Anyone hired a prostitute? how'd it go?

anyone hired a prostitute? how'd it go?

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Really well. It actually helped me a lot. If they're good at their job, you will feel more secure afterwards than you did before.
A really important part is to respect them as a person but understand they're there to make you feel good sexually, which extends beyond just physical action. Be nice to them and they'll be nice to you.
Also NEVER question if their actions are "genuine". Believe in the fantasy for a while. They might even actually like you, too, but it's not important, just believe they do.

what this user said, a good prostitute (the ones that do incall and have good reviews online) can make you feel better a lot. Some experiences will not be that good, but for example my last one was very nice.
>Also NEVER question if their actions are "genuine". Believe in the fantasy for a while.
also this, you just go along with it, if she puts effort to show you a good time you should not care about anything more
also a lot of escorts may find actual robots and autists from here in a cute kind of way. If you shower and are respectful, they will find your shyness cute, keep in mind a lot of them have to deal with smelly workers, rude people, sexual deviants, so when a shy white boi comes in it's a relief for them

I lost my virginity to one at 19.
Shilled out some extra bucks for a professional.
I've been with many more since.

I went to a prostitute and left immediately because I realised I didn't want it. No, I didn't pay her anything

It doesn't mean anything

I had gone to Amsterdam red light prostitue when I was high, then couldn't get it up. Now I am grateful that I couldn't stick my dick into literal disease as I actually had sex with another girl that I love 2 months later.

>anyone hired a prostitute?
yes. countless times, but never in my home country or in the western world.
I do sex tourism. I'm on autismbux, and have disposable cash, so I have been to south east asia several times over the last few years.
>how'd it go?
Very well. But to be fair, it's probably a lot easier to deal with hookers in thailand/philippines than in the west. No fear of her being a cop, don't have to risk anyone finding out about it, much cheaper so you wouldn't feel as guilty about it (per session at least)
I still haven't had the balls to get a hooker in my home country, though.
>also a lot of escorts may find actual robots and autists from here in a cute kind of way
>keep in mind a lot of them have to deal with smelly workers, rude people, sexual deviants, so when a shy white boi comes in it's a relief for them
I have heard this a lot. The two most important things are to be clean and respectful. Autists usually are always both. In addition, most autists tend to be fairly young and average-looking, and are often Jow Forums because almost all of us have fallen for the "just get fit, bro"-meme in an effort to improve our lives. Autists are probably the best clients a hooker can have.

1 hooker on the street.
1 escort from a site.

>how'd it go
Both times it went okay. The first time was nerve wrecking obviously but even more so because we were fucking outside behind some random building. She threw a condom on me and roughly sucked and jerked it until I was hard. I gave her an extra $20 and I got to fuck. She had obvious ass implants, so if I'm being honest I have no clue if it was a tranny or a chick because I was also drunk, but I believe it was a chick based on how easily I slid inside of her.

The other time was with an escort. Was sweaty as shit because her apartment building was HOT AS ALMIGHTY FUCK. She sucked me up without a condom for like 2 mins just to get me hard, threw on the condom, and then bent over on the bed so I could go to town. Ass was extremely fat, really hard to tell if it was natural or fake, but it felt real. Lasted about 15 minutes, nutted and left.

I never really paid for the FULL EXPERIENCE because I'm a cheap faggot and would rather spend money on weed, acid, and vodka than pussy. Every single time after I nutted and left, I regretted it but I haven't done it since. Especially not after I just started meeting up with dudes from the internet and pounding their throats instead. I get to ruin somebody's throat and get a nut and more importantly I get to do it for free.

If you care about virginity and shit I'd recommend you do it to get it out of the way...but other than that I wouldn't recommend it unless you have a shit ton of disposable income and can afford actual escorts and not dirty ass street walkers or some crusty bitch in a motel.

tl,dr it's not worth it and you'll probably regret unless you're some psycho who only cares about getting a nut and having sex

>Ass implants
Is this real life?

>Is this real life?
yes. ass implants are quickly becoming almost as main stream as boob implants. Its the hot new thing for chicks to get, no joke. The kardashians are probably to blame. The thicc butt meme has gone too far.

Lost my virginity to one this weekend. I was extremely nervous and struggled to stay hard, but it was worth it. She was super nice and had a lovely body and treated me well.
Had an unprotected blowjob (BJs are a very odd but highly stimulating feeling, really unique and hard to describe) and protected sex. I wanted to try fucking her doggy, but unfortunately I couldn't stay hard enough to thrust. I think the condom was too thick, and I didn't know what I was doing, lining things up distracted me from just enjoying the feeling. So she rode me instead, she was fucking good at that. When I was close we flipped and I finished inside her in missionary. She caressed me gently all over while I was cumming. It was the best feeling I've felt in my life.
Probably won't hire a prostitute again for fear of STDs, but it was absolutely worth it despite my extreme anxiety. I literally sat in my chair for over 1 hour ready to dial her number to make the appointment and I couldn't fucking press the button.

AMA if you want more deets.

>I literally sat in my chair for over 1 hour ready to dial her number to make the appointment and I couldn't fucking press the button

Same when I went for my first time (I live in a country where it's legal).
Are you a cutfag or do you also live in some place where it's legal?

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Uncut eurocuck, being a prostitute is legal in my country, pimping is not.

Yes, at this point I think I've do it about 8 times. I'm 24.

I'm lucky enough to live in a city that's known for having one of the only good scenes in North America.

As memey and dumb as it sounds, I feel like men do start to go a little squirrelly if they go too long without getting laid. Maybe I'm just a sex addict - but my normie ass childhood friends (who still put up with my ass on occasion- pity) will start bitching like a little girl when they go dry for a few weeks - so maybe I'm on to something.

I had terrible experiences dating and realized it's just not for me. It would have been nice to just be asexual but I found that about 6 months into volcel-itude I was peeling the proverbial paint of the wall.

I host them in my apartment and I play guitar and sing for them. It feels a little dumb but it also feels nice to have something to share. When I see a girl for the first time she'll sometimes realize "oh the guitar guy" so they talk about me amongst themselves to some degree. Not sure if fan.

>Go to a strip club
>First time visiting
>Friend tells me to not touch tits or anything else because a gorilla will escort me outside
>First two whores
>Both let me grope, lick their tits and slap their ass
>Whispering perverted shit in their ear
>Both of them give me double the time i'm normally allowed
>Go to another strip club
>Meet Mitchel
>6'2 amazonian with weight in the right places
>She leads me in the private room
>Follow the recipe but Mitchel let's me do whatever i want to her
>Before we leave she gropes my cock
>Asks me if i want something extra
>Go to a room and fuck her brain out while she moans for her life
>Both really into it
>At the end of the night she gave me her cellphone
>Friend tells me that everytime he goes there she asks him about me even six months later
>Mfw i only paid around 140-170 eu and i spend one of the best nights of my life

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How long was it? Was there any foreplay/talking at the beginning or did you just go straight to the bj? How often did you change positions? Seriously considering myself but dont even know if its legal in cucknada

I did it twice, lost my virginity this way, it was an alright experience.

So far I've tried a milf and one around my age.

If I remember correctly, Canada has adopted the "swedish solution", which is a law that only punishes the Joes for buying sex but at the same time spares the prostitute of any prosecution. So it's basically a misandrous law that punishes men for craving intimacy and sex

Successfully? Well first time it was a rip off lady wanted $1000. Uhm fuck no you said $250 on text. Second time was great with a different chick of backpage costed $200 and she let me nut twice =) . 3rd time I was straight up robbed by 3 niggers and a blonde white bitch for $120 and my cell phone. Called the cops and now they are all in prison =)

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I'm british and was 22 at the time, paid 60 quid for half an hour with an american slightly older than me. It went well, she was cool. The fact that she was american was a nice novelty. Much love for my septics

Paid for an hour at first. I went to her place, took a shower, paid upfront, then we went to get started but I didn't know what to do and grew embarrassed so I told her immediately I was a virgin and all that shit. Once we managed to kinda get talking we hugged for a bit and she took me to her bed. I lay down first, then she did, we cuddled and kissed (kissing was extra but I wasn't concerned about the money). She probably understood from my demeanor that I would prefer more of a gentle GFE kinda thing.
After about 15 mins of kissing and cuddling I was pretty relaxed but still not hard, so she trailed kisses down my body and to my dick. Then she blew me. I lasted pretty long, over 5 mins definitely.
I came in her mouth, she gently cleaned me off and spat it into a tissue. Then she lay beside me and we chatted for a while. I was feeling calm and comfy at this point, I managed to start talking and it went smoothly from there.
Some 20 minutes later I knew time would be up soon so I asked her for sex. She sucked on it a little to get me hard, put a condom on me and rode me for a while. I wasn't feeling much due to the condom but didn't tell her. She offered to switch positions and I suggested doggy, but I couldn't line up properly and insert and I lost my erection. I told her while kinda laughing about it and she told me it was OK and that most guys actually couldn't go twice in an hour.

Just one time, found one in my town that had the exact same body as that grill from uni, same name even. face totally different. I regret to report that her pussy did not compare after years of reckless onahole use. She didn't smell good and I felt nothing when groping her tits for some reason, even though I fantasize and bust fat nuts to big tits on screen all the time.
The only thing I learned from it, after being a massive tit fetishist for so long, is that it's only sexy when her face is sexy and when she smells good. Great body + butterface doesn't work.

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she made me coom

She kissed me again and I asked her about the time, she said we had 2 minutes. Naturally I wasn't thrilled to leave without cumming inside a vagina, so I asked if she could extend by a half hour, and thank god, she checked and said she could. So I ran to my bag quick to pay for the time and added a little tip, then went back to bed.
More kissing and cuddling. She took the condom off me and sucked me again for a bit longer, then she got on top again. She was crazy good at riding, the whole bed was shaking but I still wasn't feeling much and I thought she would get exhausted haha.
After a while I began to feel the buildup and things started to get really interesting, so I suggested I'd get on top and we switched to missionary. It was a lot easier to get it in that time even though I began shrinking again. (Seriously, fuck that.) As long as I didn't pull out too much things seemed OK. I came in about 5 minutes of thrusting while she made these cute little breaths, not moans but still a song to my ears. (I felt a little self conscious about her getting literally no pleasure out of it but at least I wasn't hurting her like some guys might, that was my excuse.) We held each other for a while and spent the rest of those 30 minutes talking about traveling and our hobbies and shit. I thought I would leave early but we both got so into it we almost went overtime again. She had to leave so I got dressed again, she followed suit and saw me to the door. I slipped another bill in her hand for her kindness and patience, put my shoes on, kissed her, said goodbye and left. I must have been one of the most awkward and least experienced guys she's ever had, but she handled me really well and turned out to be a super kind girl.
What I felt on the way home, especially when remembering how she held me while I was orgasming, was how I imagine an opiate high feels like, reading the drugfeel threads.


Whenever I look for hookers online I only find ugly ones. Plus they never look like "normal people".
Escorts seem to look better and more normal. Still I'm too autismo to actually get naked in front of someone, even if you pay her.

It's not so bad user. She's naked too and will willingly be all over you, that's what you're paying her for. She won't judge you for your appearance, and you're very likely going to be among the better looking people she's fucked anyway.

Went to a visit a prostitute after finally deciding it was time to get this virginity shit over with.

After preparing myself and taking a shower went to her place. As she opened the door I was already feeling anxious as hell. Once sit at her bed something inside me started to resonate through, slowly realizing the mistake I had made, and the moment she started to undress I panicked and abruptly told her if she could give me the money back, which she did but ended up giving her half the agreed price after I felt bad for making her waste her time.

I just couldn't go through it, I felt too much guilt for paying for a simulated act of intimacy where she was just going to pretend to like me, how can there be enjoyment in an act that was paid? It didn't help the atmosphere was so off-putting, with the neon-lights covering the place with a shady blue and her overly sexualized attire and make up, it was all too artificial and foreign for me to engage

I'm sorry to hear that. It is unfortunately a requirement that you have to "turn your brain off" while you're there if you want to enjoy it, unless you're friends with her or something. Some people just can't do that, and that's okay.

girl from high school now works at the local brothel, should I do it?

quality write up, user.
That's probably about as good as a first time can go for one of us. Good for you for admitting you're a virgin and not getting super ashamed and embarrassed about not getting hard right away. She seems really nice and professional, although as some have pointed out, awkward shy autists are probably ideal clients, and it may have been a refreshing change of pace and very easy money considering the range of clients she can potentially get.

I've done it a few times. I have a high sex drive, so simply seeing an attractive woman naked was enough to overcome any anxiety. Got it up each time.

Sex was fun, but eventually it becomes meaningless as it's just a business transaction, and sex eventually loses its lust if the woman isn't doing it because she wants to have sex with you.

I would probably recommend it if you're a permavirgin like I was with no hope of losing it the natural, conventional way. But I wouldn't recommend it as an activity you do over the long haul.

yes and post her reaction on Jow Forums

Thanks, fren. Honestly I was afraid I'd be too self-conscious about various things, that I wouldn't be able to bring myself to actually fuck her, or that I'd spill my spaghetti all over her face or that I'd literally cum in 5 seconds. Once she started blowing me though I forgot about everything, quit thinking and just rode the wave. It was great from that point onward.
Really helped that she was pretty good looking (though not quite my type in terms of build), very clean and smooth, smelled good, had an amazing tan like I'd never seen before (yes she was white), generally everything was pretty nice since we began. It's just a matter of overcoming the anxiety desu. I can be brutally honest and admit my own flaws. I stressed out before I first called her, planning how I'd carefully break it to her that I'm very inexperienced and all that, and when the time came to cross that bridge I flat out just told her and it was ok.
>She seems really nice and professional, although as some have pointed out, awkward shy autists are probably ideal clients, and it may have been a refreshing change of pace and very easy money considering the range of clients she can potentially get.
Well it was pretty fucking awkward at first, we had a couple moments before we hit the bed where we just kinda stood and stared and didn't know where to begin, lol. I think she's used to much more assertive and experienced men, or even guys who specifically frequent brothels to try out kinky shit. I know she was one of the more "receptive" girls toward that kind of stuff at the place I went to, so I tried not to think about it too much and I didn't.

Ask me more if you want, anons. I don't mind sharing and I do want to burn the memory into my mind forever.

anyone gone from KHV to a pro? having never had any sort of intimacy that's what keeps me away from trying it and just sticking to camgirls for now

>I must have been one of the most awkward and least experienced guys she's ever had

I can assure you, you are not. At least in countries where it's legal there are many unwanted young men who turn to prostitutes to finally have sex.
>t. regular joe since 6 years now

>Well it was pretty fucking awkward at first, we had a couple moments before we hit the bed where we just kinda stood and stared and didn't know where to begin

For me it was the opposite when I had my first time in a brothel, I was very calm and relaxed from the start. That's what I like about prostitution, you always know exactly what you get and what's going to happen.
I don't think I could ever be this relaxed with a "normal" girl.

I mean, you probably do have a point. I read some local forums though and to my surprise I saw literally no other guys in my position asking for advice with hookers. I think the majority of young guys in my country just manage to get laid the normal way, and if that fails they take some bullshit PUA course (pretty popular here) and at least score one mediocre fuck.
There are dedicated GFE escorts and hookers here but they're hard to find and expensive. I had this particular establishment picked out because it seemed very legit and had good pricing and reviews.

You're right. At that point I was describing, I was kind of at ease already because I knew it would finally happen and nothing could change that, but I was still stressing out a bit internally about how exactly it would go down. I'm a pretty autistic cunt sometimes. Maybe the huge relief from the absolutely insane nail-biting anxiety I felt while setting it all up was what gave me the ability to break out of my shell for a bit. I certainly felt like my life had just been saved when I was walking out of her house.

>Ask me more if you want, anons
allright, here are some questions. You don't have to answer all if you don't want, and you can keep it short
>how did you find the prostitute, i mean like in an ad on some craigslist-replica, a brothel, or through contacts, what?
>has the experience motivated you to acquire "real" relationships with women and get a gf?
>to what extent have you tried getting laid the "normal" way before this?
>how old are you?
>did you see the hooker because it was a "last resort" type thing for losing your virginity or just out of curiosity for wanting to know what sex is like? (sorry if weird question)
>you said you fear stds and won't be seeing more hookers, are you sure about this? Surely, if it was as great as you describe, stds are worth the risk, plus you obviously use protection.
>how often do you think it's necessary to see hookers to be satisfied sexually?
>how much did you pay and what country/area are you from (don't have to be specific if afraid of identity)

No longer phoneposting so have all the answers you want. >how did you find the prostitute
I shit you not, I googled "losing virginity with prostitute" in my language which lead me to a local phpbb board for joes. I researched that for a few days and found this girl/establishment with very good reviews.
I'll be honest, I expected it to have more of a lasting mental effect on me. But yes. I don't want to go to a prostitute again but I definitely want more sex and of course genuine feelings.
>>getting laid normally
I tried three dating apps, they don't work too well here. I met this one girl in person once and asked her out over facebook later but she ghosted me. A friend later told me I dodged a bullet.
>>how old are you?
About to hit 21.
>>last resort or curiosity?
Perfectly good question, and it's both. I used to have a "deal" with myself that I'd only do something like this once I hit 25 and still a virgin, but over time I realized that's too late and having at least this limited experience could really help me actually get laid normally. I also really wanted to try the physical sensation.
>>you said you fear stds and won't be seeing more hookers, are you sure about this?
I honestly believe I will find a gf one day. We'll all make it, user. STDs worry me because I love kissing and no condom oral, I even wanted to finger her and lick her but I decided not to because of lack of time and I was afraid enough already. She might have a good reputation for being clean and honest but she's still a prostitute desu.
>>how often do you think it's necessary to see hookers to be satisfied sexually?
I don't think it's possible to be satisfied sexually without a gf. If it weren't for STDs and the financial cost I'd already go again today.
>>how much did you pay and where are you from?
Czechia. Paid the equivalent of $120 for everything I've described. These things are naturally cheap around here, plus not being illegal makes a massive difference.

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>If it weren't for STDs and the financial cost I'd already go again today.
I see. And thanks for the other answers too.
In threads like these, the guys who lost their virginity to hookers always say one of two things. either
>it sucked, sex is overrated, i won't be doing it again
>it was amazing, i will be seeing them as much as possible, and they spend all their money on hookers, and they basically regret starting it in the first place
You seem to be somewhat in between, which I thought was weird, especially since the STD thing is kind of a lame excuse.
I am in a similar position as you were, and I am strongly considering losing my virginity to a hooker. The problem is that I fear I will be completely addicted to it, and then be unhappy because I can't see hookers often enough, and be even more unhappy about tfw no gf.
I really appreciate the info you gave, I always follow threads like these very closely.

>I'll be honest, I expected it to have more of a lasting mental effect on me. But yes. I don't want to go to a prostitute again but I definitely want more sex and of course genuine feelings.

Don't fall for the easy trap.
I'm visiting prostitutes since almost 5 years now (never had anything pyhsical with a girl outside of prostitution) and one of the changes that I've noticed was, that it really killed my interest in regular women.
After my first escort I was like you, thought that it had made me more confident and maybe it was a bit like this, for a brief period.
But only one year later, the "one time experience" turned into a habit and I eventually stopped talking to other women.
I think it's because I know that the next 8/10 girl is just a 30 minutes drive and 200 euros away.

My takeaway from it is this: sex isn't as electrifying and mindblowing as I thought it would be, but it's still good - objectively nicer than fapping, super relaxing and emotionally satisfying - and a valuable experience to have. When I seduce a girl the normal way, I won't have to be puzzled about what comes next anymore. Pretty good fucking deal to get something like that for $120. Hell, in retrospect I wouldn't regret it even if I had paid twice that.

About sex not being a literal lifechanging experience: It very well might be if you are insanely attracted and in love with your partner, but if it's just a nice looking and friendly woman without much chemistry, it's only in the "really good" tier. Which makes sense. The main factor that differentiates sex from masturbation is the chemistry. This is the primary reason why I feel motivated by it. Also the fact that I managed to navigate through a complex social scenario without fucking it up, which is something I don't get to do often enough, it's good social skills practice and very encouraging.
That said, I like masturbation and I liked sex even more because of the physicality, the excitement of having another person do things to you that you can't directly predict or control. Just like you can't tickle yourself. I loved feeling her weight on top of me, I loved kissing her, I loved how she lay her thigh on mine and pressed her leg into my crotch while we cuddled, I loved running my hands over her body and her reciprocating, I loved how good her whole body smelled, I loved how warm and welcoming her vagina was even through the thick condom. Hormones are funny little things.

I must say again that the absolute highlight was when I came inside her and she just held me and caressed me. Easily one of the best feelings I've experienced in my life. I am kinda subby and being reassured and handled gently when showing vulnerability (letting everything go and orgasming) turns me on so much it's unbelievable.

Thank you for sharing your experience user.
I'm not too worried thankfully. It was great but it was far from perfect. For starters I want to learn how to please the woman as well instead of just receiving, and doing that with hookers just can't cut it. That and she wasn't 100% my type, I haven't seen many hookers that I was genuinely attracted to, actually.

I've had multiple experiences with a few of the shady Asian "brothels" around nyc.


Lost my virginity to one about two weeks ago. Over all it was a pleasant experience but sex isn't what I expected to be. I thought once I went to bed with a woman it would change me but I felt no different afterwards and it made me realize that sex is kinda overrated

>hired a prostitute
>couldn't stand the idea of losing virginity to her
>already wasted her time
>get a bit tearful
>we just hang out for the hour
>she's really understanding
>it's actually really enjoyable
>she only charges me half the rate
>she asks if we can be friends
>we're still friends and hangout
I suppose there could have been worse outcomes.

I lost my virginity to one and a few days later I started getting a lot of non-prostitute sex and eventually a gf

>I started getting a lot of non-prostitute sex and eventually a gf
How did you do that, user? Did you make some kind of change in your life? Or got lucky at some one-off social event? Tell us pretty please. :)

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The real reason was that I went to another country, I just joke about the prostitute being the reason.

Like 5 prostitutes. One time it sucked balls because the bitch cheated on my on time. I wasn't wearing a watch. One time I fucked a bitch with a friend of mine. Was great.

Mm, I see.
I wasn't actually thinking the prostitute was the reason, just a funny coincidence. At any rate, I'm being rude, I must congratulate you. Good luck with your gf, user.

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Having a hooker friend seems like it would be cool. Does she ever gossip about clients?

I am planning on teaching in Asia starting this summer so hopefully, my luck will change like yours did.

Wtf how do I get autism bucks? Is it hard to fake?

>Wtf how do I get autism bucks?
in most of the western world you just need an official diagnosis from a psychologist and you will be set for life. You may have to try out some bullshit special job program for autists or something (I did), but it will most likely lead to autismbux very, very quickly.
>Is it hard to fake?
I didn't fake my autism. But I suppose it could be done. If you study autism, read about it, watch videos, etc., you can probably act your way into it.
Almost all of the western world uses the ADOS-2 test system for detecting autism, so you can try to find some more information about it, maybe even buy books about it if you are really motivated, so you know how they measure it.
Anyways, step number one is definitely to go the doctor and ask for a referral to some autism psychologists for screening.

I'd do that too if I had a degree. Now it's almost impossible for me to move to any part of asia

I'm definitely going when I get steady income but I need some advice from you guys

I plan to do GFE stuff because I miss it terribly, and I'm OK with vanilla sex but really I'm a sick fuck. Really into facefucking. Also fond of actual deepthroat blowjobs with no hands. My ex gf really spoiled me with all that, but I want to go beyond and have the girl puking on my cock and drinking my piss, but of course I'm not gonna improvise on this.

Any of you have experience with sex workers that allow rough degrading sex? What countries, how to bring up the subject, etc

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saved this pic in 2012...

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This was my secret side mission since I've fucked my first prostitute 5 years ago.
I asked only one of them but she declined, never seen her again after that and lost all motivation to continue visiting prostitutes, this happened a few months ago.
Then there was this one escort 2 years ago. I called her to my home a few times and we always just talked and cuddles, nothing more. At this one afternoon she asked me out of the blue if I would take Salsa classes with her. I wasn't sure if it was a joke and just laughed and changed topic and she never brought it up again and deleted her profile two weeks after that. Never saw her again but I'm still thinking about that question sometimes.

It's pretty cool yeah, she's fun and genuinely seems to care about me. No she doesn't talk about work.

she died too quickly

>Any of you have experience with sex workers that allow rough degrading sex
I don't. But let's think about this logically.
We're talking about disgusting shit here. Working girls are not going to expose themselves to that kind of thing unless they either get paid a lot of money (as in several times the usual rate), or they are straight up desperate for cash.
You have to think outside the box here, unless you are filthy rich. Find a crack whore. Give her a steady supply of drugs/money if she eats your shit. Go to venezuela, where chicks are so poor that they would gladly drink your piss for 5 dollars. Find some single mom, they are usually always desperate for cash, and get her to do disgusting shit. In general, the poorer and crappier a country is, the better the chances of succeeding are. Money should be your weapon of choice.
But desu, I think it's probably easier to just get a gf and experiment with her over time. Take it slow, push your luck, and eventually she will be into a lot of disgusting shit. You probably won't have that kind of time to develop a bond with a hooker, so you need to focus on money in stead.

Re post from last thread. This time I actually saved it so I don't have to retype it.
Losing my virginity to a prostitute.

>from USA
>be 19 on a trip overseas (second time)
>decide fuck it, I'm gonna lose my virginity this trip
>after nights of researching online finally decide on a girl
>nervously waiting in room
>start having regrets as soon as i hear a knock on the door
>open the door and was pleasantly surprised she looks pretty similar to her pictures
>she smiles and pleasantly says hello
>my nervousness slowly starts melting away
>after going over formality and finding out im a virgin she offers to take the lead
>she reassures me that its fine to be nervous also mentions that I'm one of the youngest virgins she's had
>starts kissing me and feeling me up (mind you I've had a boner since opening the door)
>we start to undress and she leads me to the shower
>continue kissing and she jerks me off in there
>tell her im about to cum
>she says its fine
>blow all over her stomach and watch it drip down
>we wash up and head to the bed
>still a lot of time left on the clock

>she's trying to work me up again and I apologize for not being able get hard again
>she says its fine and its normal
>starts asking me what kind of stuff im into
>while talking about it with her I start to get hard again
>she slaps a rubber on me and lubes it up
>she mounts me and looks me in the eyes
>she slowly puts it in and starts riding me
>wtf am i supposed to do.jpg
>just lay there at first then try to match her rhythm
>we're kissing and feeling each other
>she lets out some moans (probably fake but oh well, they sound hot)
>switch to doggy
>start going to town
>trying to push out my second load
>start REALLY going to town
>she moans some more (still probably fake)
>finally unload
>she lays next to me and cuddles close to me
>we just talk for a while
>after about 10 minutes we go back to the shower and we rinse each other off while still chatting
>i get a boner again
>she smiles but says she has to go soon
>i say its okay it has a mind of its own
>we get dressed and i walk her to the door
>she says if I see her again we can try more of the things I'm into
>we kiss and she heads out the door

I recommend shilling out a few extra bucks for a professional.
I've been with countless escorts since and that's still one of the top experiences.

I remember reading this
What country was this?

Through Tokyo Hentai club.
And yes, everything was in English.

>In general, the poorer and crappier a country is, the better the chances of succeeding are.
checked. I think some place in africa is your best bet. Just explain to them that you are looking for a wife to bring back to what I assume is the US/western Europe. Most african girls are probably willing to literally eat shit on a daily basis in order to get a US/european visa.

Right, good points. I remember an user in these thread saying he shoved dildos into a hooker's throat in the Philippines. But yeah the risk of disease kinda outbalances going for crappy countries. I guess getting a low standard gf is the best move, too bad it's not as easy as financial transaction. Doing rough shit with a reluctantly submissive hooker would get me rock hard but I wouldn't lie and manipulate paupers

> one afternoon she asked me out of the blue if I would take Salsa classes with her. I wasn't sure if it was a joke and just laughed and changed topic
Assuming this is real, you are actually retarded. She was asking you out.

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For the past 11 years quite regularly. Some were really good, some bad, most were boring.

It sad to see people with bad experiences with escorts. It's usually do to unrealistic expectations of your own performance and/or poor service providers. Usually a mix of both
Its amazing how many people think they're going to fuck a hooker/escort like a porn star then are caught off guard by how nervous they are.
It doesn't help when not a lot of research is done on the service provider or you go with the cheapest one you can find. Another cause is thinking the girl is just a fleshlight meant for you to get off (especially if its your first time)
A girl that's good at her job realizes and understands the emotions that you're going through when hiring her. She also realizes that its and experience that will last past the bedroom and does her best through conversation and body language to make you feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible.

If losing your virginity to a prostitute/escort
>you are not a porn star
>have realistic expectations of your performance
>do lots research on service providers
>you usually get what you pay for

>be clean and respectful. Autists usually are always both
not true, I've wroked with autists and some of them hated bathing/showering or simply didn't notice their own stench so they didn't realize they needed to clean their bodies and wash their clothes
>most autists tend to be fairly young
there are more young people with the diagnosis, but there are just as many older people who are undiagnosed autists because it's usually discovered in school and in the old days teachers didn't know about the spectrum
>and are often Jow Forums
not in my experience, it's like 20% of them that are fit. But it should be 100%, the benefits of lifting go far beyond attracting girls.
>Autists are probably the best clients a hooker can have
The difficulties with communication and weird behavior patterns can creep women out, so it depends on exactly how spergy the guy is

>the benefits of lifting go far beyond attracting girls.
When I started I couldn't force myself to continue after about 6 months because I didn't find any benefits. I got bigger and stronger but other than being able to lift heavier things, there was no other benefit and the cost was very high (all the work was the cost)

fuck me man, I haven't said fpbp so sincerely in quite a while

>I must have been one of the most awkward and least experienced guys she's ever had
Nah bro, from the sound of it you did pretty good. I know a girl who works as an escort (we went to school together) and you wouldn't believe what some people actually do or want. From the sound of your story you were actually pretty great and if my friend is an example from which other girls can be judged, the type of a most favorite client - gentle, not a jerk, letting her do it her way, not jewing on money and blasting away quickly and reliably. Don't be so harsh on yourself when the opposite is true.

Strong fpbp.

Yeah, I started when in military and pretty much formed a habit out of it. It's been years I've been using escorts. Although I usually now just give myself hard-limit, since it can be addictive as hell, so I just visit once or twice a month three regular girls and one domme for more degenerate days. Domme is also unironically a good friend, we sometimes just talk about life.

what is in the military that makes men visit whores?

>what is in the military
there's only men retard

what kind of a shitty army is this?