Post images that express extreme pain/hatred/etc with life

post images that express extreme pain/hatred/etc with life

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i forgot what this says but ill post it anyway

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mr bojack horseman is my spirit animal

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you can really feel the loneliness in this screencap

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i also need more of these pained pngs bump bump

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life is gay and bad

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life is bad and gay

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bad is life and gay

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gay and bad is life

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bad and gay is life

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post more plox i love these depressing images

Who else /damaged goods/ here

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This broke me. You're different, but you don't know why. And then at some point you lost innocence. When?

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Okay, sure.
>tfw raped as a kid repeatedly
>everyone thinks I'm gay
>still don't know how relationships work
Yup. Shit's fucked, but slowly getting better.

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this is allowed and encouraged by the federal government. get fucking angry, everyone, because no one else will.

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You lose your innocence when you finally understand why/what exactly about you is different.

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tfw youre a God damn cowardice shit

Okay so how did this end up here?
I made this out of what my (now ex) gf said to me long ago

no thanks. waiting impatiently to be unfrozen in 2085 to meet my 18 y/o buttvirgin gf who's been transitioning since 5.
however, sluts and pure degenerates (such as pic) must burn.

This image is a reminder on why I despise the generations before me

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bad is gay and life

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gay is bad and life

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life and bad is gay

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bad and life is gay

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gay and life is bad

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life and gay is bad

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It hurts so much guys, it cant get worse

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she's waiting for you

just step into the noose

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