Be only 5'10'' at 19 years

>be only 5'10'' at 19 years
Is it over for me?

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try being 5'6 and fat at 28. imagine how i feel like going by 6'0 high schoolers and teen girls taller than me

fuck you, OP, you failed Chad


5'10 isn't permavirgin height, man. Don't believe the trolling on here

can't be a robot if you're above 5'8. gtfo

Holy shit. Do you wear stilts or something to live?

Lmaooo try being 5'6

Short answer is yes but you can still go on Grindr and get TOPPED

no, i just take the humiliation right on the chin and keep marching forward like a REAL MAN

Take the pink pill robots you could be sissies

So crying to sleep knowing you're 4ft?

should've started on hrt when i was 15, bro. now i'm stuck an ugly manlet forever

that's part of it, yeah. drinking helps with that one in particular

im 5'10 at 26 and talking to girls your age lol

whats your next excuse?

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so you entertain lonely obese women online in exchange of nothing? AND TO MAKE IT WORSE YOU THINK THIS SHIT IS BRAG WORTHY??? LMAO

kill yourself, bro

5'7 gang assemble

>I'm 5'7 and have a GF and good life, you are probably just a closeted cuck and aren't made to live a good life

Just take hormones and suck bullcock it's your only way to happiness.

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ahahahah nice cope bro

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Wow you are like some midget or something lol
Really get over it. You are average height and everything is designed for you. I've seen thousands of men 5'10" or under with a significant other(s) and meanwhile I'm over 6'6" and still single and virgin. Boohoo.

If you seriously think like that, pls take the leadpill

>bad frame
>baby face
A woman will never see me as a man. I have no reason to even try.

I'm 21 and 5'8" but it has never got me down

I just go for the shorter women or the taller ones who don't care. If a girl minds my height we wouldn't click anyway so I don't really see a problem