There Are Only 2 Genders / Change My Mind

32 million views, 778 thousand likes, 45 thousand dislikes. Wake the fuck up trannies, the world doesn't want to acknowledge your mental illness.

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Trans people don't think there are more than two genders though?

imagine unironically watching crowder, you're just as ill as trannies

said the mentally ill tranner, seethe more

Language exists to serve the people who use it not vice versa. If a new definition of gender fits the current gender dynamics better than those of the past then so be it.

Althrough I hate trannies and faggots like OP, this Steven Crowder guy is probably even more mentally ill than them and is also a closet gay as well.

Kill yourself tranny. God made adam and eve.

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Trans or the LGBT community believes gender is a spectrum. So yeah according to them gender is non-binary which means there are more classifications than simply male and female.

This. Also who the fuck gives a shit?

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>woe is me, I must forever give these frail beings shelter in my head rent free for the rest of my life!

It's probably the same situation like with self-hating gays screaming the loudest against gays because they can't stop their mouth from watering whenever they see a cock.

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>OMG OMG so freaking epic! better link this to r9k to show this to my fellow based magapedes!
trannies are disgusting animals but you're also a retard if you watch his content

The only reason you'd be surprised by this statistic is because you're a politically obsessed faggot who browses the internet way too much and bases two videos of Ben Shapiro dunking on some green haired college fags as a reflection of what the average American is like. The average person knows there are two genders. And the average person is either apolitical or a moderate.
You're literally proving nothing new here expect dunking on 0.2% of the population

>no mug commies

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The LGBT degenerates have become the tools of the imperialists pigs to spread Western degeneracy worldwide. Fuck all of them, they deserve a fate worse than death. We don't have to adopt their language, they are pussies that deserve to be beat up.

You sure showed us. Careful not to fall on a dildo while wearing your single mom's underwear, tranny "hater".

>gender is a spectrum
But that's not entirely wrong? Biological sex is a highly complex set of characteristics, and many different combinations of sex traits can emerge (hence we have intersex conditions). Why should mental gender be any less complex?
It's no different than stupidly insisting "there are only red, yellow and blue, with no colors in between". Sure, it's simple to understand if you're a complete brainlet, but the real world does not work that way.

You don't know what you are talking about faggot, go take a dick in your ass and die from AIDS, don't forget to bring the other closet faggots with you in the meantime

This is why North Korea is Best Korea

Thank you for proving a point. There wouldn't be near as many mentally ill trannies in this world if faggots like you weren't so apathetic towards their mental illness. There are "doctors" out there prescribing puberty blockers and HRT pills to underage kids, just because no one gives a shit and society has become more accepting of transgenderism. Also

>It's probably the same situation like with self-hating gays screaming the loudest against gays because they can't stop their mouth from watering whenever they see a cock.

Stop projecting this hard and go post for the millionth time a thread of your erect penis in hopes to attract underage sissies, you fag.

Haha I'm actually listening to his demdebate rn


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There are Only 2 Genders (2nd Edition):

8.5 million views, 198 thousand likes, 11 thousand dislikes. Transgenders all over the world BTFO.

how exactly does there only being two gender conflict with trannies at all? in fact I see a lot of trannies that share my sentiment.
ftms consider themselves men
mtfs consider themselves women
seems like two genders to me

you can take that argument to /LGBT/(QIAPK), they could probably answer that question for you, but as long as i know they consider gender identity as non-binary and, in fact, a spectrum

they don't all though and I'd bet the majority of them are fine with 2 gender classification. the people who talk about stuff like non-binary and stuff like that are a different group from trannies, and to be honest a lot of them don't even take hormones or anything like that. it's usually just some lesbian who doesn't like acting feminine so she decides she has to invent a new gender to describe how totally unique she is.

I'm just going to prove you wrong by asking you to watch the 2nd edition video posted in this thread. In that video there's a tranny supporting the idea of gender identity as a spectrum. So it's not something only lesbians support, but clearly transgenders as well.

Believing in multiple genders is not a part of transgenderism.

That's absolutely not true. Just something you want to believe as an excuse to hate. Though such a hypothesis is not entirely absurd. That is however a topic n which neither you nor me have a saying in.

/lgbt/ will mostly tell you that they are not Tumblr.

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>Believing in multiple genders is not a part of transgenderism.
>That is however a topic n which neither you nor me have a saying in.

Here, found it for you, if neither me nor you has a saying, here's a transgender supporting the idea that gender identity is a spectrum, skip to 27:08

>petting dogs is not part of national socialism
>wrong, here's a nazi petting a dog!

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you are a complete mouth breathing idiot, jesus fucking christ, i've never seen someone's thought process to be so fucking retarded.

There is no correlation between petting a dog and national socialism, or (even if someone states otherwise) can be easily disproved .

There is a correlation between a transgender believing gender is a spectrum however, and I just provided you with video proof. You on the other hand, haven't provided anything other than hearsay from the LGBTQ community and anecdotal rumors.

Again, transgenderism and gender identity, correlated. National socialism and petting dogs are not. Next time be smarter than that, please.

>t. closet faggot
Who cares though? Seriously. If you hate trannies this much and acknowledge that they're mentally ill, they'll cull themselves out. You literally don't even have to do anything. You could just grab some popcorn and kick your feet to enjoy the show, but instead you sit here seething over it. You're not convincing anyone you're not in the closet, faggot.

You have to be a doctor and or neuroscientist to have a word.

Crowder sometimes can be a pure comedy gold. Dude is actually fun to watch.

Trannies may "cut themselves out" eventually but before they do, in case you haven't noticed, they are literally spamming non-stop their transitioning and "pinkpill" threads, trying to convert into tranny freaks as many vulnerable robots as they can. So go suck sissy cock, you fucking fagget. I'm not and never will be like you.