Zoomer Slavery Fetish

If the world suddenly enslaved every filthy zoomer (1995-2010), and you were given your share of the slaves, what would you do with them. Remember, you cannot kill or permanently maim, abuse and rape is allowed. Getting them addicted to drugs is allowed. You must also keep your zoomer slave nude at all times and collared.

Also as a bonus question, I become your slave, what would you do with me?

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>tfw no one wants to enslave zoomers

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I'd want to hold a zoomie girl tight and smell her hair and go to.sleep with her every might,.and tell her it'll be okay

zoomie slaves? i don't think i could maintain them, they'd starve to death.
They're not old enough to work right? and i don't have a plantation or some sweat shop to have them generate money for resources, if i had zoomie slaves, i'd let the fuckers free.

That seems comfy and nice. I hope you're a paternalist slaveowner and will give her a good education.

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The older cohort are in their 20s right now, the younger ones are only suitable as house slaves that sweep or clean however.

Nice try. You don't get off just because you were born before then. Reminder that Bieber, aka King Zoomer was born in 1994.

>grow up getting called a millennial
>spend my 20s getting called a zoomer
I got downgraded a generation what the fuck niggers

You mean millennial?

Justin Bieber is a zoomer. If you even try to defend him from that label, you are pic related.

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It would fail miserably, unless it's a phone farm we are talking about.

Zoomers are little bitches.

wait if what he says is true, then i'm a zoomie.

My slaves would need to wear clothes. I'd use them to help me run my business. I'd take them with me everywhere and teach them how the world truly works. Give them the sort of education that the normals never get, can only dream of. They'd all become so powerful thanks to me. I'd teach them everything, but it'd all still be in my name. I won't create a situation where my death will benefit anyone, that's why they can't own any part of my empire, why it stays in my name, this is one of the tricks to staying alive once you're a player in the Great Game. If I go down due to injury or whatever, they'd have to pick up the slack and make my moves for me.

They'll love me like no slave has ever loved a master because I'll be the Power and the Light that animates their very existences. They won't be able to imagine a world without me, they'd see that life without me would be the dark and bleak nightmare that the normals must endure. They'd die for me happily. They'd kill for me happily. This is the true nature of all Power, creating dependence. Not with drugs, but with Power. It is it's own addiction, the greatest of them all.

Fucking degenerate millennials

Lmao who cares about your feefees or age cohort, zoomer

There's only one zoomer I want to be my slave.

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I'd treat her well. I'd buy her comfortable clothes and let her have her own room where she can have privacy.
I'd make sure she felt comfortable and safe.
All I've ever wanted is to take care of somebody.

>get zoomers high as fuck
>charge people to watch them fight each other, like those hobo fight videos that were popular like 15 years ago

I'm '97, and I'd be down with that

i feel so old ('97) i automatically assumed reading this post i would be the slave-owner class...

You assumed wrong zoomer.

I want a zoomer girl to BREED

Basically that comic where a big fat ugly Japanese dude buys a slave girl and then gives her flowers and nice things and they are happy together

So what my 20 year old ass is gonna be slave now okay. R9k took over

Since I'd be a slave, I'd try to get my owner to free me or to give me my own slave girl. If that fails, then I kill him and escape.

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