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ls this a joe rogan anime ?

But who is she? Why would I put myself in danger for her? he might be armed for all I know.

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She's a princess and maybe if you save her she'll give you some of dat ass.

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Man, I would but he does look pretty threatening, guess she'll have to accept her fate.

Oh, you see I was going to save her, until I found out what character she was.

I'll just settle for the run of the mill Starbucks qt

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>he might be armed for all I know.
He's fucking naked, where would he be hiding a weapon?

He hands seems occupied enough to where he wouldnt have time to reach for for his gun if you rushed him.

Why wouldn't you save Sastsuki-sama??

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Shes most likely secretly enjoying it anyway, I wouldnt wanna ruin her orgasm

You can't see his other hand, Anons. I guarantee he's packing heat. That, and I'm a really skinny twink looking motherfucker, he'd probably still kick my ass unarmed.

Are you really just going to stand by and watch as she gets violated and drowned in cum, user??

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Because I'm not a fan of kill la kill....

And with a scowl like that, I think the bitch can save herself.

I only like sweet hearted qts

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He would probably rape you both at the same time. Kek.

But no one on this board can fight?!

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what's wrong with that?
that's called reproduction

No, of course not. I'd put my head down and waltz away like it wasn't happening, I'm not just gonna watch like a cuck.

She looks pretty helpless she's a trained fighter but even she can't stand against the cock. Cant best the cock.

Do it for her, user.

Even if you get your ass beat it could buy her some time to get away if she can still walk properly.

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I did kick boxing for 2 years and I wouldn't even try take that guy. Look how swole he is and if hes that confident he can rape a bitch well holding her you know he'd fuck you up.

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>implying I wouldn't be one of the FAT UGLY N

See, she's insulting me to, I'll just fuck off right on home if I'm this unappreciated.

Nah, I'd just laugh and then walk away

Based ugly bastard user
If you wanted to be appreciated by her, why would you watch her defilement while mindlessly fapping like a cucklord cumbrain tho?

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That was him that implied that, I would have left before she even realized I was there, not jerked of like some degenerate.

Can you guys at least take some photos or videos for me please I'll buy it off of you.

But she doesn't look like she wants to be reproduced, user.

let her go old man

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>getting yourself severely injured verse her getting pleasured and not being able to walk straight for a while
Why do women out there act like rape is the worst possible thing that can happen to them

Excusez-moi, user?

She doesn't look like she's enjoying it to me user. But then again maybe she likes it rough? You could be on to something.

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Tbqf, as my posts and might imply, usually I love degenerate ntr cuck shit, but perhaps because Satsuki's my waifu, this thread inspires different feelings in me, and makes me like to think I'd unironically start curbstomping niggers to protect her if she was 1. real and 2. in danger. Am I more or less cucked than one who'd just walk away?

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>Am I more or less cucked than one who'd just walk away?
Neither, there aren't degrees of cucked, you're either a cuck or not and both actions aren't cucked.

He looks pretty old maybe he just forgot what thier safety word was?

How would lady satsuki even get herself into that situation in the OP? Did Ragyou sell her to that old men for an evening of fun or something?

>drop the gun or I cum inside this little slut right now, user!

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Dont tell me you are afraid of that old man, user??

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*teleports behind you*
*Cuts off the man's balls*
Psh nothing personal, that's what you get for touching her.

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don't make me do it, I'll pull the fucking trigger

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>Did Ragyou sell her to that old men for an evening of fun or something?
Ragyou views her daughter as one part empty vessel through which she can enforce her will, and another part mere toy for her personal sadistic abuse and entertainment. It should come as no surprise that the senior Kiryuin would force her into a situation like this. There's no chance in hell she'd pursue it of her own accord.

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He probably paid a small fortune for that why would I rob him of his property??

>of his property

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>Because I'm not a fan of kill la kill....
>And with a scowl like that, I think the bitch can save herself.
Asukafags everyone!

Based Ragyou-sama! She knows her daughter is a top quality piece of ass that she can use for easy cash hooking her up with wealthy men and women.

He paid for her so she belongs to him to do what he pleases.

Ragyou probably sells her to the highest bidder for the evening.

Definitely more cucked. Definitely. Not even a question those other anons dont even know who she is, but that's your waifu.

You know, it's funny, nine times out of ten times, I'd enthusiastically agree with you, but in this particular case, knowing what an irredeemably evil bitch she is to Lady Satsuki, it makes me want to dismantle Ragyou-sama. How autistic is that shit kek? This is quite new, I don't think I've ever felt this way before.

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First off, if Satsuki Kiryuin, one of the strongest people on the planet even at the beginning of the series before getting Junketsu, got defeated and is being raped by this old guy, then obviously I'm no match for him.

second, Ryuko is best sister and my gf

The thing about him is he's only powerful against women. He's like a sex demi-God of sort that specializes in mind breaking women.

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>second, Ryuko is best sister and my gf
Gtfo you clown and take your plaebian tastes in dogshit waifus with you.

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Oh cool, me too desu

Are you telling me if you had the money and Ragyou offered you her precious daughter for the evening you wouldn't take it??


Notice her rapist doesn't have to settle for a maybe

>satsuki had 0 shame in showing off her body to her peers said she would even get naked if she needed to

You just KNOW Ragyou had Satsuki regularly naked in front of lots of wealthy friends of hers for entertainment. Invite them all for a dinner and then let's them all feast on satsuki for the rest of the night. It's why Satsuki had no problem showing off her body in that lewd outfit she's used to it.

The Virgin Hero vs the Chad Rapist

Also he has a HUGE dick pic related. Satsuki will probably be physically unable to have sex after he's done with her.

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Ragyou literally did nothing wrong. What do you expect her to do? Not fuck her ridiculously sexy daughter?

cuck fantasies are garbage
you know what isnt garbage
dune buggies.

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cool as motherfucking ice.

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Holy shit why did no one notice this
My fucking side are out man

my anons, you have to give me the source on this please

How are you supposed to compete with the jackedfat disgusting old ntr hentai man, Jow Forums?

bumping for this need it now

You don't. You just watch while jerking off to the beautiful girl being violated by that absolute unit.

Are you saying you would only save her if it meant you got laid after? Not saving her because it's the right thing to do?

A few more decades of my lifestyle and I'll just become him.

sorry, I can't compete with the rape buddha

why does japan keep doing this

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Also he's a good guy who puts sluts in their place and helps ugly people get laid with beautiful young women.

>helps ugly people get laid with beautiful young women
how can anyone please a woman after hes been through with them?

You dont worry about that she's there to please you. But I'm guessing maybe he holds back a little, takes them right to the brink of breaking and then he cum blasts them.

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No way she deserves it she's a total bitch!

Sauce on gif, pls.

Because it's hot.
Two good looking people copulating is normalfag as fuck.

The based old man is from the anime Ran->Sem.

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Cucks and niggerlovers are a cancer to society


Seeing a graceful, beautiful, proud women like satsuki get defiled by a disgusting fat old man is the fucking best!

Smash that ugly bastard skull and save my new girlfriend

This, the hottest thing in the world is seeing a beautiful and busty young lady get her insides ravaged by a hideous fat and dark monster

At least one person in your lineage didn't want to be fucked when they reproduced. You owe your life to rape.

What is so hot about It though? Is it the humiliation and seeing them get dominated?

hey dude stop it off i don't think they want to sex and sex without consent is rape, that's illegal man you could go to jail


The heroes we need, but dont deserve.

>saving a foid from being raped
even if I had a gun I wouldn't waste bullets on doing that white knight shit
sandrails are sweet

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I would fuck the old man in the ass to save her

hell yeah dune bro

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Bold strategy, user.

Excuse me my good man, but what is a "foid?"

>ywn build a dune bugger with your best friends
>ywn thrash in the dunes with it

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If someone figures out where I live and how at a certain time of night I sit next to an unlocked open door they can do this to me and I wont tell anyone

You want to get raped by a fat old man??

Anyone is good just want cum inside me

based if you crossdress

Are you a cute girl like OPs girl?

wish I could figure out where you live so I could cum in you

Fuck it, I like her sister more.

God bless America, now hold still, you owe me a blowjob after this.

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Do you think Ryuko will still love you if she found out you stood by as her big sister was ravaged?