life user.

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You got dubs, now do it pussy

cya in hell faggy

Don't do it faggot, even faggots have a purpose in this world. Go be a happy little faggot with all the other little faggots on grindr

lmao get fucked faggot

Kek you just ended the game the second it started.

If you go an hero before comming out of the closet you are retarded as fuck.
Just the pure joy of freedom and the adrenaline rush of being able to be yourself in the open for the first time is going to be fucking great men...

Embrace your gayness, go to the gym, get fit, dance like a diva, suck dick and have fun. And if anyone is against, tell them to go be a fag somewhere else.

be free get out of that closet

Do a suicide by cop on the airing of the joker movie

congrats mate, let us know how it goes

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say hi to my aunt for me.

quads and you become an ood (pic related)

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oh wait.

So when I was ten years younger it would have been 'an hero', but idk I can't pull the trigger myself so, lets just fuck and be gay together user.

It's way better to be not alive, but dying is fucking hard.

Steam it pls

Livestream where?
You better deliver.

Aaaaaaaand here it is folks