Tfw there's no perfect ideology or philosophy that explains everything

>tfw there's no perfect ideology or philosophy that explains everything

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Just become a narcissist, then everyone else seems wrong.

You haven't looked long enough.

You just haven't found it yet.

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life matters only if you let it

I realized God and Christ are the way philosophically and religiously
Politically don't know, the furthest I've gotten so far is (Christian) anarcho-distributism (anarcho obviously meaning anarchist because no matter how you slice it government is shit and no king but Christ makes the most sense, distributism meaning economics/politics of sorts because in alternative to the seemingly false binary of "socialism" or "capitalism" while still focusing on private property and decentralized economics)
Don't know if that specifically exists

Dont listen to people to follow there shit OP. This is just the way it is. Reality it self is a mysterious hyper cluster fuck, and that beautiful too.

you have been lied to by the jews about the nazis
White Man's last great advocate

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I know, I'm not an emotional brainlet who gets manipulated by religion even if it's probably comforting


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categorizing the world leaves out details, wow youre such a genius

religion is false
the bible is true
everything you've been taught to believe about this reality is a lie

>he's not agnostic and narcissistic

Not so fast there Thomas.

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idk to me it's model dependent realism

not so fast there Singh

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Can we come to a compromise Muhammad?

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Georgism or mutualism

Try absurdism, user.

All of the ideologies are right, you just don't experience them all at once.

dead French meme
try German idealism

*Block your path*


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That's because you keep asking dumb questions that have no answer or an answer you don't like so you pretend like it's not a real answer.

Absurdism just about covers it.

based Juche user

Knowledge of Truth has no labels, seek within not in scriptures

become your own God