Slow-walkers BTFO

Slow-walkers BTFO.

I always knew "men" who took small steps were pussys

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steplets on suicide watch

Jokes on you nigger i dont even walk

I hate it when steplets get in the way. I'd barge them out the way if it were legal to do so. I've got somewhere to be, you directionless meandering cunt

Steplets oh kek.

I have to gallop like a horse because of my 24/7 erection.

>The Chad stride actually exists

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I can't get hardon even from naked lolis irl, or any other 10/10 qt
Yet i take huge steps and walk faster than most people

>even from naked lolis irl

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aaahh, my sides

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The Chad stride explicitely says:
>Tiny beetle like steps

I-i-it's not like that user, she was legal loli she was 16 I didn't get excited anyway so it doesn't count...

...Yes, I know its pretty fucked up but I just like small petite cute fragile girls,
anyway due to antidepressants I wasn't able to get hardon without manual labour so I'm all about cuddles and hanging out...

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>>new word to filter

>literally the virgin walk and the chad stride
I honestly don't believe it.

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I purposefully walk like a retard for no good reason

>the absolute STATE of steplets

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You are under arrest for having child pornography stored in your brain. You'll need to come with us.

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Chad stride BTFO'd

Maybe that's why I still get such raging hardons every morning. When walking up any set of stairs, I literally always skip steps, taking huge strides.

Nigger every time I walk it's like it be 1940

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t. Steplet

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HA, that's mai b0i

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This actually kind of makes sense why it's harder to get off directly after deadlifting

Ain't age of consent in germany 13 tho?
If so then poor jpg choice

1. Just because you can get consent doesn't mean you're allowed to take pictures. Or look at her.
2. It's 14 officially and 16 in practice.

this isn't about speed, it's about step length. you can walk slowly with big steps as well.

I take big, fast strides so I can get out of places faster. Still have a small dick with chronic erectile dysfunction

It wasn't pictures and i didn't touch her in any sexual way so its okay user

Nice try. Tell that to the judge.
How did you even end up in that situation though?

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if you are going to take huge steps why not just run? I mean its not like you actually have anywhere to be. you think you are special because you walk fast? Im gona start tripping fast walking fags

>the amount of distance you cover in 2 steps shows if you have erectile dysfunction
Top motherfucking kek at "modern science", by their logic anyone under a certain height can't get it up.
Fuck this clown world.

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fair point but you could just divide by height to get a relative step length.

ya keep your back straight, your head up, and walk like you got a big set

That makes no sense, ones stride is made by your gluets, thigh and calf muscles.

No, it's the other way around: in the wizard walk, steps are very long; in the virgin walk, they're somewhat lengthy; and in the Chad stride, they're tiny.