I went from suicidal KHV neet 2 years ago to having a well-paid salaried job and GF now.

Feels like such a huge accomplishment from where I was, r9k is forever my home. Just wanted to share really, anyone have questions?

>inb4 you were never a robot if you had aspirations

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Do I still have a chance if I never finished Highschool or am I doomed

How did you do it?
>Also gtfo my board normie


Everything within reason though, what are your goals? What do you want to fix about yourself?

I had gained enough confidence from a friend to learn how to flirt in the first place, and I would just hit on whatever girl was around really, each girl before my GF gave me a learning experience on what to do and more importantly what not to do when talking to women.

After I had a GF for a couple months I decided I needed money, so I started working a fast food job and breaking out of my self-imposed shell.

Eventually became tired of my job so I went for a few better jobs that I really wasn't qualified enough for, but after many months I ended up lucking out and getting an interview and succeeded.

>what are your goals?
The fact that your question stumped me should tell you more than enough about what I want to fix about myself, as for my goals? I think I just want to learn, learn and learn until I die, I want to hold as much knowledge as I can

Hey that's awesome, you already have something you like doing that is self-improvement.

Any particular field you enjoy studying or are you just picking up whatever you can as you go? And as a follow-up, taken any tertiary papers on said field?

Good for your user, hope I'll get there again too some day.

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I'm picking up as I go, I recently scraped some money off my wallet, I went to the bookstore and got a bunch of books that I'm now reading, I realize that most books I got are philosophy related. This though will get me nowhere, it won't pay the bills, but it will fulfill me in life

I hope you get there too friend!

That's awesome! If you're really enjoying learning and you're not in any immediate need to chase money, you could definitely try to take a couple papers at a local university/college, or maybe finishing your high school education qualifications if that's still possible depending on country?

Have you ever considered teaching anything? Those who like to learn normally love to share that knowledge too from what I've experienced

thanks for giving me hope, friend, I hope I can make it like you did
>you're not in any immediate need to chase money
Luckily I'm not in one, though I'd like to get out of the house so I stop being a burden, I need to find a job before anything else
>you could definitely try to take a couple papers at a local university/college
what do you mean by this
>finishing your high school education qualifications
I'm trying to do so, but it's a really slow process in my country, I wish I would've never dropped out
>Have you ever considered teaching anything?
Teachers in my country are really poorly paid. If I ever want to sustain a family, let alone myself, I doubt I could do that with a teacher's sallary
>Those who like to learn normally love to share that knowledge too from what I've experienceda
Yeah, I love talking to my only friend about it, but I'm not confident with my knowledge so I don't even share it online.

Not Op but that other guy, I am intrigued about what knowledge that would be now.

it's really hard for me to express it to other people other than my friend, anxiety is a bitch.
really all I know is what I've read from religious books and philosophy, nothing incredible. The only knowledge that hasn't come from that was learnt from when I was little, my grandfather used to sit outside the house with his friends, drinking and bantering. They'd talk about politics, religion, faith, philosophy and anything really. I could hear a lot of the conversations because I would sit next to the window in the livingroom, sometimes I'd dare go outside to sit and listen, one day I had the courage to ask something and from there I was just naturally a part of the conversations, they'd ask me stuff and I'd ask them stuff. It was mostly them saying something and me giving my opinion on it, I don't know where that bravery went because nowadays I wouldn't even be able to return a soup at a restaurant even if it had a ball of hair in it. I miss those guys, I wish I knew more people like them

by taking papers I meant just taking a psychology course or whatever would interest you at a local college, just to have something to put on your CV/resume if you're going to try grab a job.

You're much more likely to be hired if you're able to write down something you're actively pursuing on your CV/resume. Have you been applying for any jobs recently?

I'm sorry to hear about the teacher's salary being low :( These days the dream of the sole breadwinner for families becomes less and less common.

For the past decade I have waited and tried and I still have no idea what I want to study, then I realised I don't really want to study, I actually enjoy being employed. Variety is the spice of life, as the cliche goes.

Op how old are you currentlyi

I didn't even know they had courses, I'll definitely look into it.
>Have you been applying for any jobs recently?
Yeah, I applied for two last month, no response again, I'm going to an interview tomorrow hopefully. Failing interviews really makes me want to not even try
>I actually enjoy being employed
My last job was a really busy and hectic place, I loved it, getting back home tired and just laying down is amazing, I think... I think I might like stress hahahahahaha

25 sir

Nice work! With every interview you get better at putting forward the image they want you to put forward. Try not to talk too much about any negatives you may have, keep things positive in the interview and be friendly/polite. Just remember at the end of it, there may always be someone who just has better qualifications that you won't beat, but that doesn't mean you did poorly.

Study for the interview! Take down some specific examples of things you have done in work to either advance productivity, keep attitudes positive, keep customer retention. Any of the buzzwords that may relate to the position you're applying for will get you closer to being hired.

Thanks for everything, you really helped me today. I was just going to sit outside and listen to music all day, but you changed my mind

No problem user! I honestly wish you the best of luck with your interview and hope you have a great week :)

you too, mate, have a good one. you're a wonderful person

Hey OP, can you tell me that I'll still make it? I see myself going on a downwards spiral because I don't want to put in the effort needed to do well in life, it's just seems like a massive wall and because of it, I just don't do anything and regret it a day later...

Wait, one last question, what made you want to go from what you were to what you are now? where did you draw your determination and discipline from?

Good job OP. I wish I could do this, but I don't have any friends to learn from.

No problem :)

I had a close friend online that I would play runescape with quite often, and he was very similar to me where we're just khvs. He received a large inheritance and his confidence had grown from having 'fuck you' money. I was interested in girls but never had any idea of how to even approach them after so long as a Khv. He would guide me through the most basic form of flirting/flattery for women and I guess flirting/relationships became what I was passionate about for a while.

After I met my girlfriend and everything just felt natural with her, I wanted to actually get a real income so I can support myself and her, so my drive came primarily from my relationship.

If my relationship were to end for whatever reason I'd still be incredibly fortunate to have met her as she gave me the strength to better myself.

You just need to want to get better for any change to occur, if you don't want it bad enough it won't happen. It's a gradual change in your mind that you can embrace and grow over time.

I think a problem with a lot of the robots here is that they're trying too hard to maybe go for a stacy, which is just the equivalent of a fembot trying to chase a chad. Pointless imo.

Most often they aren't even the ones you'd want a relationship with, you'll want somebody who's had a similar life experience as you, and then once you've found someone like that, you can try compliment them and work from there. It's a lot of trial and error, don't get me wrong. You'll experience heartbreak and love lost but in the end you'll come out the other side with more experience than you had going into it. That's all anything really is, practice makes perfect.

>well-paid salaried job and GF now
>After I had a GF for a couple months I decided I needed money, so I started working a fast food job and breaking out of my self-imposed shell.
>Eventually became tired of my job so I went for a few better jobs that I really wasn't qualified enough for, but after many months I ended up lucking out and getting an interview and succeeded.
This begs the question: what do you consider well-paid?

I am earning ~15% more than the median income here.

Good job OP, I'm really happy for you! Did you ever have any moments of self doubt? For me personally I can force myself to develop some level of social skills but my value set and personality naturally makes me a very schizoid and asocial person. gonna try working again soon myself and still hanging onto school. Any tips for talking to girls? I don't really have too much anxiety talking to them but I always end up giving off "crazy serial killer vibes" according to a lot of people.