Sex problems need help

Okay so basically I was a 20 yo virgin for a long time and it was pretty embarrassing. But over the last year ive had sex with several women finally. Its great being 21 but ive had this reoccurring issue. The last 3 girls ive had sex with bleed a lot during the sex. But We never realise this until after. Ive asked them directly if there was any pain and they all say no. Also all of them swore they werent on their periods. Ive ruined so many bed sheets and its pretty embarrassing for the both of us each time. Okay so disclaimer, im well endowed but im not like pornstar tier. Its 6.8inch long and 5.5 inch girth. Ive managed to make all the girls ive been with cum and some of them several times which im pretty proud of but still this keeps happening. Anyone else have similar issues? What should be done about it? They say they never feel pain but desu all my encounters have been while drunk, this has happened with several girls now. Any ideas?

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You need to actually get the woman wet and ready, which I'd recommend at least 20 minutes of foreplay for. If not, try using lube.

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None of them complained and there was shitloads of foreplay depending on what is meant by foreplay

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