Still a KHV at 18

>still a KHV at 18
>download tinder
>meet up with girl
>no longer KHV virgin
You guys should try it. I honestly avoided it for the longest time because it seemed like normalfag bullshit, but tinder is great and sex is amazing.

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Yeah I've tried it too and have already banged 30007 sluts all women are horny for erect male penis

To be fair, horny girls are who go on tinder. If you've used tinder for a month and haven't gotten laid you're using it wrong. Maybe use better pictures.

I only got two matches after running out of people in my area that haven't replied so far.

Fuck you

Maybe you should stop being an incel and write out an actual profile. Post profile, guarantee you put no effort in whatsoever.

Girls are the ones who never have profiles

Have used it over a year, still KHV


What if I'm fat and ugly and awkward and live with my parents in a small town where half of the population is over 55

I'm not an incel like you, I'm an almost Jow Forums guy with a wide variety of interests and deep thoughts about life and existence, and that's exactly what I put on my description, unlike 99% of women who put fucking nothing on their profiles besides their Instagram or some irrelevant uninteresting bullshit

Hey, me too. I have to drive at least 20 or 30 minutes whenever I want to get laid.

You still haven't posted your profile.

You literally aren't trying hard enough.

>I'm not an incel
>only got two matches
Really makes you think.

How do i try it hard enough then?

Write a better profile, post better pictures. Might be able to critique your profile if you post it here, just black out your eyes/etc

I live in a small city where there are about 10 male profiles for every 5 female's, maybe has something to do with it? Plus I could break your jaw with a single punch

What kind of woman did you meet and what did you talk about?

the whole point of this thread is to jack it to the boob goblin in your pic so who is she

>still a KHV at 13
>download tinder
>meet up with girl
>no longer KHV virgin
You guys should try it. I honestly avoided it for the longest time because it seemed like normalfag bullshit, but tinder is great and sex is amazing.

eat ass nigger [spoiler/]

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Post body little boy, let's see the real reason you only got two matches.

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Tinder advertising is great but daily reminder that bars and social events are much better for meeting girls and learning social skills. Tinder is designed to keep you using tinder

They're only better if you're in the bottom 80% of men. If you're not a loser you can literally get cute girls to deliver themselves straight to your door.

>implying anybody average or better needs online hook up apps when they already have dozens of girls who are interested from daily interactions and friend groups.
We both know that only the ugliest men use tinder and dating sites, just look at the stats. Unless you are in a major slutty area, tinder is just a waste of time for good looking guys. I can swipe a hundred times or text the girl from last weekend. You think top men are all retarded?

I'm in northwest Florida, which I guess is the sluttiest place around
lmfaooo the cope is so real, just accept you're fat and ugly

I dont know if i should even try at 25 anymore, i missed my chance

Roider faggot, girls only like you because they're stupid

>doesnt realize how many sluts go to bars
Lol you keep advertising for tinder and playing the swipe and text game bro. If it works it works

The fuck hahahahahahaha

i was told to avoid tinder if you're not a white or black guy, so no thanks.

goddamn daddy

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How did the sex go?

I get matches I just remember that I don't know how to talk to women.

the women on tinder are trash and id rather jerk off

I assume it went well for my first time. I went to her place, parents weren't home. Sucked on me for a little bit and then got on top, blew my load instantly. She said "holy shit, that's a lot of cum" and I said yeah haha it's my first time sorry. Waited about 30 seconds until I was hard again, she sucked my cock for a few minutes to get me ready, then she bent over and told me to do whatever I wanted. I lasted about fifteen minutes and told her I was about to cum, so she turned around and swallowed. Then we hung out for like a half hour while watching netflix, she gave me another blowjob, then I went home. Seeing her again this weekend, hopefully that first time accidentally cumming in her isn't going to be a problem.

I would actually be willing to try tinder out, but I'm scared that parents or family might discover that I'm on it, kinda embarrassing desu

>I sit swiping for days and only match with fat girls
>18yo Chad gets a girl day 1 and she makes him cum as much as he wants
Guess that's it then

I only matched with landwhales and it was suicide fuel being on there as a manlet. No thanks.

This shit is literally a shill thread, the makers of this garbage app that ruined online dating literally pay people to make threads on this shit site so losers will get roped in

How does it feel to be THIS much of a virgin to believe that?

Yesss goyim, we're trying to rope you into using a completely free app

objectively correct, name of tits or bust

How do I get payed to make shill threads of this app? I need money

It's not tinder shilling, but it is shilling. The point is to demoralize you and make you feel lesser because you can't get girls to look at you.

This has literally never happened. Fuck you.

>tfw bottom 80%
it's over

>thinks this is roiding


If you're able to go on tinder and get laid that easily you don't belong here

Nothing's ever free ya moron

dude I could fuck this fat piece of shit girl who I'm currently writing with on tinder. all I need is to bring some weed and we would fuck (she invited me) but I don't want this. I don't want to get used by some fat fucking whore

fuck, maybe life would actually seem to be worth living if something like this happened to me

Hahaha you're a literal fucking teenager kid watch where the fuck you're spending your time on the Internet

This is literally me.
Except 30 minutes is just the same shit in a different pile. Literally every desirable female in my non-creepy age range within a 60 mile radius is married or otherwise paired off.
Also doesn't address
>live with parents
And also
>total spergtard
>parents would lose their shit and disown you if they found out

>sex is amazing

Virgin detected, it's slightly better than jacking off.

Dude, pussy feels like fucking heaven. Like everything in your life was just building up to being inside.

>calling someone dude
Fuck off underageb&

I don't have any friends to go out with, so the only pictures I have of myself are desperate, beta looking selfies that I clearly took by myself in my bedroom. As a result I get no matches

That's really sad. I'm sorry you're such a loser.

What about pics with family, vacations, or even selfies while out? C'mon, don't tell you don't even have those

Selfies are for self-absorbed faggots.

Tinder just gives you a very realistic shock as to what kind of people live around you.

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I don't want to have to go through all the trouble of getting and configuring a burner smartphone just to run this shit. that is if it'd even run on lineage+microg at all.

Also wasn't there some kind of nonsense where you couldn't just sign up, you had to link it with some other social-media account?

>*that* pregnant at 18
Fucking christ, this is the worst timeline.

Just use your phone number