Another five days of wageslavery commence edition

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what are you lads gona do when Jow Forums finally dies

where is Tim? he's been freed but won't spill the beans.

off for a poo

I'm going to go outside and become the top shagger that lives in all of us.
Day of the sex when?

Poley's awfully quiet this morning, usually he's crowing like a spastic when he goes to visit his imaginary friend.

>what are you lads gona do when Jow Forums finally dies
might tidy my room

reminder anti benefits posters are anti tim posters

by the power of satan it will happen, go get em you sly dog you

Just a wee reminder how good Mariah Carey's Fantasy (1995) is

I don't like tim spamming and I'm on bennies

Why hasn't Tim begun his genocide crusade against High Wycombe?

ok lad that made me laugh, nice one

Tim wasn't on benefits, he lived off a trust fund

Autumn is finally here
>34 days until the clocks go back
>93 days until Christmas

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Wish the clocks would change sooner desu, it's really bugging me this year.

You know what lads?
I'm going to fucking do it

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I've had hydrocele for 5 years. It's brown to about the size of a small potato and dwarves my other bollock. Time for the op fellas.

was pumpkin spice always this popular?
I'm aware it exists but I thought it was primarily a yank think, but every damn cafe and bakery seems to be doing a pumpkin themed promotion
not sure if I'm just going senile

maybe theyre getting ready for halloween

if you need benefits because you can't work I don't care
if you're lazy and entitled you should fuck off with your normie mindset of the world owes me

kind of
it's not that recent so I don't know why you haven't noticed it until now

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Nah lad it's just another American meme gradually encroaching on our culture

ended up pulling an all-nighter and now by brain feels like it's imploding, this is gonna be a long day lads

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How was it?
I'm having 1 now

good, bit more of a wipe than I wanted to do

Only thing I like from Starbucks is their pumpkin spiced latte m8.

for me it's the eggnog one they do at Christmas, fukken love it

Given his mental state it's pretty clear he would deseve bennies.

Fair dos. When it comes to Christmas, it's the festive bake and a Harvester Christmas steak

why doesn't tim post anything? was it really him who reactivated the account or a hacker?

yeah i get them sometimes. had to do a tactical flush when halfway through and the bowl's full

Lads, who's this Thomas Cook fella I keep reading about?

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I hate America so much but cmon lad don't be a dumbie

Except its not just the US companies doing it now, its everywhere, that's the whole point lad

really fancy some cheese on toast but the oven is not in a suitable state to have food enter it.
wonder if i fry some bread then when i flip it over to fry the 2nd side pop some cheese on, will it melt?

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>oven is not in a suitable state
How bad is it? I've seen some disgusting ovens but even they would cook food fine without affecting the food.

Yeah Ive done before. Theres also that Eggy bread recipe on the pan too which would work with grated cheese

Put your toaster on its side and grill it that way

well it needed cleaning but i've not cleaned it since i moved in years ago. i'm not bothered about that, but i put a plate of food in there then forgot about it and it grew mold. then i put it back in the oven when my mum called down, and i forgot about it again. then the other day i put the oven on to get it heated and when i opened the door loads of smoke came out and it stank. i'd left the plate in and forgot again.
now the oven stinks like it did the other night.
got 2 boxes of oven pride though, so will tackle it today

Pulled in to Nazareth
Was feeling 'bout half past dead
I just need some place
Where I can lay my head
Hey mister can you tell me
Where a man might find a bed
He just grinned and shook my hand
No was all he said

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Give a largely ignored toast that ushers in the glorious new age of imageboards.

I've had to clean a super manky oven before, it's a major job. Hope you've got multiple packs of marigolds and plenty of time to do it in lad

not got any eggs, but used to love eggy bread bacon and brown sauce when i was at my mums
i bet you could do that, but would have to take the wire that holds the bread in place out of the toaster. probably leave 1 side on so it's not sat on the element but bet it would work

erm?, no gloves. i've loads of time to do it but i get bored and fed up easily. needs doing though, but might have to grab some marigolds.

I'm looking really chubby in the mirror today. it's because people keep giving me food which I don't need

Been dieting recently and I've dropped about a stone now, looking in the mirror though I don't feel like I look much different.
Fuck being healthier I just want to look skinny

I think maybe it's hard to tell in the mirror for some reason. I used to watch all those supersize vs super skinny programs and they always said they never even realised they were obese/anorexic until they looked at old pictures of themselves

It's the kind of thing you can do in bursts, like you're meant to leave the shelves in those special bags for an hour anyway

>he wants to be a skinny ninny


You night be right there user. I'm wearing my belts a notch tighter and I can feel my trousers aren't as snug around the waist as they used to be so there objectively must be some difference - it's just seeing it

thats how you make a grilled cheese lad

>He doesn't want to be a skinny twink who all the boys want to fuck

Don't be such a faggot user jeez louise

Just came out of a tear drenched rage over Timothy again. --STILL-- NO UPDATE FROM HIM DESPITE HE'S NOW FREE? He doesn't care about his greatest fans. Why is he leaving us high and dry? I kept a vigil, i sent him get well cards and a bear worth SIXTY QUID (Doctor Bear) and he won't even give us ONE TWEET. In the pits of despair. GIVE US A FUCKING SIGN YOU'RE SAFE YOU'RE KILLING US

Mr Shekelberg expects me to attend a meeting every tuesday even if its it's my day off after working 48 hours of shift work. Is he taking the fucking piss. Does any other company expect you to attend meetings outide of your working hours? It's not even flexi time so I can work around it I do 12 hour fucking shifts. Gimme these benefits now I can't be arsed with wageslaving anymore.

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this is why unions are needed

i'll tackle it when i source some gloves. might see if lidl has any
i've always done mine under the grill. will give it a whirl tomorrow. might just be lazy and get some pizza slices. got to go out now so might as well get a treat.

cover bread with butter on the two outside sides, fill the inner with cheese and fry in a lot of oil

say no
what can they do, fire you for not doing work related stuff when you're not in work.
are you the poor user who's boss kept texting him at night?

If you're required to attend then it's work time which means you're entitled to be paid for it and have sufficient rest either side
This isn't America, know your rights and exercise them.

He's not allowed to - any more shenanigans and he gets locked up. We were lucky to get the '...free...' update.


speak for yourself mate I couldn't give the slightest fuck

>I just want to look skinny
gays and trannies out

He wasn't allowed to do a lot of things but he always stood defiant in the face of tyranny.

20 minutes break if you work 6 hours or more? so if you work 13 hours you're only entitles to 20 miniutes unpaid break? thats shit

>implying britfeel isn't super gay

Not him no. I'm going to say it's unreasonable for me to commit time to a meeting outside of my working hours.
Thanks user I'll be sure to bring this up.

I'd say it's largely straight it's just the trannies make more noise


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He was never incarcerated before; this time he found the limit. Doubtful he's resident at his rented flat either. He'll come back when everything cools down.

It is shit but the key part for
Is the breaks between shifts and weekly rest, which it sounds like could be being compromised by these meetings.

BBC News - Man held after two police officers hit by car
Where is SCEA again?

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Ah, a bit like a toastie, but you don't fry them. Fugg it I'll do that. Nerves are shot to shit from waiting in the dr's so I'm going straight home anyway.

Sadly not, it's more the fact they think it's appropriate to make me commit time on my days off for a meeting. The manager certainly wouldn't be attending meetings outside of his hours as his meetings are in his working hours.

only 365 days until next autumn

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>tfw stuck in East Berlin during the cold war

In that case I'd say it might be better to refer back to your contract and what it says about your working hours and shift patterns. Likely it'll include some provision for occasional work outside of regular hours but if they want you there every week it's not occasional, it's a change to your hours which you would have to agree to.

Even if nothing else, they have to pay you for your time.

how come you only chirp up when it's been pointed out that you've not been posting?
that many gimmicks going on eh?

so I saw on outer r9k that they're going to be teaching kids how to wank now. bit noncey isn't it

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Rate my plan for today guys

>Eat porridge (done)
>15 mins on exercise bike (done)
>Make a youtube video
>Go to library to read (1 hour)
>Buy speakers from argos
>eat din din (spaghjetti chicken and beans)
>finish youtube video and upload
>watch film in bed

BONUS: Work on tax return
BONUS: get flat meter reading
BONUS: send off stuident-finance form

We all gunna make it fellas. Planning your day in advance is scientifically proven to increase productivity

havent been to britfeel in weeks lad

why are they letting nutty people be in charge of kids? did you see that super duper progressive bit in murrica with the tranners reading stories, weren't a few of them on the sex offenders register or something?
fucking pisser

>teaching kids to wank
>teaching kids not to play with themselves in class
I feel like you're looking for a reason to be outraged

>BONUS: get flat meter reading
that'll take 1 min at best u lazy swine

Doesn't seem like they're teaching them how to do it but telling them when it's acceptable to do so. What's the problem here?

Idk how to get it though lol, cba phoning up the concierge ive put a mental brick wall around it, seems hard

is greggs pizza wizza any good lids

its shit. get a steak slice

Intelligent people don't want to teach or look after children.

*buys a knackered old Rover police car from the 70's and christens it the Britfeelsmobile*

>Planning your day in advance is scientifically proven to increase productivity
I think that's correlation =/= causation
people who have important shit to do usually write it down
people who doss around buying speakers and eating beans typically don't

just want to have a clear goal desu

would like to decide on one thing I'd like to do creatively and specialise in it.

always think I should learn to make video games or learn to write, but then a week or two down the line I lose motivation, think I'm too pathetic and stupid to ever succeed and revert back to being lazy and sad.

let's use it to arrest sulkies

now that I have attained wizardhood I think it is decently likely that I will go to my grave before shagging a bird

fried cheese sammie looks breddy good.
thanks to that user for sharing how to do it
*burns tongue on molten cheese*

Same here user. I get motivation for a short period of time them either lose interest or move on to something else. Having a clear career path makes everything so simple.

>feel very uncomfortable going outside in the daytime
>no qualms going outside in the evening/night-time
am i autistic or something, this is a slight issue now that uni has started

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what's the video about?
and what do you plan on reading at the library.
good plan, should keep you busy/10

Putting all my anime figs back in their boxes lads, time for me to grow up.

*sneaks out and puts a "no trannies" sign on the /britfeel/ front door*