Is this fembot cute?

Is this fembot cute?
It's totally not me guys lol
I think she looks cute.
nudies for cuties :wink:

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looks like a stupid idiot

>Is this fembot cute?
I'd hit it

That bandage is awfully cute

would be better without the bandage and banana

You look like a degenerate dyke desu

the absolute state of white men (origianly)

would be cuter if she wasn't a whore

selling nudes babes, HMU on Kik lovies Kik: PuckFanGirl

lol no. That's a dude.

Her whole fucking look is repulsive, but I'd still fuck her face.

Why does everyone have to try and distort the concept of "female" these days

Definitely a cutie. But I would need more images to uhhh get a better understanding of uhhh how cute.

Give free samples so we know what we're buying.

septum piercing is a total turn off for me. I like a nice ring in the side of the nose, it looks cool, but septum says "im a uptight bitch who wants to be considered sofisticated and i think im better than you"
i dont like it at all. Except for that, i think your pic is a cute girl, would bang.

"she" looks (((cute)))

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Here you go love, pasta sauce

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I was never gonna buy shit but thanks for the pic love

You look old, roasted and desperate to be quirky. No style. 1/10

How can a woman have such a normal body but such a tranny face? Are they even the same person in both pics?

I just paid money and got some good ass nudes, You robot's lied, E-thots are the future

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looks like my cousin
she's cute and I want to cum inside her

Post them or fake and gay

So many newfags ITT. The girl in the pic is Kittens, an old camwhore from /soc/, and isn't a fembot or OP.

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>tranny face
I'd like to see the trannies you're talking about

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>pay for nudes
>post them so you can get them for free
fuck off loser, why would I pay the slut and then share?

Fuck, I thought she looked familiar. Just couldn't place where I'd seen her before.
Any folders of all her pics?

Whoever this e-girl is looks like a faggot Ashly Burch wannabe.
which means I would anally destroy


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