Who is your favourite twitch streamer?

Who is your favourite twitch streamer?

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Only streamers I watch are CallMeCarson and Vinesauce Joel
beyond that, shits gay

>nose gore
I used to watch Tyler1 while he still did variety streams, that shit was funny as fuck, ironically getting banned from league was the best thing that ever happened to him. Unfortunately Riot realized this and unbanned him and now he's dead

He and Greek made such funny stuff. Its a shame those days are gone.

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No, you're just as gay as anyone else who watches streamers.

Whats wrong with watching streamers?

it's like watching a TV channel that simulates friendship with other humans

And if, like many on Jow Forums, you don't have any friends?

Or you know, some people just want to have a laugh
Stop trying to find some deep meaning where there is none you fucking faggot

>Who is your favourite twitch streamer?
Bro team pill
I only watch highlights on youtube

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xq cow

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I watch a few Mario Maker streamers mostly.

yeah his chat is normie as fuck


Joel and ZFG1

comfy streams

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Amen lolm2k


charls is the best

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none of them are virgin, all of them have gf's, ex gf's fucking wife's social life and success. And all of them hate anime while calling and using word "normie". Fucking normalfags. Can't fucking relate.
There was this r9k podcast few weeks ago, guys were normalfags but they engaged in a thread on r9k and it was pretty fun. Wish r9k was more present on twitch. Maybe a group of anons just shitposting on stream or talking about various topics trying to not get banned
also there's this cnvka girl or whatever

big ups, liquid richard
shout out sean ranklin

They're fun and their chats aren't full of normies so I don't fucking care

mewnfare is the only persone i semiconsistantly watch

>Who is your favourite twitch streamer?


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@forsen FeelsWeirdMan

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admin how to delet

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I'm too old to watch streamers

6 BEERS EleGiggle

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Devin Nash

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>They're fun and their chats aren't full of normies
Literally bunch of zoomers on their way to be normalfags or actual normalfags. If you like them then I can guess you have a wife/gf/home/car/job fuck off from r9k normalfag, you're not a virgin, you're wasting time on r9k instead of hitting up the club or twitch con with your fellow normalfag streamers.

Unironically Asmongold.

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>I'm underage
Mods? How can you let them just post on adult board?

how much gold you farmed already for him? did he mention your name? did you hear his most recent retarded idea how wow should be?
Remember wow used to be about adventure about journey, about socialising with people, about wpvp. Now there it is dude literal god, carry me through dungeon grind to hit 60 on autorun while the rest of you funnel items and gold to me oh and later we will do transmog contest.
Streamers are irrelevant but world would be a better place if blizzard banned asmongold or at least twitch banned him.

Clint Stevens. Granted, I watch a lot more of his highlights than his actual streams but I popped into a kaizo one and it was pretty comfy. He straddles the line between a normie who can charismatically converse while still being a bit of a degenerate who lives with his parents and is still trying to find a greater purpose for living

Rent free


Think about all the well written and intelligently crafted books or movies you could have watched instead, even anime is a much better use of time

I'm not even on his server, nor am I alliance. Dude is funny and yes I'm 32 years old.

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My internet isnt good enough for twich


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xqc, train, Miz, poke, m0xyy, erobb, etc. the main meta right now for basically the relevant streamers. everyone else with the exception of some streamers are literally fucking irrelevant. like people who actually just play games because they think twitch is strictly a gaming site

Does he even speedrun anymore?
>Not original
I don't even wanna know why anyone would ask this but I fear it's because of Wanda.

i only like myself, other streamers suck

i really like thidgs's streams. he's always so positive and happy. he hardly ever rages and he's always optimistic. he's the complete opposite of me, and honestly his mentality makes me feel a lot better.
all of the edgy streamers i watch (xqc, destiny, iwilldominate, train) really aren't that interesting anymore and none of them are doing anything extreme with their content like ice used to it. train is the worst at this since now he just gambles, plays wow, and leechs content from somebody else. squadW tho

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jesus, you probably watch him with your fat gf and bunch of home animals and you sent him donations together kkona as fuck borther!

i watch cheese super mario 64 speedrunner, karl jobst, gladjonas, rwhitegoose, hearthstone tournament youtube channel, and some hearthstone streamers like fridges aka this guy also i watch d2 content, i enjoy toby4fun mostly, because he plays d2 hardcore

snapscube, clown_depot, imakuni, vinesauce, button, TheCaseyCarson

it's like watching a retarded person but you can laugh at him with clean conscience so he's ok in my book

a wannabe incel who's not a virgin, had plenty of relationships and larps being bullied in childhood as an excuse to give stuttering speeches to cater to disenfranchised socially awkward people only to get their donations. I'm sick of hearing squadW as if it's some kind of movement against feminism, guy would lick feminist AIDS cunt if he ever witnessed r9k's women hate threads. Really obnoxious guy.

>Miz. Erob
I don't know really, seems a little bit like only americans can enjoy him and Erob and their college kid life style. Can't relate to living with bunch of strangers and inviting bunch of girls.

Who? Isn't that the youtub guy who tries to push trans trap sissy agenda on r9k with his videos? Or is it someone else? I know he leeches hard from every streamer he can but I don't know, childish humour for me.

It's hard for someone who spent +10 years on Jow Forums to find anything excising or relatable on normalfagfest like twitch.

>squadW tho
squadW is like Q of spades.
Here's a scale

>slightly left wing
>slightly right wing
>right wing

Remember where you are on this scale whenever you post squadI'macuckoldW. If I want to hear someone fight against women I go on r9k instead on some larper for donations and subs wannabe incel channel.

rip methodjosh aka /ourguy/

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>invites a gf who's into him to his house
>actually makes a move on her hence banned
he was interacting with women way too much to be one of us

you never saw the followup of her going home early and crying on stream, saying he was playing with a knife around her all night? hes got enough autism to fit in here, he used to post in britfeel

Mr BTFO / Britbong
literally our guy

yea well that's /soc/ for you, anyway, no she actually was into him and probably was just indulging in regret and self-shame after sleeping with him once she realised being tall british man is not good enough of "having standards".

>red penis

probably FalleN or Shroud, Aspen stream used to be pretty comfy

grash goret :D he was how i got into league when my hairdresser and i started discussing his videos by chance one day
as for my favourite streamer, 39daph is pretty comfy and xqc is kind of funny every so often
i miss greek variety streams

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JMAA is my favorite streamer

moxxy is the most intelligent streamer on the platform with remarkably exquisite tastes.

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Definitely have to go with vinny, his weekday streams are so chill, especially when he was streaming FFIX.