Holy shit fat vaginas are disgusting

Holy shit fat vaginas are disgusting.

What was once a pig 2/10 is now a 7/10 because of you desperate fucks. Not only that, you gave fat whores the confidence of a supermodel and the ego bigger then their own fat pussies.

Any females here with a fat vagina? Lose weight you disgusting pig.

Any men here claim to "like" fat vaginas? Get some fucking standards and stop allowing females to lower the bar on what is considered attractive and acceptable.


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All women are qweens.

What are you talking about? The first girl has legs closed in spandex. Girl 2 would look the exact same if she was wearing the same clothes in the same pose.

They are both standing up straight in a neutral stance. Spandex has nothing to do with.

I quite literally have a preference for fat vaginas.

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i like both
you're a faggot

the second girls legs are apart, so her vag looks smaller. thats not a thigh gap

Imagine the smell of her labia

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>Girl 2 would look the exact same if she was wearing the same clothes in the same pose.
>thats not a thigh gap


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i wonder what it would look like if she wore the same pants as the other girl

Thigh gaps means no ass or hips. I like curves

I like em FAT FAT FAT

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Dense retard doesnt even notice the lumpy thighs from the photoshop lol baka my head bugs and their fans are braindead

There is a saying about thigh gaps my dear friend it goes like

>what the fuck people like girls with thigh gaps who the fuck would want someone in a constant battle ready stance

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Puffy vaginas are God tier

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disgusting, stop being faggots

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I want to grab a handful of that fat pussy

Its a screenshot I took from a webm you downy cunt. No photo shop in the video.

They're both hot you autistic faggot

user, I don't think...

>doesnt know that chinks use body and face morphing filters daily
>doesnt know theyre built into gookphones
Oh boy

Americans are pigs through and through, huh? Behaves like pigs, eats like pigs, look like pigs and love the look of pigs.
Oink oink, fatty, better grease that pan up, ay?

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yes, it's hot. oink oink oink

Youd be fat if you could steal more rations, Pavel, my little Pashechka