Why the fuck does everyone kiss pilot's asses

why the fuck does everyone kiss pilot's asses

they're just bus drivers in the sky

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because its a tad more technical than steering wheel/accelerator/brake/clutch/gearstick

Because they can crash it with no survivors

You sound like a swede OP. Wanna run that back?

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Buses don't have autopilot yet though. So it evens out.

They do have cruise control though

because you can be an idiot to be a bus driver
you can not be an idiot to drive a fucking plane.

because most people are boot lickers and will bend over for anyone in a position of authority since they lack a spine.

Dunno op, being a pilot sucks shit. There is a reason most of them want to fucking lawndart their plane into the ground. And I wouldn't blame them either. One small mistake and you're fucked from ever flying again. As I can tell you don't know anything about actually flying a plane most normal people are unable to do it nor do they know how shit the FAA is. Imagine everything you spent years of your life and hundreds of thousands of dollars fucking gone when ATC tells you that they have a number to call.

Its honestly kinda hard to fuck up flying, if you can drive you can fly

I mean this is nowhere as bad as landing with a fucking tailwind in a 152 but fuck man driving is fucking cake compared to flying. Not mention you don't have fucking memory items when driving a car.

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>driving is fucking cake compared to flying
driving you need to pay attention to a shit ton of things at once; people, signs, other cars

in the air there's no traffic, just straight line ahead to the destination and land that thing and it's done

t. doesn't know the purpose of TCAS or aircraft separation minimums

Also my man it's the same thing when there is a bunch of people just there is no signs and the only thing you have is TCAS and some lad in a tower miles away from you telling you how to move. Granted you have never flown in class bravo airspace so you wouldn't know that.

i think is because plain crashes tend to have more casualties than bus accident. so better make that pilot feel super important and lick his ass.

Fire in your Eye

Bus Driver in the Sky

(epic riff)

You don't need to lie

We all know everyone on the plane is going to die

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because society peaked between 1920 and 1960 and Pilots were handsome young heroes of the new frontier in a period that no one is over yet.

World War 2 especially it'll be a generation or two yet until people let the dust settle on that one.

You were born with planes flying overheard every day and you probably went on affordable holidays by air a handful of times before you even an adult. That's all recent stuff. Even in the 1960s it was very expensive to fly and most people only dreamed about it.

People would glorify bus drivers if they had never seen a motor vehicle before the bus and riding the bus cost a fortune and went to places they and their ancestors had never been. Slashing the time it took to get anywhere by what 90%?

If you don't thank your bus drivers and your airplane crews, you can go to heck

Nigga half of them or either drunk or sleep deprived.

>work shit hours
>barely make more than a cart pusher at Costco
>have no social life

I mean yeah.

That just proves how skilled they are.

Yeah I guess you're right dude.

Yeah, it's too bad they are enslaved and can't find other work? Like being a private pilot or anything. The FAA literally has a gun to their head.
You're probably one of those people who thinks they drive better when they're high.

Damn you really showed them.

Why the fuck am I laughing at this?

Incredibly intelligent posts

Hey other Lucifer. I haven't seen you for a few days.
Eh, it's just what I do.

Some pilots are retired airforce pilots because they log the flight hours to be commercial airline pilots. Taxiing a plane from gate to the runway requires a coordinated effort of the entire crew and people on the ground, and the pilot takes the front in regards to if the plane flies or not.

Autopilot doesn't fly the plane entirely though. It's a box that has dials for the pilot to input the assigned direction, airspeed, and altitude that air traffic control provides. Avionic systems use inbuilt sensors and navigational systems to correct for the drift, dampen banking, trim, and other variables which would require active pilot input. Planes are so advanced now with their control surfaces, that a pilot can fly the plane with no rudder. The computers now can use flaps or slats in place of the rudder, or a combination of thrust and flaps as an elevator. Planes now are mechs that young shonen pilots can battle with in the sky.