I want a white bf but the ones that are interested in me only want me for sex...

I want a white bf but the ones that are interested in me only want me for sex. The few times that I had accepted their offer they usually end up ghosting me or I get blocked like our interaction never even happened. What do I do?

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Stop being racist, accept who you are, move on with your life.

I've been a virgin my whole life. I don't mind waiting another million years all I care.
I'm just lonely as fuck.
I don't know if girls even like mathematicians like me anyways.
tfw no gf that legitimately cares about you

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They want you for sex
At least they want you "fembot"

Tried non-mobile online dating? I liked OKC. If you're patient, smart, and a decent conversationalist you can probably find a white nerd to type walls of text to for a month before meeting in person

Just found this gem. This you?

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Her body is for chad or tyrone
You can have the rest of her

user are you the user who posted they were lonely in that hand thread?

Fuck off to a different website you fucking nigger?

yes I am that hand user. how could you possibly tell?

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Black girls are fucking gross, I want my kids to be light skinned not some mixed monster looking mother fucker.

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Because you used the sad cat image and you also talked about how lonely you were again

Godel is fucking awesome though. I got my bachelors in math. Congrats on probably outperforming me.

I'm interested in you and I'd have a proper affectionate affair with you and stroke your hair and kiss your forehead after I came inside you, but you have to understand that I won't leave my wife for you and I'm only having an affair with you out of sexual frustration and because I've always preferred black women but I didn't end up with one.

Why are men so disgusting lmao

If you were white I still would have wanted you only for sex, if it makes you feel better. Nigger.

It's safe to assume nobody in his right mind will ever love her for her body

Perhaps you should consider a Latin Boyfriend.

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How do i get one? They dont seem interested in me

I don't know, I didn't choose to have an insatiable sex drive and a neverending lust for black women that my wife can't satisfy.

I am one :^)

But you are probably in the east coast judging on your posting. Perhaps Atlanta.

I look like your typical mexican they put on tv all the time.

Hispanic Bars or clubs. They will flirt and hollar at any girl, just be pretty. And don't be shy, just go along with it.

t. Bean

>Bre is she posessed by Slimer or something?

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I'm probably in the minority. But I would take a 6/10 Black girl over a 7/10 white girl. I just find darker skin really attractive it's a bit on the warm and sensual side.

I'm latin and in northern california.

You have to go for lonely shy quiet white guys who are probably desperate for any kind of female interaction.

>All these eligible anons
>They are probably all American

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>just be pretty
>don't be shy

That's sad, I'd love a long term black gf.
I guess we'll never met though.

black girls have self esteem issues. They usually think that they aren't as pretty enough for any one.

Even they hate black women. Just look at this board.

black grill that isn't OP here
marriage material 2bqh
getting a master's degree in computational science and a job at a science-y place taught me that most STEM dudes are s0i so I would have to check and make sure that this didn't apply to you first.

But Pol told me black people weren't smart

Whatever Neil Desenuts Tyson, math is for fucking nerds anyway, if you so fucking smart then why do you look like homo-fucking-erectus?

Bre ya'll need to be Eugeninized.

I'd cum inside on our first date bb, and I'd keep your bastard child and sue your STEM ass for alimony [spoiler/]

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Why does you want a white? We black men are superior of your ever in Jamaica Ill show you a real man dick

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Someone needs to tell my sister this then lmao shes loud and overconfident

and yeah, there are those who over compensate.

Overcompensating for what nigga? We not many whites here also whites arent better

White men arent better you stupid woman get some self respect
or better altar cloth kill yourself

How is it racist to have a preference though

What came first, white superiority complex or black inferiority complex?

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I dont have wanpela inferiority complex literally my opinion dont get tumbuna

Kill yuhself

I'd marry you if you'd be my gfd mommy gf

Sadly for you that you are a tranny that forfeited their estates to myself.

Stick with your own kind.
Fucking shit.

Sorry OP, I already have a black gf. Good luck on finding your white guy though, it will be worth it

>tfw eastern europe
>tfw never ever gonna get a black gf

I don't want my children to be niglets. Fuck off!

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