What are playing, robots? Bully SE here

What are playing, robots? Bully SE here.

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sekiro. fighting this stupid nigger monkey

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femanon here I mostly play GTA v online

replaying mafia 2 wilst waiting for borderlands 3 to get cracked and steins;gate to be discounted on steam

wait until you'll have to fight two stupid nigger monkeys at the same time

i've been playing about 6 hours of dark souls a day for several months

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I've been playing Gears 5. Fond memories of playing gears of war 1 on xbox live all those years ago.

that was me exactly one year ago
good times

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fuck please dont remind me lol

chrono tribber and red alert
can anyone recommend more time travel stuff? seeing the world change in chrono is so fucking good

steins:gate if you like VNs
singularity was a very fun shooter
I think that back to the future had it's own vidya lately but that might be just a fever dream

Terraria after I pound my Grindr boisluts sissycunt

>red alert

life is strange but I'm cringing whilst typing this
most characters are insufferable and the writing is terrible but I liked the climate and overall comfyness, a love-hate relationship I guess

I've been playing gears 3. It's active enough and the best of the games in my opinion.

FFXIII-2 for another time travel JRPG

>steins:gate if you like VNs
sitting in my wishlist, still fun if you already saw the anime?

>most characters are insufferable and the writing is terrible
yeah the setting itself seems decent enough

thanks breh

i am playing killing floor 2 user

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I have it on my wishlist too, It'll cost around 10 bucks on the halloween sale, both the og and zero, elite is just the first one mixed with anime scenes
Basically if you liked the anime VNs are a good way of reexperiencing it
I heard that it's much better than the anime and seeing it before playing doesn't really hurt the experience except spoilers of course but it's more complex and emotional

Based. Still waiting for the sequel

It might be for the better if you already watched steins gate because you most likely wouldnt do it if you played the vn first and both versions are great