Killing myself

is this suicide painful? really want this to be quick and easy? planning on buying this shit tomorrow

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It's slow and you might get a headache, if you don't do it right, just like with every other method, you'll get brain damage and wind up a retard, going on walks through the park with your mother while you sport on a bib so you don't get your retard drool all over your striped polo.

There are better ways to do it and if you think about it, if you just go through life a little less carefully you'll wind up dying one way or another. We're fragile creatures, user. So just waiting things out seeing them through detached from yourself is no different than suicide.

I hope so. I will probably go out that way. But nobody can tell you whether it is or not, because they are dead

If done correctly, it is painless. But there are many factors to consider, e.g. flow rate (too high and you risk barotrauma), helium purity etc. Good luck finding pure helium, they love to mix it with some O2 nowadays for cost effectiveness and to prevent this kind of thing.

what are better ways to go?

REEEEEEEE why is this so complicated. ive tried two other times w pills but shit doesnt work

Theoretically, could one take sleeping pills before? Once the drowsiness kicks in I could fall asleep attached to the tank with a low flow to ensure painlessness, right? Theoretically.

It's not complicated if you really want it. Jump off a cliff, buy a gun and bang urself, go in a pool and breathe in water and breathe in water and not air and dlnt breathe air but breathe water, or you go out greaser style, make a robbery, have a "gun", suicide by cop i.e. there are literally countless ways to die.

You could just not,.though

If you know someone who's diabetic type one, just jack a bottle of their insulin and a needle and inject the whole fucking thing into yourself. You don't even have to mainline the shit.

Hey OP
What are you going to use to connect the tank to the tubing? They don't make an adapter for He--->> Cpap

You just vomit them right? We're sturdy when we don't want to be.
There was a guy on 8v9k (8 chan version of r9k exclusively for virgins) who said while asleep he moved the mask slightly and it disrupted the airflow since there wasn't a seal formed with the mask and his skin thus causing him to wake up and discover all he had done was taken a nap and given himself a squeaky chipmunk voice for a few seconds. It's just not reliable.
I've known of 3 people that killed themselves, all of them women, they used a tree and a rope, all three of them coincidentally were like 13 years old. So what i'm saying is rope and tree is the most reliable, next to jumping off a building.

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unfort dont know a diabetic

>go in a pool and breathe in water and breathe in water and not air and dlnt breathe air but breathe water
Kek are you psychotic or something

i didnt vomit them up i dont know i passed out and went to sleep but woke up the next day late in the evening

see some of that shit is just plain out painful.. not to mention i really dont want to screw up and be a vegetable forever. that's worse than death.

i hav no idea..

You would use hot glue gun, i believe.

Lots of helium tanks have oxygen content just high enough to keep you alive.

You could use nitrogen tanks instead of helium ones

I could use a balloon w the tip cut! is a great resource.
My recommendation is pills and milk it's cheep easy and leaves the body in perfect condition for clean up jut make sure to give GPS before ya do it wouldn't want that corpse to go to waste