Any of you guys ever had success on tinder...

any of you guys ever had success on tinder? ive had it on-off for the past 6 months or so but nothing has ever came out of it. i dont understand. i never get any matches with any semi-attractive women. i bought tinder gold for a month to better my chances. i saw all the women who liked me were literal land whales. fucking disgusting. i'm talking over 300 lb.girls who are all fucking obsessed with horses. i did the whole boost thing and got 0 matches. i honestly dont think im that bad looking of a guy, and i have good pictures on my profile, a decent profile, etc. im 6 feet 4 inches tall, and have decent fashion sense. My only issue is that I weigh about 255 lbs, but honestly i dont feel like im that fat. im 19 years old. despite this, somehow my skinny pale jew-nosed roomate fucks tinder girls on the daily. what the fuck robots. i just want to be loved.

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Tldr btw
I lost my v to a 50. I'm 23

ah yes thank you

i cant match with any semi-attractive women or lose my virginity and i feel bad about myself

Just to be clear: you're a fat faggot complaining that you only get matched with other fat people. That about it?

I met a cute Indian girl, we met in her car in an empty parking lot. She taught me how to make out and let me massage her feet and legs, and her tits. It was very nice but I really lucked out somehow. That was a few months ago, now we're both back at different school so we don't talk.

I got tinder about 2 weeks ago and ive gotten 82 matches since then, no proper dates though.

you are 6'4 you piece of shit just lose the weight.

The difference is that I'm not morbidly obese

As a man you can't afford to be fat if you are obese you have 0% chance with hookups it not only
Makes your body uglier but your face too as the fat obscures your facial bones either loose weight or betabux there is no intermediate

I lost about 30 lbs then fucked up and gained about 10 lbs. back. It's hard man. Trust me, I want to.

My experience with it is mixed
>met my 5/10 ex on it, dated for 6 months, she dumped me and started dating a girl the day after
>fuck with 4/10 chubster that looked 6/10 in her pictures
>get blowjob from 6/10 christian girl with daddy issues, then ghosted
Overall pretty lackluster desu.
The best thing to come out of it though was definitely
>stay acquainted with ex, meet her new gf
>shes 7/10 and actually pretty chill, become friends with her
>they break up two months ago
>I help her through it and we end up drinking at my place
>we hook up
>become pretty close friends, she gets me out of the house and I fuck around with her

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You have a 31 bmi, that's obese. You're an obese person complaining you only match with obese people.

Nope. Had a few glimpses of a relationship on OkCupid and Bumble though. Bumble girls are very demanding and Okc girls are just weird

Eat only every other day. 0 cals inbetween. Hard at first but gets easy.

It's great if you can travel to Asia. It's absolutely worthless in the West.

Height doesn't do that much
t. 6'4" and not fat but I'm still repulsive

I'm considering downloading it after I learned that there are hot teens that want Jow Forums dudes to get them pregnant on it. Maybe I can lose my virginity before 19.

Uhh dude, what's your height? 255 lbs is fucking huge.

last year around christmas I matched with a chinese girl and lost my virginity (at 22 y/o)

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I had it for 2 weeks a couple months ago.
50 matches, only 2 whales. About 50% of the women were chubby girls that were hot the other 50% were art hoes and sorority girls.

Im 6'0 and have a 6/10 face.

This board has become an absolute trash
Holy fuck

getting matches with semi attractive women doesn't mean shit. you will just be one out of 1000 other matches and believe me, almost all of them are better than you are. you think a woman would ever choose you when she can get a ripped 6'5" blonde Chad who has an Audi A3 and his own flat as a bf? nah senpai.