Why not just get a girl(boy)friend?

why not just get a girl(boy)friend?

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Because I plan on having a TERF wife.

How many times must I tell you that nobody likes ugly dudes? Not trannies, not femboys, and especially not women.

are you also planning on cutting your balls off?

No, that's shit's for trannies.

No, I'm just a normal straight dude. The only woman I could find to date me has a dick.

Our sex life is pretty bad because we are both depressed and hate ourselves

Why not a girlfriend?

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because i want to be the girl(boy)friend of gfd gf

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Because I'm the girl(boy)friend!

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Oh god how did this get here I am not good with computer

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a friend of mine is planing on cosplaying as astolfo at a con
hes a dude
does NOT look feminine at all
im just afraid

gangbangs in the mens toilets?

Great post, that's how you fix her design.

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i mean i didn't think he's gay, but its starting to look inevitable
the only problem is that im going with him and a group of dudes and hes just been popping soo many fucking jokes about getting another trap to fuck him
its looking less like jokes by the second
concerned for his sanity cause hes sort of a cool dude

Hey if it works for you, go for it. I could fuck a guy I think, but there's no way I could fall in love with one romantically.

best part is how they admit it by completely ignoring your post, mine get ignored all the time too. especially when I disclose that I'm ugly. we shouldn't even exist, reality is a joke for us.

Alright, let's say I get a cute boipussy to fuck and cuddle everyday. But what happenns 5 years from now? What am I supposed to do when they get old and busted and their male genes start wrecking their looks? Shit's not worth it, man.

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List of problems:
>They wouldn't like me
>They probably have their own set of problems and I'd only bring more problems and sadness to their life
>Don't know if I'd be capable of loving them when they turn 30 or 40 or whatever

Because dicks are gross and anal is beyond vile. Also trannies are nutcases who are one micro agression away from killing themselves, so you'd better stay away from such freaks

>What am I supposed to do when they get old and busted and their male genes start wrecking their looks?
Do you know what a beat dad is? Basically that, but without leaving children behind

I would if current science actually made it possible for 3D boys to look anywhere near as good as 2D. As it stands that simply isnt the case. I feel bad for all of the current year trannies, as more and more males begin to transition, the techniques behind such procedures gets better and better. Soon enough we'll have legitimate, wide hip, big lipped, slutty 3D traps to take to pound town regardless of their genetics while all of the beta tester trannies will either be dead in the ground from suicide or look like absolute gremlins by the time they're 40.

I feel genuinely bad for anyone who hopped on the meme transition train too early

I wanna pound some sweet sweet bussy

It's something called a joke you autismo
Not everything is sexual

You'll never look like the Chinese cartoons.

i know and that's why i don't try to look like them. i can look cute tho, if i put enough effort into it. but don't worry, i'm not so stupid to go on hormones or do anything that permanently changes my body, i'm very uncomfortable making a choice like that