Was kicked out of home at age 18 because parents didn't want to raise me anymore

>Was kicked out of home at age 18 because parents didn't want to raise me anymore
>No financial or emotional support of any kind
>Was literally, you finished highschool now so you have to leave in 2 weeks
>Been in a financial struggle since all because they didn't want to help me in anyway
>Been one payment away from homelessness for years and if I ever got sick I'm pretty much fucked
>Parents complain how much of a failure I am and that I never got an education

Why do parents do this?

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Most don't do that sorry about your raw deal family should help eachother

You mean "why do American parents do this?"
Because they don't love their families.

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>tfw never finished highschool so parents couldn't kick me out

>mom gets married and has another kid when I am 17
>moves out of state with new family 3 months before I graduate high school
>literally homeless, go live with my best friend and his family
>now 38 early retired shut in
>she wonders why I never call or visit

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The hell is wrong with burger boomers? They're literal sociopaths.
Why even have kids if you're going to hate them?

That's fucking horrible. Can't imagine what goes through someone's head to treat their children that way.

I feel you. My mother left when I was 13 and my father kicked me out for no reason when I was 15. Was fine because we were impoverished and my parents were abusive/absentees anyway. I was a good kid and didn't deserve any of it. I spent my teen years homeless and my young adult years struggling. Had to learn to be a human being, a man, and an adult by myself. Now I'm doing well in life and the pride of my family and friends, and I never ever speak to my parents, no matter how often they try to get ahold of me through relatives. Apparently they act as if they never did anything wrong. I'll hate them and ignore them til the day they die.

>father dumped us when I was a toddler
>didn't pay child support
>contacts me some 20+ years later and asks for money, trying to guilt trip me into helping the poor old him
Are boomers even sentient?

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Because your "parents" are fucked and don't give a shit about you.

Lol. This is too fucking true. American parents are some of the worst I've ever seen.

>Parents treat you like shit, don't care about you and don't even do the basic's required when raising a child to adulthood.
>Don't expose you to social situations while growing up and want to even try to make sure you are on the right track to becoming a functional adult
>They don't try to teach or provide any wisdom they might have gathered as an adult and suddenly expect the world from you the moment you are 18
>No help with homework
>No CARING about homework
>Insults and negative comments whole life about appearance and intelligence
>Work washing dishes form years in highscool to pay anything besides breakfast or dinner. This includes my own school uniform, school trips, equipment, sports shoes, bus pass... everything you name it.
>Parents give me shit for having such a bad job and tell me i'll be washing dishes for my whole life
>Parents give me shit for my poor grades because I need to walk everywhere because they refuse to drive me even to a bus stop
>Turn 18 with no social skills, no basic world skills like changing car oil or how to appear professional.
>Parents blame me and kick me out of house for being a failure in their eyes.
>20 years old now. Full time job at night still washing dishes. Was able to get my own GED and enroll into university all on my own studying business since I'm not smart enough for anything else
>Parents insult me and tell me not to even bother because I'm going to just fail.
>Anytime I try and cut contact or tell them how shitty parents they were my whole life they then turn around and say some shit like "You better treat me good otherwise you arnt going to get anything when I die."
>I try to do anything to avoid even speaking to them but somehow they weasel into my life and make me feel horrible

In the process of preparing a long letter to send them in a few weeks when I finally hit my limit. I am going to cut all contact and want nothing to do with them. I have hit my limit.

Shithead parents are the fucking worst.

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Jesus that image. I was actually planning on running a psych therapy group making masks like that tomorrow. Now I need to make new plans because I'm pretty sure it will make a few people in the group start freaking out if everyone is looking that creepy.

typical anglo parents. also german parents do this as well. it's the effect of modern western brainwashing. everyone should just rent an apartment for themself. being an isolated consumer wagie slave living in his little shoebox.

I'm American and I still live with my mom at age 29. OP's just from a shitty family of selfish people. America's institutions are kinda built on the assumption that you have an extended family network looking out for you, the reason why there are so many people like OP stuck at the bottom rung of society is because their families failed them and weren't there to buoy them up. If you don't have family looking out for you, America can be a rough place. If you do have family though, it's great, best country on earth.

>clinical depression at 6
>first psychotic symptoms around 14
>stopped socializing with people because paranoia around 15
>drug cope by 17 to get to sleep at night and be a semi norman
>20 start talking to myself outloud to organize my thoughts
>ffw to 24 full blown paranoid clusterfuck lose most friends and family kicks me out because cannot afford meds
And parents wonder why their kids hate them when Becky mom LARPs as bipolar

weak b8 original motherfookuerino

>parents treat me like a legal liability all my life with almost no support
>dad has been pressuring me to leave recently since I am legally no longer his problem
>he wants to ditch me just so he can sell the house and retire in some tropical paradise in Florida

That pic saddens me deeply

white Americans are fucking sociopaths. Family comes first.
My parents are from third world country and struggled while in college during the late 70s and early 80s. When they had me they made sure I never had to worry about anything and provided me with everything I needed and more.

JUST DO IT, FUCK Nigger Boomers
I finally came to Terms to Cut the Cord with Nigger Boomer parents and all this time I was putting up with humiliation just because I though I will inherit something.
FUCK THAT CRAP, better perserve my mental state somewhat normal than inherit shit when I am 40-50 and all miserable then it won't even matter to have all that material crap.

I am just going to wageslave and buy small place and die peacefully since narcissistic niggers thought I am supposed to be their robot who will by shouting at me and humiliating me make me do my best to improve their lives.

FUCK YOU BOOMERS you will die OLD, LONELY and in your PISS

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Quite literally my life OP.

And I'm sure there are many others that have similar stories. Not much you can do about it except cut off all contact with your folks and try to move on with your life.

God all these stories make me feel inferior as fuck cause my parents were always great to me. How the fuck did I end up here

user you're based and a warrior for sticking with it and make it to Uni despite all that. you're not going to fail, fuck what they say, we're all gonna make it.

>parents always critisize me since early childhood
>never say anything positive about me
>talking how I'm goin to fail in life and constantly how stupid I am
>make me do shit around the house and always say how I'm incapable (even if I did my best to do it well, they would always find a reason)
>constant insults towards me, never on my side if I get in trouble in school

>stop giving a shit about trying to please them
>start acting like a total cunt around them never taking any of their advice seriously. Just quietly nod and do everything my way anyway
>stop talking to them, never say a word unless I need anything
>scream at them if they annoy me
>never do any chores around the house, make my mom do everything
>Told my dad to go fuck himself multiple times
>broke his arm once when he knocked my headphones off me
>now comfy 22 YO NEET and they treat me like royalty
Idk if they're afraid of me or I give them some sense of purpose in life that they now ready to wipe my butt. Or maybe some people just love the idea of being a servant and pleasing someone who gives two shits about them. It's like if normans see that they can't crash your spirit and make you do their bidding they will bow to you. Anyway, I'm pretty comfy now.

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Because they are boomers and don't understand how tough it is to establish yourself these days

If it makes you feel better, they don't fully realize what they're doing. 30 years ago you could lead a very comfortable like off only minimum wage.

Same bro.
I'm a complete failure now. Maybe if they kicked me out at 16 i would have had been different.

You're on the right track user. Just don't let them poison your mind with hatred.

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>Parents worked all the time
>Grandma raised me
>After i was fourteen i basically was moved back home
>Started selling drugs and roaming the streets like a drug addict with a friend from a broken family
>I was so well behaved that people never realized something was wrong with me
>Grew up and parents don't know much about me and vice versa
>Sisters molested me as a child
>Developed a cross dressing fetish due to the constant molestation
>Grew up to be an alcoholic husk of a man
>Sisters still living at home at their late twenty's
>Dad defends them so they probably will never leave home
I had so much potential damn it

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>treated like shit by my whole family throughout my life for being legit autistic
>in and out of the nuthouse and tossed around to other relatives when my parents and grandparents didn't want to deal with me
>had cops called on me numerous times when family thought I was uncooperative
>family threatened me on several occasions when I "acted out" that they'll throw me out the minute I turn 18 and nobody will take me in
>my parents and grandparents finally started treating me like a human being and apologized for their past actions
>now treat me like I'm royalty and allow me to do whatever the hell I want while trying to do everything for me
>tfw I'm so broken from 20+ years of abuse that I can't even enjoy it and feel that any minute now they'll turn on me

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Keep going, friend. I imagine you're an incredibly strong person after going through all of that.

>>Sisters molested me as a child

>No help with homework
>No CARING about homework
Is this intended to be bad? My mother checked my homework every day up to 9th grade (of 11 total). She forced me to do it in a drafts before checking. Then she would just sit with me for a whole evening, checking everything and screaming at me if I did something wrong. Finally, I have to rewrite everything from a draft to my textbook, and if I somehow messed it up, she would just tear up the textbook and force me to rewrite the whole thing in a new one.
Then, when 9th grade started, she though that I'm grown up enough to do it on my own. Needless to say, I haven't done a single homework from that day, and still not doing any uni assignments except the most mandatory ones.

>Crossdressed me
>Beat me up
>Made me crossdress and play with her dolls
>Bitch of a mum never even did anything about it

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ive had to flat out cut out my grandma, literally the only the thing she says to me is "im disappointed in you, wheres your girlfriend, im going to die soon" shes such a shitty cruel narcissist, and my moms exactly the same

they succeeded in their fucking goal of breaking the family apart and now literally noone talks, and whenever i talk to anyone they just keep telling me how much they hate me, and then screaming at me when i say "stop talking to me like this"

They called the police and 100% fabricated a story about me being suicidal to punish me for having decided to rent out my house and move across the country for a year, i spent 3 months in a fucking prison because of them and all they have to say about it is to scream at me to not make them do it again

fucking actual garbage, their horse shit is literally why i was forced into a fucking retard class for all of elementary school

its actually hilarious, to juxtapose how dysfunctional and shit my family is with my success in life and career

im so amazingly talented at everything i do, i often wonder what would happen if people didnt desperately hate me because i have autism

is it possible to find a gf into this?


Enjoy yourself degenerate.

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I wish my parents did that.

your parents are terrible you should never talk or communicate with them again. even if they are dying let those assholes die alone. they LITERALLY abandoned their own kid at the MOST IMPORTANT time. When you have absolutely thing and are treated like an adult and punished for not having. Once you are 18 the world does not give you many chances to fuckup they literally through you out to the wolves.


join military or go to school for now. If military find the easiest job there to do and use that to stack money and use gi bill for free schooling. Or take government assistance and go to school

What did Screech do? Rape and kill Lisa Turtle?

Boomers here are seriously out of touch with how the modern world works, I dont know if it is from the lead paint chips they ate as children or just how coddled and materialistic they were from a perfect economy or what but they just for whatever reason dont really grasp how things work, like their minds are still stuck in the 1970s where the purchasing power of a dollar is almost $7 today. I have noticed a very similar phenomenon with Russian boomers as well, like they are still living in the USSR days and quite literally cannot comprehend just how much has changed since which only leads to things like vatnik memes.
I am speaking from experience when I say cutting them off like a necrotic limb will do nothing but help you. If it helps, use that experience and anger to be better. Life is too short to be stuck with clowns such as them, and if they clearly do not give a rats ass about you aside from trying to inflate their own pathetic egos or to mooch off of then why should you care about them?

>kicked out at 18
Why are you still talking to them?

>get forced into tough situation
>blames other people and does bare minimum to stay out of homelessness instead of getting an education or working his way up
Locus of control is a real bitch for some people. I guess your parents understood that you would give up anyway, so the fact that they don't support you and waste their resources makes sense. But I still believe in unconditionally helping out your family. Maybe in some parallel universe you could have at least been some depressed loser in an office who makes decent money. Still blaming people like a moron, but not homeless.

>You need a family network in america
>Its just built that way
BULLSHIT the only thing you need in america is money, if you have money you don't need to have any family or do anything and you're settled.
Money is the only thing that matters in the usa

>mother is a literal fucking junkie prostitute that is a coal-burner
>father is also a junkie and a oil-driller
>neither them gave a single fuck about me
>had to do homework all by myself
>they both beat the shit out me often
>with them ignoring me majority of the time i decided to use the internet often without them looking
>ended up becoming a national socialist and do intense exercise every single day
>understand the degeneracy of my family even further and only fueled my hatred towards them much more
>my mother divorce my father in favor of a nigger that had multiple felonies in murder and theft
>my father took off for a negress
>mother is terrified of me and she acts like i'm gonna kill her therfore she won't even kick me out
>dad is intimidated that i might end up becoming more successful than him in his lifetime
>while she was piss drunk and high as all hell i decided to take the only firearm in the house (remington 870) along with the shells while she was passed out on the bed, she normally keeps the bedroom locked out of fear me getting a hold of the shotgun
>she brought over tyrone one day.
>realized this the moment i heared a negro voice and loaded my shotgun just in-case
>walk into the living room while two of them were talking about having a child
>pointed the shotgun directly at him and told him to get the fuck out or i will put birdshot to his forehead
>mother attempted to defuse the situation and gulit trip me and calling me racist but i made it clear as day that i don't want this nigger anywhere near this house
>after 3 minutes he finally backs down and he left house and i haven't seen any niggers since
Even though my parents are completely trash and school was fucky for me, they simply had let the fire grow to such a level that i almost have complete control over the house, and they probably never had this much fear in their lives.

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