Do you like iberian women, Jow Forums

do you like iberian women, Jow Forums

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Personalmente creo que se podrian ir a la mierda un ratito

Eso, que se vengan conmigo

Portuguese girls are trash.
T. Portuguese

>Implicando que eres la mierda

Eso es lo que he insinuado, si, muy astuto por tu parte

Por que eres tan duro contigo user?

This, leave them alone. Go to Spain.

No se, es como un acto reflejo ya

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Alexa, play Despacito lmao

Es muy bella esta mujer, lastima que es Yuropoora :/

Yes I like women

T_d_s p_t_s
todas patos es la respuesta correcta

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>women are trash

This mandenme una aunque sea
Tds pts

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god i want to spit in her mouth

Hello, hispachan

How about Iberian men, Jow Forums?

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Yeah. But I like mestizas and mulatas more. Iberians look best when they have some African or Indian mixed in.

So you would rather date a goblina?

How about you let this Iberian conquistador man conquer your boipussy instead?

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>dat nosering
>dat shy smile
>dat shoulder length hair

No, only Asians, preferably qt Japs. Or wh*te Hapas if their subhuman whit* genes aren't too apparent.

Im not a faggot so that would not be ideal.

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just imagined her sucking a huge bbc