The cost of living goes up, but wages stay the same

The cost of living goes up, but wages stay the same.
How can people live in this world? There's no hope at all.

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We are supposed to live 20 to a house and have no privacy of we aren't making 7 figures

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>We are supposed to live 20 to a house and have no privacy of we aren't making 7 figures
Very interesting user. Well said.

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Its not hard at all. People like you are usually one of two things; retards who have absolutely no ability to be responsible with their money and buy new shit constantly, or pussies who are not willing to work hard to get a decent paying job. Or you live in manhatten and complain about not getting by on your job at starbucks.

Heh, nothing to see here goy...err guys. Just work harder while my investments make me millions a day sitting on my duff by my pool. Can't talk much longer. My son is graduating Harvard soon and I need to give him a place in my company.

The main ones that have increased are rent and electricity bills. In some countries, water scarcity is a problem too.

However clothes, food, electronics, furniture, entertainment and other goods are cheaper than they ever have been (though the quality is probably lower than ever too, thanks Chyna).

Some might point out that this has come at the cost of vast environmental damage, and that's largely true, however it does mean that being a NEET is much easier as long as your family are okay with supporting you. Moral of the story? Be a parasite. It ultimately does less harm than working in this current system anyway.

> rent
I wonder why. Also, be sure to make 8 times your rent per month for this luxury 3 square foot box with paper thin walls and poor construction standards in a noisy area

> rent hikes
who could be behind this?

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>Work 2 full time jobs.
>Barely able to make rent and food.
Rent is incredibly expensive. I don't understand this world. Having money is desirable. But living with your family is indescribable. The best way to save is to live with your family.
Of course you have retard parents that boot their kids as soon as they can.

World is overpopulated and it will only get worse because rich assholes are importing infinite cheap labor. We need a cataclysm. Yellowstone pls do something

Nukes ruined the world.
War is good for the world. Improves technology and economy. It's also population control.

I slept in a car a few nights ago. Damn it felt liberating to not need a house. It sucks that you need to be homeless but I slept better than I did in my last apartment. In a hotel right now. Might have to move back in with old parents.

The people that direct the economy are very short sighted. They want to maximize profit now without thinking of tomorrow. It makes some sense, but it still seems foolish.
I slept in a car last month it was freezing. I don't know how people live in vans.

War huh what is it good for?
Absolutely everything say it again
Boomers huh what are they good for?
Absolutely nothing say it again

Depends where you are located and how you prepare. Sleeping in sub-freezing temperatures with a thin blanket and no hat? Gonna have a bad time.

You need enough insulation that you can freely vent the vehicle to prevent condensation build-up. If you don't, you end up cold and damp, and that's horrible.

>The people that direct the economy are very short sighted.

See this is where you're either wearing a tinfoil hat, or naive. Directing which economy? The global economy is all interlinked, and there's no single body at the wheel. Things have become significantly worse in this space since globalism took hold. Now, you have free global movement of capital, labour, goods, and resources. This puts those things under the control of no single governing body.

The result is it's a race to the bottom and we're gonna compete to eat each other's lunches to the point that everybody starves. Short of a global power arising that centralizes power, the situation is hopeless precisely because NOBODY is in control.

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people are adapting in various ways, me for instance i'm going to live in a bus instead of paying for a house

living with your family as an adult stunts your mental growth

Yet Jews make up 30% of the Ivy league student bodies and half the billionaires

Get a good quality sleeping bag and it can be tolerable. I find heat more unbearable to deal with when living in a car.

Western governments are definitely complicit in speeding up the process though. Democrats want to import permanent voters and republicans are controlled by rich donors who want cheap labor. The race to the bottom would happen even with a nationalist government but not at this rate. Native western citizens are functionally going to be replaced by the slave-invader caste in literally under a century, that is crazy fast.

You either naive or a shill for the elites

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The Epstein debacle is proof that there's no hope.

>Actors get paid millions and millions of dollars to work for a few months starring in movies
>They get pissy when they get paid 6 million per movie instead of 7 million per movie and fans defend them

Goyim don't deserve to have any money at all. In the future, it will be outright illegal for goyim to own money. If you so much as find a penny on the sidewalk, you will be required by law to turn it in at your nearest synagogue.

Not if your mature enough
>murican fags think kicking your child at 18 is right kik

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>When I was 18 I bought a house!
>Inheritance?! No way why are you such a wimp?
>You better take care of me. You owe me!
>Why am in a nursing home alone?

Don't bring this stupid fucking thing again. If you made a product and it sold millions upon millions of copies, you'd be the one making millions off of it. Actors do their job and millions pay for it so they get millions of dollars. They deserve everything they get if the market gives it to them.

At least I'm not in crippling debt

Just move to a state where the cost of living is low. Believe it or not, there are places where you can rent a 1br or studio apartment for $300/mo or less. As long as you're not a faggot normie that wants shitty trendy shit you'll do fine. Personally, all I need is a place with good internet and I'm good. You'll probably live better life working a shitty $10/hr job where rent is only $300/mo compared to living in overpriced liberal shitholes where even with a decent paying job you'll probably have to live with roommates or with your parents.

True, but ask yourself, why is there only one Hollywood and not multiple movie making hubs? How did it evolve from Edison's movie company to DW Griffith's "racist" blockbusters to an entirely Jew run industry centered in a tiny neighborhood northwest of downtown LA. Hint: look at FCC regulations and the cinemas that distribute the films

Problem is I'd rather be some place half civilized over a bible thumping meth addled shithole full of pickup trucks. Middle America small town life is no longer idyllic Rockwell shit. It's hell

total compensation is going up, and most products are getting cheaper

Rate of job creation is less than rate of job destruction, while the global population is continuing to grow. Not only this but accelerating resource consumption is essentially stripping any life that isn't immediately profitable off of the planet surface and rendering the planet ultimately less habitable for people as well.

So no, short of an international anarcho-syndicalist revolution, there is no hope. Capitalism is cooked.

>there are places where you can rent a 1br or studio apartment for $300/mo or less
literally where? the most dangerous parts of detroit/chicago? i live in a rural southern state outside of a big city and the cheapest rent is $450

All the good people left small towns and got jobs in cities. What's left behind, is elderly, and druggies. All farming got taken over by corporations like Monsanto

Yeah candy bars went from $0.50 to $1.50. The only things that matter are automobiles and domiciles. Both have skyrocketed. So has college tuition. People graduate with essentially mortgages

important things that have gotten cheaper:energy, clothing, appliances like fridges and laundry machines, entertainment appliances like TVs, cars (cheaper by 3% since 2000), toys for your kids
theres probably more, and of course all these products have gotten better too.

college is expensive because of federally guaranteed loans. however there are also very generous repayment plans and deferments.

>and of course all these products have gotten better too.

Unfortunately build quality and expected life span of most modern products are far far lower than they were even 30 years ago.

The high velocity of raw materials makes continuous large scale production of inferior products far more lucrative than manufacturing smaller quantities of higher quality, more expensive goods, particularly with wage stagnation keeping disposable income low.

In the long term, this means that products are far and away more expensive both in aggregate spend (multiple units plus repairs etc.) and in raw material/ environmental impact.

> rent is $2k a month
> cars and insurance are $1k
> your one time purchase of a luxury entertainment is cheaper so don't compain
> also don't forget to pay cable so you can watch something on your cheap 90" Ultra HD TV. That'll be $250 a month for this super cheap cable+phone+internet bundle

My wages go up at least 6% per year. Guaranteed by contract.
You need to get yourself a better union.

Seriously though, ensure you have enough skills that you're an asset to the company and then collective bargaining until you reach a comfy wage.

>living in big cities
lmao what a cuck. what fun with your crazy cost of living and niggers everywhere.

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They aren't everywhere though. Meanwhile I can go to some small rural town in South Alabama or Missidlssippi and see nothing but blacks far more feral than those in rich neighborhoods in cities and suburbs