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The other one died in about 5 hours, so I am making this one. Fuck you I am not waiting another week.

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Fuck the trips and the wholesome shit, I wanna see my big sisters ass and titties. How do I do this?

Put a camera in the bathroom.

So I noticed that the homescreen on his phone is a picture of me in my swimsuit.

At least it's a photo of you and not some random girl right? You should take a photo of him in a swimsuit to get even.

I'm very tired somebody help

Is sleep an option? Things have a way of not sucking so bad after a solid 7 hours of snooze.

No its like 3.30 in the afternoon. I've just been kinda sick and sleeping really badly.

Cute. Though just be careful; if your parents ever notice that little detail, you'd have quite a bit of explaining to do.

Damn, getting sick definitely sucks. Still, it does provide one with ample excuse (and time) to catch up on all the anime and manga to their heart's content.

Do you have any recommendations, user? I haven't really been getting into anime in a while.

Which show got you into anime?

I like to re-watch the shows that got me into anime in the first place, which for me were steins;gate and clannad.

I'm sure there are those on this board who can give you some interesting recommendations as well.

Hmm. I guess Inuyasha and Sailor Moon?

Wow, nolstalgia is strong with these ones. That'll be quite a few hours to go through them (good thing that you now have plenty of time).

Bumpity bumpity faggity shit

Well dang, I guess I gotta watch Sailor Moon. Thanks anony.

He might be able to explain it off to our parents. His co workers though maybe not.

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You're doing a great job so far.

Maybe he can have the anime version of you as his background - still cute, and much less likely to attract potentially awkward questions.

Couch, you're pratically already a 2D imoutu, may as well allow the reality to reflect that fact

Lots of profanity there, bud.

So? You are not my dad.

At what?


At being a proper light novel heroine.

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You could bring it up to him and maybe change it to one with both of you in the shot.
You could also try taking those leg picks for him. Ask to borrow his phone and go into another room, take some pics and surprise him with a new background. It gets your face out of the photo and would probably look good with dimensions of the phone.

I see...

Well he has pictures of me in sexy stuff but I didn't know he would put stuff on the front of his main phone screen. There is far worse things he could have put there though so that is good I guess.

Fucking mad.

>Rudely awoken via brother cuddles
>Talk a little and he gets really touchy
>Oh okay hand on my vagina whew that's fine I guess
>"Hahahaha what's all this then"
>Dude that's not what you think it is
>That's like ovulation mucus or whatever
>(finger slurping noises)
>Except no he pins me to the bed
>"So my little sister's ovulating"
>Why is he rubbing his face on my back why is he kissing my spine between my shoulder blades and why does it feel good
>"My little sister's body is amazing..."
>"Does her body want a baby?"

Anyway, uh, hi.
Get that picture of me outta here.
That's... adorable and like, idk, it might be dangerous but I like the idea of him having to explain why he's got that to people. So yeah I approve.

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>he has pictures of me in sexy stuff

That's kinda cute, though also kinda incriminating at the same time.

Do you have similar pictures of him somewhere in your phone (maybe a whole folder of 'em)?

Good grief, pin the man down and have your way with him. Gotta let him know there are consequences to his teasing

I might. Ugh. Probably tonight though, I'm already mad at myself for doing absolutely nothing in my four days off, I'm gonna TRY to do something today and maybe fuck him later.

>mad at myself for doing absolutely nothing in my four days off

Aren't you supposed to do nothing on your days off? What would the point of a break be otherwise? Maybe you're a bit too harsh on yourself there, breaks are supposed to be, well, breaks, right?

Yeah. But I didn't even do any of the "useless" things I would normally like to do on a break (actually play videos games, catch up on anime). I just kinda.... didn't do shit. But here I am watching shitty youtube instead of doing anything else so fuck me.

Actually no fuck it I'm gonna get that dick in me.

>ovulating and not fucking
Very wrong

Umm. Good luck neesan?

I would be lying if I said no. I have a picture of him without his shirt on I like to stare at sometimes when he isn't home. Also some pictures of stuff we did together if I feel like digging up good memories.

Do it! Show him who is boss!

You don't have to do anything on your days off, that's your time use it however you want.

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There. Now that's motivation. Go get him and don't let him up until you're done.

If you're still looking for stuff to do, escape rooms with your brother might be fun

What if I just let him do it inside me tho

I'm trying, seduction is hard. Escape rooms sound like they would trigger my anxiety.
But like that's what I'm saying, I wanna spend my days off playing games and watching shitty anime but I just... don't.

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>seduction is hard

Don't seduce him. Take him. Press him down and claim his lips as yours. Do with his body as you wish. There is a time for seduction, but this is not one of those times.

I let him do it inside but I'm on the pill.

You could just be aggressive about it. Sit in his lap and just start kissing him it will go where it needs to from there.

Just rape him and make him put a baby in you.

You know you want the experience the pleasure of being cummed inside.

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Clearly, he wants a baby. You should give it to him.

>Don't browse for most of yesterday
>Suddenly thread gone
Not that I have a whole lot to add. Kids are good, husband just left for work, his vasectomy is on Friday, met with my students I'm working with this semester for school. Feeling really nervous about student teaching in spring all of a sudden, hopefully it passes.
>What if I just let him do it inside me tho
It is an incredibly good feeling, probably one of my favorite feelings in the world. Are you trying to have a baby though? I always see the user's here trying to push you and Couch to get knocked up, but I don't know if either of you are actively trying. If not, you can always look into getting an IUD so you can get creampie'd as much as you want, I have a friend who has one and swears by it.
>Sit in his lap and just start kissing him it will go where it needs to from there.
I'd add some light teasing in there as well.

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He was probably just teasing her.

Maybe, but deep down he probably still wants a baby.

> favorite feelings in the world

makes sense, it's nature's way of enouraging one to have kids

In that case, why did you choose to get him a vasectomy over simply getting yourself an copper IUD? Seems IUD would probably be less of a hassle.

>In that case, why did you choose to get him a vasectomy over simply getting yourself an copper IUD? Seems IUD would probably be less of a hassle.
We don't plan on having more kids so it made more sense to do something permanent. I did consider doing a tubal but the recovery time is a lot longer and I didn't want to have to take time off of school.)

>We don't plan on having more kids
How many kids do you already have? Actually, considering your, well, enthusaism at getting the creampie, I'm guessing probably too many.

Were you on oral contraceptives? It'd take some very lucky (or unlucky, I suppose) coincidences to have multiple kids despite the pill

>How many kids do you already have?
Two, one boy and one girl. Surprisingly not more, but for the most part contraceptives don't work.
>Were you on oral contraceptives? It'd take some very lucky (or unlucky, I suppose) coincidences to have multiple kids despite the pill
I was with my son. My doctor had just changed what I was on 3 month prior to my pregnancy (ortho tri-cyclen lo to microgestin), we were still using pull out on top of the pill since I was iffy on the the pill. Got drunk one night, cream pie'd, took plan B - still ended up pregnant. Apparently if you're too fat plan B isn't as effective.

Daughter conception was significantly less interesting I suppose. I was off birth control, making plans to move to IUD. My dad took his own life, it was highly traumatic - my father in law offered me weed to help with my insomnia. Never smoked before, so husband smoked with me and ended up pregnant again.

Please don't make me nervous with contraceptives. I like doing what we are doing.

Sorry, I realize I have a huge typo here >for the most part contraceptives don't work
It should say they DO work, not that they don't work. Sorry, moved to phone since kids are up but playing together so I can be a little more loose in how I'm watching them

Honestly, I think as long as you don't change/have a negative reaction to the change you're fine. Although weight can be a factor, both based on what happened to me and what my OB told me after, so I'd keep that in mind if you're on the heavier side.

Yeah, that seems like a pretty big typo.

My little brother has absolutely no confidence in his looks and it makes no sense to me. He is hot, smart, funny, kind, and all the other good traits you would look for in a boyfriend, but he just refuses to see this in himself.

The following is an almost word for word conversation I have had with him
>you should go ask her out
>she would never say yes
>why not
>I am ugly
>If you were not my brother, I would be literally jumping your bones right now
> Nah, youre just saying that
>No really, youre handsome, smart, etc
>no, youre just saying that because youre my sister

Why the fuck are boys so fucking stupid? Why doesnt he just accept the fact that he is likeable?

>If you were not my brother, I would be literally jumping your bones right now

>tfw no big sister who loves you and thinks you're attractive

>he gets home
>go give him hug cause missed him
>he asks if I had a nice day
>tell him I did
>he goes and showers
>make dinner
>we eat and clean up
>after a bit ask him about his home screen
>he says he likes that picture of me
>tell him other people might get wierd idea if they see it
>nonchalantly just says "Nah, I'll just say it's you."
>tell him they might think he is in a relationship with me
>he says "So"
>he says that he will just say that it is a nice picture and he likes it
>he doesn't get what I'm saying or he does and is just being stubborn
>he changes it to a selfie we took on our camping trip
>asks if that is better
>tell him that people won't think it's wierd
>he says that doesn't matter to him but he changed it for me since I thought it was wierd
>he invites me over to cuddle
>cuddle for a bit before he says his stomach is acting up and he goes to the bathroom
>he has been in bathroom for awhile

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He is no longer afraid of the consequences of being with you. Soon he will announce your relationship to your parents.

>Went on short 30 minute walk with one of only remaining friends and her son
>Had a nice visit
>Kids ate dinner with minimal fuse
>Rocking daughter to sleep while she nurses atm
>Can hear thunder in the distance and a light rain starting
Good feels
I know it was a pretty glaring typo too. I hate autocorrect, I should have a proofread it.
Do friends/coworkers actually know if you two are related?

Well, dating is a skill and your brother, given all his inexperience, might lack the confidence he needs. Let him practice by taking you out on dates, so that he can get use to the idea of himself as some attractive and funny. Simply telling him that he's all those wonderful things isn't enough; instead spend time with him, have fun with him, show him that people geninue enjoys his company.

Legitimately had the baby conversation. He literally cried and then I cried and I don't know how we were in the mood to have sex after that but we did. It was good but the attention afterwards was better.

I know I give him shit but I love him so much it hurts that we can't be legit. Ugh. Oh and obviously he didn't try to knock me up even though we both wanted him to.
He came in me before, took a risk because his birthday and my safe day lined up. It was good.

I don't know how I feel so loved and so hurt at the same time, I think I need to just go to bed early.

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>we both wanted him to

Dont worry, soon enough you two will decide to have the baby.

>I don't know how I feel so loved and so hurt at the same time
What exactly was said during the baby conversation? Unfortunately, if the two of you want kids I can't see a way of doing so without upsetting your parents or having some sort of fall out.

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Lots of stuff. Like how he apparently always wanted to be super supportive of me if and when I decided I liked a guy and got pregnant by him, and he never would've dared to hope that guy could've been him and I would've been so into him. And I told him, uhhhh, the truth, that being I hate condoms and the pull out game and if he should happen to get me pregnant I would be so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so sosososososososososososososososoSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSO happy to have his baby... and if he took me today and came in me I'd still love him...

Gonna go cry again bye.

Oh my goodness, that is so sweet. How did he react to you saying that?

Thats a good idea, but Im just worried that he might think Im being condescending towards him.

Bump to hopefully ensure a long lasting thread. Its up to you niggers to keep the thread bumped for about four hours, can you handle that?

That's a pretty valid concern. Intenion is the key here - the same thing said with different intentions (e.g., adimiring vs sarcastic) will come across very differently. That is important - you're doing this because you find him geniunely attractive and want to spend time with him, not because you're doing him a favour.

Just curious, how close are you two? Why do you want set him up for dates?

Want to know how I know your larping?
>safe day
You watch too much anime. These do not exist.

You don't have to declare that you're taking him on dates - just do. Invite him to hang out with you, talk with him, filrt with him, enjoy your time with him and do nice things for him (and hopefully he'll reciprocate too).

Bump faggot early morning fuck

You really came a long way since the days you were confused about what you wanted things to be between you. That goes for couch as well.

Yeah, thats not a bad idea.

My mom told me to clean my room and I did it
I feel accomplished
Thanks mom

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Wait what the hell
This is an incest thread not loving your family
What the fuck

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>how close are you
We used to be super close, but I recently moved away, so that has put a bit of a damper on the relationship. Still though, I only moved about an hour away and try to visit as often as possible, so I dont think that our relationship has been too negatively impacted.

>why do you want to set him up in dates
I just want him to see himself in the same light that I do, and I think that having a girlfriend could really go a long way to improving his self-image.

>Dad chilling with me last night
>talk to him about the book I'm reading (Beyond good and evil)
>Have a pretty good debate about slave/master morality
>Congratulates me on my progress in gym
>mom hugs me
>Give brother some advice for high school

Thanks mom. Thanks Dad.

Actually user while it isn't safe per say, the chance is dramatically reduced in the days following ovulation.

Good for you. My dad just mocks me whenever I try to talk to him about whatever Im reading.

While they may not be absolute, safe days are safer than other days.

user we had a whole discussion going on in the weeks before her bro's birthday whether "safe" days are actually safe or not and she decides to risk it
No, user, this IS a love your family thread, we just so happen to have 3 investing tripfags. All family matters, hate-love-appreciation-questions-problems are welcome in these threads

Damn autocorrect

Same, but if I just take it in stride he listens. Forces me to be articulate and concise with my speech though, otherwise he just luls softly and ignores me.

good practice i guess.

you should guide him along, teach him how to flirt with a girl, how to treat them well, confess to them, take them to dates, be a good onee-chan and make your otouto a fine young man

and from 1st to 4th base too ofc

Morning bump time shit