Looking For Artist Commission

Anyone know any good artists online who draw art on commission? Couldn't figure out which board to ask on so thought might as well ask you guys since you always seem to know just what's up.

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What kind? nsfw, fetish, scenery/mechs/sfw waifus or what?

No sfw it'd be of a character oc I thought of during my trip

Anthro or just a human?

/aco/ has a thread where artists advertise their commission works, most of them do sfw.

It's a human, I could go into description or should I just go to ?

Nobody here or on any board is going to draw better than the average 15 year old Deviantart notebook sketcher, just FYI

/aco/ is probably your best bet since im not an artist lol i was just seeing if what you wanted fit with the work of some artists i'm aware of

No it's cool thank you

Ha never on this board but I'll draw you something fo free and devote some time.

Why? I don't want to keep tracing shitting flash pages for my tattoo apprenticeship and I used to be an artist on a fet related site.

Give me some info let's do this shit.
I have no objections I will draw horrible things or just kinky and I love acid.

Also here is some work in pencil-

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Color from a comic I worked on

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>Based astral walker
I was thinking something more along the lines of oc character work. Are you a fan of devolver digital?

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Was thinking more sfw m8, i know this is r9k and all

You can find what you're looking for on Fiverr.

I can imitate styles pretty well, all the work I've posted is from over 5 years ago, I'm lots better now.

OF COURSE I would prefer not cock driven work but just letting you know I am comfortable with anything.

Also, is this a sudden /co/ suggestion that I need to know about?

Been reading tokyo ghost recently- Pic related

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you want someone who draw some porn for you?

Cyberpunk was exactly my style. Nothing sexual related

Not really but I appreciate the offer

Yeah fellow psychonaut, cyber punk is right up my alley, how you want to do this?

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Made in pen like 10 yrs ago lol

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I was thinking of a character almost looking next to the 4th wall so he's not really breaking it and it's a full body shot. That's the angle.

Now it's a guy wearing a laughing half oni mask. Pic related, but 1/2

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If you have like a blog that'd be great, or maybe a time stamp with some of the work. I wouldn't mind seeing more

This looks like complete and utter garbage.
About what you'd expect from a druggie.

I like the detail in the leg. It's those original then extras doodled on over time

But it have a hat like this (symbol included later) and round silver glasses like Hank from Madness

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>Stop having fun!
Then gtfo thread m8

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Hmm Interesting request.

I'm not going to say I'm the greatest artist ever but I am willing (and much like fucking) it can be appealing in itself.

I don't have an online presence what so ever, but here is a sudden throw away email.
[email protected]

Sure mate. I'm gonna havta make a new guerilla since it's this board.

[email protected]

Hoping ^ works

Hahaha oh man it's pretty bad, true, I don't feel bad either.

I'm offering free work IDK what you do, not that it excuses my pretty rank work, but I will say I was not invested in that project at all.

Here is my favorite page from the work, but once again I was very young~
(reference was from lots of deer hunters)

If not try this [email protected]

Weird, Picture didn't show

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Why do you show pictures from so long ago?
Have you not done anything recently or have you just not improved at all?

Hmm fair question,
I'll try to upload something new I just don't use the internet often, even my computer.

Give me a little if you'd be so kind (ha like it's not Jow Forums) to photo and load to computer.

ok OP ill cook something for you

As recent as it gets, everything from today.

location blacked out because Jow Forums

Personally I hate the classic american style tattoos but I want a job doing something art so...

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ehhhh.... since youre not replying im just gonna leave my concept here. hope ya like it OP

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