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Maybe you can help me.
I have two weeks to write a 500 word essay, and honestly I don't think I have it in me.

just write 36 words a day

That was 25 words right there and you are telling me you can't handle 500?

Listen, the task may seem daunting but not if you spread it out into little segments. You don't gotta do it all at once. Just a little bit every day and it's incredibly easy. 50 words a day, twice the length fo that post and BOOM it's done.

the only thing holding you back is resistance. We feel resistance whenever we have something important to do. the brain loves to conserve energy and will give you any excuse to prevent you from doing work. The sooner you break the barrier the easier it will be.

Don't listen to your brain here, it's the enemy

Once you actually sit down and do the essay it will be super easy and you will feel silly for hyping it up in your mind so much. you spend 70% of your energy worrying about the task and only 30% of it actually doing the task itself.

Once it's done you will feel relief and maybe even proud of yourself for taking initiative and not being a little bitch.

Give me a reason not to kill myself. As it is Im planning on buying a rope and hanging myself tonight.

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First of all that's a really shitty way to kill yourself,
If you don't manage to snap your spine you will suffocate.

Imagine pure agony for minutes while you dangle from a rope desperate to get free and filled with nothing but regret and fear as the light fades away.
Imagine someone finding you with shit stained trousers and your eyes bulging and bloodshot.
I can give you better methods but i don't wanna encourage you.

Here is the thing, If you really wanna die nobody can stop you but the pain you are experiencing is temporary.
The pain you will experience before death is not temporary. you will leave this world in a personal hell, you will eliminate the possibility of being the best version of yourself and achieving what you want to achieve.

The past and future are not real. whatever demons are plaguing you from the past, they don't exist. Whatever fears you have about the future, It's just figments of your imagination, the things you are worried about have not happened yet and you don't know if they will be good or bad for you so let go of your worries and live in the present moment

There is no easy way out, There is no such thing as a peaceful exit.

Yes I could use your help.
retard cant string together 3 paragraphs for an essay and its pissing me off. Help me out here.

If you want a solution to your suffering you need to understand this, The source of all your suffering is you.

Your experiences are filtered into your brain and the way you choose to interpret those feelings determines if you are happy or sad or angry or depressed.

Let go of the past and learn to forgive yourself, It's not your fault you made mistakes, Mistakes are human, Even the most serious of mistakes are just that, Mistakes. You can redeem yourself no matter how wretched you are at the current moment.

I've sunk down to the lowest lows in the past, I've had a barrel of a shotgun in my mouth but I recovered and moved beyond that phase in my life and so can you, I even have good news. All it takes is consistency and practice.

You need to have tools to discipline the mind and stop letting it take you hostage. the mind is not your ally, the mind convinces you that you are no good and tells you to hate yourself. you must regain control over your mind.

Meditation is the art of letting go. you focus on your breathing and let thoughts come and go like clouds instead of getting carried away by them and letting your mind lead you into dark places.

I know meditation is gay and not fun but it's an exercise that tempers your mind against harmful thoughts. you learn how to let them go once they come into your head.

The plan is a short drop/simple suspension tied so it cuts off my arteries. Ill test it a little bit so i can be sure im not suffocating while it happens.

>The pain you are experiencing is temporary
Ive been considering suicide ever since i was a kid. Even in elementary school i seriously thought about running in front of a truck on multiple occasions. what put the nail in the coffin was a combination of genuinely fucking everything up regarding my future (i know, you mentioned that) and acceptance of the fact that the loneliness will last forever.

Did you read my posts friend?

You need to let go of the past, it lies to you!

your brain is drawing patterns and trying to convince you are no good. It's not your friend.

Just because you were depressed in the past doesn't mean you can't find inner peace and it doesn't mean you will always be sad in the future.

You can find the gf or bf if you want them bad enough. once you create a momentum of positive energy you will be able to achieve whatever you set yourself too.

That is the power of humanity. We get what we truly desire.

I used to think along those same terms. I used to be suicidal on a daily basis and have repeating dreams of being stabbed. I learned to forgive myself and love myself and yes it's a difficult process but you are not worthless and things can get better if you want them too.

I want to have control over my life brother. I want to be a music producer but every time I sit down and try to make music, I have this huge wave of dread coming in. I keep telling myself to never have unrealistic expectations, to take it one day at a time but I just have trouble focusing and it's not only with music production. I just wish I was productive. Right now, I'm in college and I always leave stuff to the last minute, I'm shooting myself in the foot and I keep wasting time on Jow Forums and youtube. The worst part is I also procrastinate by looking for articles on how to increase my productivity on Google. This is all very tiring, I wish I had more confidence in myself. This life feels foggy and doesn't make any sense for me, tough to explain in words.

Thank you for your reply in advance brother.

I've only been a fully fledged adult for 2 months and I already want to neck myself
Starting a job and college at the same time right out of high school fucking blows, I feel like I'm wasting my mothers money and my coworkers time because I'm incompetent and slow as fuck
I think I'm failing because I hardly ever have the time to do my assignments and when I get home I'm so fucking exhausted I dont even bother to get dinner I just go straight to my room and pass out, and wake up the next day to go to work or school
I havent seen any of my friends since June because theyre also busy with work and shit and I miss them a lot
If lifes just gonna go downhill from here when all I do is work listen to lectures and sleep I dont want to do it anymore

That wave of dread is resistance and fear of the future.

My advice is going to sound strange but i want you to stop taking hot showers.

Hot showers are comfertable,
Cold showers suck dick (but they don't hurt you in fact they are good for you!)
Cold showers let you experience resistance in a controlled environment and train your mind to be able to push through it.

What you are experiencing is like being on a diving board. You are too scared to jump off at first but once you do it it's INVIGORATING AND FUN.

The easiest way to push through resistance is simply to do it as fast as possible. STRIKE WHILE THE IRON IS HOT.

Once you feel inspired just go for it immediately. the faster you push through the mental block the better.

I don't know... At this point im so shit at everything I cant see any possibility other than becoming a neet. As for getting a gf, that is definitely an impossibility. Im not as bad as some of the cowards on this website. Its just that ive been rejected by 100% of girls ive asked out. When i said loneliness, i wasn't really referring to that though, at least not entirely. Forget a girlfriend, even a friend seems impossible.

Also your brain has a gas tank called executive function. once you push past it's natural limit the gas is gone and it becomes harder to do what you want.

reduce the time you waste on trivial pursuits .

Playing video games is fun but it burns out your executive function

hopefully this helps.

I know the burnout very well bro. I've worked 60 hour a week jobs and it fucking sucks, you feel like you have no time for yourself and everybody around you treats you like shit and is critical of every mistake you make.

You are not wasting your mothers money. you are investing in yourself in order to get a better life in the future. This suffering is only temporary, If you can stick through with college you will get a ticket into a job that doesn't treat you like shit and pays you decent money, It's worth waiting.

Nothing good in life is easy, you gotta toil away and pay your dues to society before they let you have anything. It fucking sucks but it's the way things work.

If you can't handle your current schedule then ask your boss to cut your hours a bit, try to get 1 day off, allow yourself to decompress.

It's better to get a little less money than it is to drive yourself crazy from work.

Also it gets easier as you keep doing it.

All your doing is flagellating yourself, it's like your trying to convince me you are wicked but I don't believe you.

You don't need to be your own enemy. Let go of your mistakes!

Don't believe the memes of this place that something is wrong with you and you will never get love and respect. You can get those things but only if you learn to love and respect yourself!

Friends are easy if you know where to look.

try /soc/ the discord threads actually have some cool people, I've met plenty of people from chan boards and they have been my closest friends.

Tell ya what bro, do me a favor, before you rope yourself, Go for a run. Just run and run and run and once you feel exhausted keep going. go until you cough up blood. If anyone asks you if you are okay just tell them the truth and keep running. Bring some water with you.

You gotta learn to forgive yourselves bros. You were dumb kids in the process of learning. It's okay to make mistakes in highschool. Everyone does.

My dad and my uncle were talking to each other this evening. I was off to the movies and my uncle agreed to drop me off there. On the way there, he was trying to talk to me about my future and career options for me. It just made me feel like an idiot the whole night. I hate when people look at me as if I'm a failure or weak.

I understand that feeling, It's frustrating when people try to tell you what to do or treat you like a fool but they are doing it from a place of love, Your uncle and father are trying to help you and probably conveying that poorly. Begrudging them for it does you no good.

Instead of worrying about that think about the deeper issue.

When people look down on you it implies that you are a lesser person in your mind but that's not what they are trying to say. They are just showing compassion and trying to help you with an area in your life that you might be struggling with.

I know how it feels, i used to scorn people who were nice to me because i thought they were just pitying me. All i was doing was pushing people away because i was scared of being seen as lesser. I was also scared of being abandoned or mocked

I wish I was still in high school. I'm in late college now. Most people my age have begun their careers years ago. But I'm stuck in this negative feedback loop and my family encourages it. That I should feel bad because other people have got their shit together and I don't. I guess they hope it'll motivate me but all it does is make me panic because the walls are closing in and I don't see a way out.

Don't worry about the pressure that other people put on you. You are doing what you need to do. You are in college and investing in yourself. As long as you are doing your work you are headed in the right direction buddy.

I know I'm just some asshole but you got this and from the bottom of my heart I believe you can make it. Once you get through college you can get that career and live the good life you deserve after all that hard work dealing with YEARS AND YEARS of bullshit from people.

you will finally have independence from your family and you can rub your success in their faces at family gatherings.

Can someone help me with this problem. I'm really fucking mad. Really really fucking mad, how can I calm down.

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