Would you date a girl with an incredibly low IQ? Like she can barely hold a conversation with you...

Would you date a girl with an incredibly low IQ? Like she can barely hold a conversation with you, and she isn't informed on most subjects.

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I can't hold a conversation because I'm retarded so no.

No, she would leave me for Chad

I would date literally any girl who is an adult, was born female and loves me.

Yeah is teach her how to play guitar and we'd autisticly communicate that way. I'd infect her with my autism and sex is better with dumb girls I bet because they are unaware of their hilarious orgasm face... I imagine.

Well I suppose I can try. I'll just teach her stuff and she can suck my pp?

It would literally take me a year for me to even learn how to play the guitar. Youd probably be frustrated with me and id be embarrassed and youd break up with me.

If I wasnt as anti social as I am, I would pretend to like her so that I could loose my virginity. It also would be good for my self esteem to be talking to people dumber than me on a regular basis

Well good that you're anti social because no fembot should put up with that

I wouldn't cause our kids would prolly be retarded as hell then.
It's very rare for women to be so low IQ, they are more intelligent on average but less ,,genius'' tier iq's its men that are at the top of both most retarded and genius people.

my girlfriend's pretty fuckin dumb, didn't even know where Mexico was when we met.
she doesn't get most of my jokes but she can suck the soul outta my dick so it's sort of a trade off.

No, I want to have high IQ childrens.

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>they are more intelligent on average
Most of what you said is true, but you got this part wrong. Men and women score the same on average on IQ tests. Look it up.

Not date, only keep as a side sex toy at best.

No. Intelligence is passed down from the mother. I'm too stupid to succeed in this world and I'm thoroughly academically average. Any stupider than me and they'll be fucked not least because the drying up of opportunity in this domestic hell world is only going to escalate and probably exponentially.

Being uninformed has nothing to do with intelligence. Most women don't know shit anyway, I'm sure you're at least average

>passed down from the mother
No. You're right about you being a fucking retard though, I'm convinced

If this thread is still up, it wouldn't matter how long it would take you. I'm incredibly patient.
One year is a really short period of time too, so that's pretty good. You'd be a good tard gf for me.

Fuck no


>intelligence is passed down from the mother
im pretty sure I got my iq from my dad. he's not that smart compared to my mother.
I don't like the word tard and I hope you don't refer to me that way. But I appreciate you being patient and all.

Yup. If she's loyal you got something to work with.

My autism is often correct, would I be wrong to assume that you're Jewish? Or shall I add one more point to my tally of correct autistic intuitive assumptions?

You know you can work on your IQ. Your not retarded forever. Get out and learn

I find it cute thayt you dislike the word. Man it sucks that you've made this thread, now I wish we could talk to each other. I wish I could talk to you all day and have you say cute things like that. You'd be such a great gf( in my opinion) this thread its almost as if it was made to make people like me feel bad, was that the goal?

i would. i am pretty insular myself. Snoe#3370

>implying average women can hold a conversation

I already do, it's great. They don't need to be Einstein to be worth a smash, also I hate Jews.