Coomer Thread

post what you're cooming to right now

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Not cooming but i was thinking about this escort
Im going to fuck her again in a few days

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Good ol wincest comics

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>coomed to femdom again
kill me

the coomer meme is forced

coomer cope


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guys I met a girl and we slept together (but didn't have sex, literally just cuddled and slept together) and now I can't my dick up to any porn for 3 days. i've literally tried and nothing happens I just get disgusted. my body is commanding me to have her over again and conquer her

first sexual experience in my 22 years of life. fuckin' a

>fapped to piss drinking femdom again
help me

I love this meme
Because I can laugh at people who fap while I maintain my year long nofap streak and get to fuck actual girls

>He gives away his precious bodily fluids to females
lul what a retard.
Monk mode or nothing.

user's get butthurt over interracial porn so I started getting into it and I self insert myself as the girl or boy. gets me off since its such a taboo

there is help for you yet brother


Nice tits. I approve, user.

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was thinking of limiting myself to once maybe twice per week and just still images or vanilla doujin

>paying money to fuck a fat girl

Imagine being this much of a fucking loser lmao

haha at least it's not findom where you actually send money to a girl who gives no fucks about you haha.


I like to coom to 2d. from japan or western idgaf as long as it's good quality and there's plenty of good quality western artists nowadays.
chan sankaku and hflash are the best sites.

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>coomed earlier today
>but don't remember to what
should I be worried?

dirty little whore, would love to see her raped

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i'm torn between making something to eat or cooming to night elves

I will try to take a pic with a timestamp next time
Its just a few dollars user and she let me stay more time than i should

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