>check catalog
>no /r9kawaii/ thread

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I've eaten just 750 kcal today. Cuteness awaits.

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striving for cuteness is for guys
real girls and femboys are kawaii

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Excuse me, what's the distinction? Also, I'm hardly a femboy.

Friendly reminder that only 2D is cute

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Fantastic! Another general to kill originality on this board!

I want a boyfriend to be snuggly with so badly

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cute is ambiguous and is often used to describe hot guys
if you want to be comparable to an icky testosterone packed hot guy than go ahead, but us fems prefer the child-like charm that the term kawaii implies
this thread is very original, there was no r9kawaii thread in the catalog

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Alrighty then. Kawaiiness awaits.

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>Alrighty then. Kawaiiness awaits.
gambatte user! the world needs more kawaii fems!!

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kawaii bump

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>tfw no kawaii robot in croatia to headpat an buy kawaii things

wheres r9gay? i want to fuck boys

why did you ask in this thread?

>be me
>browse Jow Forums catalog
*notices /r9kawaii/*
OwO What's this...?

this thread is to help femmies get to know each other and share tips on being kawaii

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S-sounds awesome~! (>^_^)>

you know, feminines

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Oooh... are all femmy people accepted, regardless of their sex and/or gender? OwO

femmy climate girl (>^_^)>

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please don't use such masculine words in this thread

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