Would you hold hands with a roboi?

would you hold hands with a roboi?

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yeah why not, let just play halo after.

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This hand has never seen a day of manual labour

cute, i haven't played that in so long

I would hold your hand, it's so nice.

same, but I just found my old xbox and a few games.
t-thanks user.

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You're welcome... Have you posted your hand before? It looks so familiar

i want a fembot to kiss my hands

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yeah I've posted my hand a lot.

wagie pls
what about a boybot?

maybe if you're cute enough, though they rarely are

I want to kiss a robots hand someday.

i hope your wish comes true some day, sweet fembot

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Tfw stick. I've never held someone's hand besides my mom when I was a kid

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I'll hold your hand if it means we can just hang out and be pals.
I've been so alone for such a long time. I unironically have no friends. No body has talked to me in so long I've developed poor speech and sounds like a retard.
Why is the robot life so hard. I want to break out of my programing.

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I will hold both of your beautiful hands

You're a saint user.
do you like vibio gayms?

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>do you like vibio gayms?
I really do user
Do you?

heck yeah.
what are you favorite gayems?

no i dont wanna touch ur cum stained hands

rude. I wash my hands you meanie

me too, even when i pee

where is the user that likes wet soapy hands? i have a duty to fulfill.

Yes but I would wash my hands after.

I'm here right here... Please fufil it

I also apperently can't spell

Sanitize them first and later I would touch them. I think I have a hand fetish or something

you had a thread 14 days ago and i said i'm going to post my soapy hand later or next time because i was at work.
so, there you go.

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Oh wow, you even remember the exact days it was. Thank you user... This is much appreciated and is going into my hand folder

you're welcome. i'm glad something so simple makes someone else happy.
i took the pictures in the restroom at work. luckily no one else entered, no idea how i would've explained that.

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I'm a simple person to please...
Good to know you had no awkward encounters in the process.

now that i've done the basics like dry/wet/soapy back and palm shots, do you like gestures? i know you kinda didn't like it as much when i did my finger gymnastics, so don't worry i won't do that one again. or would like hands doing specific things?

Oh wow, you even do requests. I'll probably ask in another thread if you show up. I'm very tired right now. Have a good day user

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>tfw user posts my hand
t-thank you

>tfw user deleted the pic

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It was an accident desu... I was gonna show him what gesture I wanted but I decided against it because I'll be asleep by the time he posts it.
Youre welcome though...

good night, hands user. i'll make sure to watch out for another thread.

f-fuck..male anons pls post more hands..damn.. i wanna suck on y'all fingers

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Reposting the pic user removed

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There's a hand fetish? This is completely new information to me.

no hands of color here? wtf

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People bully me and say my joints are too big,are they?

[Spoiler]Also would you hold my hand?[/Spoiler]

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>There's a hand fetish?

It's a woman's thing

nigga you got vitiligo on your fingers

you can see the grease in my hand

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mee too thx

Yeh,donbt bulli me....

Just making an observation bro, I'm not bullying I swear

Wouls y-you hold my hand?

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