Why are women so mean to men who are shorter than them?

Why are women so mean to men who are shorter than them?

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How else will they learn ..

tbf she is 6'7

Anger at how someone so biologically inferior could even DARE to be in their presence

But human height isn't correlated to anything other than higher risk of cancer and dying earlier. So being taller is, if anything, biologically inferior.
>manlet cope

What makes a woman wet is what makes a trait biologically superior. Being short does not make women wet and does not contribute to sexual selection.
Cope more manlet.

>What makes a woman wet is what makes a trait biologically superior
This is objectively false, where are you getting this from?
Dozens of species go extinct every day because of female sexual selection. women do not necessarily select for "biologically advantageous" traits. In humans, tall height is not advantageous and doesn't correlate with any advantages in survival.
Come up with a real argument.

I liked reading this

Green peafowl are in danger of extinction, and basically deserve it.

Because women are unable to feel atraction to something that could not beat the living shit out of her.

out of them*

Me too, anoriginalon

if you believe psychology they are deflecting to coping with shame as its shameful in the eyes of society(especially modern society because people are saying it) to be attracted to short guys
but being attracted to guys that look like worn out Stretch Armstrong dolls is to be expected

But a short man would beat a woman just as easily as a tall one, so that makes no sense.
Even a small 140 pound 5'4" guy would manhandle a 6' 200 pound woman.

Tall height is absolutely more advantageous, would you rather fight a guy who is 5 foot or six foot four? Like all other mammals the biggest humans are usually the strongest, with a few exceptions of course.
T. Five foot eight manlet who has excepted his fate. You should too, user

height = size = fighting success

NBA players could snap your thin manlet wrists in half

TIL being dumb is a superior trait for women because men like dumb girls

tbf he looks like a creep

The 5'6" is much more likely to be athletic and move faster. Unless the 6'4" guy is highly trained he will lose.

I'm a short guy, (5'6'') and they really aren't. Most women don't want to fuck a guy shorter than them, but that's a fair sexual preference to have. It's not cruelty to not want to fuck me. That being said, I have been with girls who were an inch or two taller than me. To be perfectly honest, I prefer the girl to be shorter too, even as I myself am short.

I've never, ever had a girl actually mock me for being short. Plenty of guys have, though.

It's all about how you carry yourself. Most men don't care, it's only the few insecure ones who stand out. Girls don't care either. Actually the ones who care the most are insecure lanklet virgins as evidenced by Jow Forums.

Lol being 6"4 is asking to be punched in the balls

No, I 100% think the preference is real. Most girls don't want a guy shorter than them. I believe some studies have found the ideal height difference to be 8''. And I feel it too. I'm not very attracted to girls who are significantly (3'' or more) taller than me. Or, at least, I find that physical aspect distasteful. As a short guy, I'm in the range where a girl of relatively normal height may be too tall for me.

I do agree that it matters a lot less than people think though. It's not like you can't get laid at all. I've had 8 partners at the age of 21 in spite of being 5'6'', so I imagine even someone as short as 5'5'' or 5'4'' could meet girls. Your face and personality and ability to present yourself well (clothing, hygiene, etc.) add up to matter far more than height alone. Height is just one physical trait, and a single trait can be easily overlooked if the rest of the package is good.

Also, I have to concur that it tends to be lanklets who are bad with girls who care most about height. At least in my experience, the tall guys who weren't getting laid who gave me the most grief, though of course it was all just jokes. Generally they weren't even that tall too, just slightly above average like 6'0 or so.

8" is way too big of a difference, and you rarely see that in real life. It makes sex awkward. The advantage of being around 5'6" is that all types of sex options are available for pretty much any girl you are with, shorter or taller.

Because women are natural sociopaths. More news at 10.

>Why are women so mean to men who are shorter than them?
when they see a man smaller than them it makes them feel like grotesque gangly un-feminine giants so they lash out

I think it's only rare to see because the average between men (5'10'') and women (5'6'') is only 4''. It doesn't make the preference any less real.

I can't really speak to the sex thing. I haven't been with anymore more than 2'' taller or maybe 4-5'' shorter. 5'6'' lies right on the average for women, so I'd say 65-70% of girls are in a comfortable range and I haven't really noticed height making sex any less or more difficult. I suppose a more extreme gap would cause trouble tho.

I'd why are weekend l women so mean to men who are 6'1?

I'm 5'7" and the only time sex was a bit awkward was when the girl was maybe 4'10". Imagine someone of that height being with a 6'4" guy. For everyone else, all the options are available. Tallest girl I've been with was 6' and positions like standing up or 69 were no issue.

Short men dominate every weight class in mma

But in real life, you don't fight based on weight class. In a one on one fight, you'll just have to fight whoever the guy is. In a group fight, you'll find that guys instinctively target the one they think they have the best chance of beating because it minimizes the risk to their own health. Short guys are best off playing it defensive in those scenarios.

I'm short too for a guy, but it's undeniable that being short is a physical detriment. Sucks, but it's not the end all be all.

For sure. Thanks for sharing your experiences.

In real life if the short guy is over 200 pounds he's going to fuck up the taller man regardless of the taller man's weight.
A 5'5" 220 pound guy is going to beat a 6'5" 240 pound guy

Have people given her AIDS yet?

Not really. The taller guy almost certainly weighs more and will almost always have a longer reach. That's compensated in some respects by speed (shorter arms can punch faster), but not enough to undo the disadvantages.

If you're fighting a significantly taller guy, your best bet is to tackle him at the knees and bring him to the ground with you, where his reach advantage is minimized and you can struggle with him. Upper body strength is more similar and the difference will depend on who works out more, so the short guy has a better chance.

>Why are women so mean to men who are shorter than them?

Because there are no repercussions.
Also because we (short men) are regarded as not even human by women and as disposable by other men.

Because short men
Are not men

Total nonsense. The average number of partners for a guy who's 5'6'' is 8. Someone who's 6'6'' will have an average of 11 (that's the max, as it actually goes down after 6'6'' and you enter giraffe territory). Obviously you get laid less, but you get laid.

Again, I'm 21 and have had 8 partners at 5'6''.

>NBA players could snap your thin manlet wrists in half
>snaps ankle on wooden floor
Oh the irony

Gigantism makes your bones weaker not stronger if you did not know.

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You have this fate not because you are a manlet,but because you are a pussy

Not that user, but it's undeniable that being taller is a positive with objective benefits. Among those benefits is being stronger and getting more attention from girls. It has downsides like added health risks, but those don't supersede the benefits.

Trying to deny it is just coping over a flaw, the most pussy shit you can do. You have to accept it to move on, otherwise reality will keep making making you question your delusions. Of course, its the same for any flaw you have, and we all have flaws. It's just that height is one that can be easily seen and quantified. Accepting the body you're born with is just part of growing up.

Nice source for your numbers. Actually it's men below 6' who are the best at attracting women, 6' is the cutoff for after which it gets harder. Seriously, how many 6'6" guys do you know who are not spergy permavirgins, other than famous basketball players?

>being taller is a positive with objective benefits
So being 6'6" is better than being 5'10"? Explain.

bruh I am 5'9, not super short, and I'd like to see some fucking skyreaching beanstalk giant try and snap my rock-climbing hardened wrists

Once you get into freaky giraffe territory the rule breaks down, but on the whole taller is better.

Shorter men are more stable, a smaller target, and generally higher test (since guys are shorter with earlier puberty).
Also the empirical evidence - strong fighty guys normally short.

Short men must be castrated.

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You are all fucking retarded,
You take single scenario in equasion why height is good and that is tall vs short fighting... survival is not just about bashing each other heads, its about being resistant to disease, speed, intelligence, energy consumption...etc million factors play role in survival not just Gruug Me Smash Small guy me Better...

t. tall guy

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Yeah, but height is a trait which is easily quantifiable and can be seen clearly in any person. You can't really see someone's resistance to disease or easily quantify it.

With weapons I'd unironically fight against a giant. Lanklets and even buff giants are clumsy as fuck and leave tons of openings.