Fembots, whats your opinion on wifesharing?

Fembots, whats your opinion on wifesharing?

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I would be so mad if I got married and my husband suggested that other men should fuck me.

Imagine being this fucking cucked holy shit. Beta genocide needs a happening.

>I would be so mad if I got married and my husband suggested that other men should fuck me.

>marrying someone just to see others have sex with them
Zoos are less disgusting then this relationship dynamic. So many things im open minded about but this cuckold crap is something i just cant accept

Only if he exclusively wants me to fuck BBC then he needs to bottom for them too

I don't understand it nor do I want to.

nah you wouldn't
he only has to show you the right guy and your panties would drop low

If I'm unfortunate enough to be into this should I just keep it to myself forever and never tell any women unfortunate enough to date me?

most women have had sex with plenty of men before you so they're no longer pure clean or whatever. They can't give you intimate love any longer. Now most women will cheat on their partner anyway. They will have sex with other men behind their backs. So why not be smug about it and make her have sex with random dude she doesn't even find attractive and show her you see her only as a sex toy and you don't give a fuck if she's having sex with someone else? It must be so damaging to HER ego.

If he was completely sure about it then I'd be willing to try at least. Is it a racial thing or just sex in general?

The best part is it looks like none of them wore condoms. I bet he lets them creampie her

It's not that they don't care, it's their fetish

This particular cuckold seems to only let white guys use his wife, but if you browse Jow Forumshotwife there are plenty of guys who let black bulls pound their wives

it's their fetish to do it against their husband/bf wishes, once their men are into this it's not about them any longer and they understand they are nothing but piece of meat men use

Discord? Originanisollo

Basically this. I have never met a women into cuckolding, even ones I knew for a fact were cheating on me at the time. When I brought up cuckolding they acted disgusted and the relationship ended up finishing shortly after every damn time.

It's actually high IQ move, to suggest cuckolding if you find out she's cheating on you. Her self value will drop to the very bottom. Like hell you could play it off as actually YOU hooking her up with the guy she cheated on you to fuck with her self-worth.

Dude I'm into cuckolding and my gf/wife being a total slut. I love that shit, especially if it's with black guys. But yeah no dice any time I have brought this up, even with girls I knew for a fact were cheating sluts.

It makes me absolutely convinced women are all just sadistic cunts that get off on betraying people in a passive aggressive way while manipulating and lying to them.

Huh. I've never really understood the racial thing but whatever floats their boat I guess. I suppose I'd be doing it for them anyway so I wouldn't need to understand per se.

I wish more than anything I could find a cuck husband but I've never once met a cuck who was into the same stuff I was. The few guys who I've been with who brought up cucking with me broke up with me after they found out what I liked. But basically I like only other submissive men. I am scared by 'alpha'/dom guys. Absolutely no cuck wants to be cucked by another beta. It fundamentally goes against the entire fetish

Eventually I started hating and despising cucks.

My ideal relationship is a guy who helps me fuck only nerds, otakus, submissive beta guys. I can't stand toxic masculine guys. Again though, no cuck finds this hot period. The dynamic is basically that the woman is taken by a man who's 'better' than him. Pic related I wrote all of it other than the top care stuff.

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For me the racial thing is a deep seated belief that girls genuinely find black cock hotter and just seem to get wild with it. Honestly I know you might say that's not you but I swear, like every homemade video, every girl I've spoken to... it's all the same shit. Black cock is all that has made them cum etc. they almost came just from having a black guy in their mouth and so on.

It's just dirtier, sluttier, and wilder. Your wife fucking losing her mind with a black guy, rimming him and worshipping his cock and riding him until she cums multiple times, soaking his cock in her juices.

If the beta was black I'd be totally down for it. Like if you were into nerdy skinny black dudes, I would be totally down for that 100%.


user, your wife will be shared, you just will never know about it.

i dont even let people share my xbox controller

but you would be willing to do it anyway?

I'm not going to let a guy dictate who I sleep with period. Any guy who's into bulls being black automatically strikes me as a racist though. The one thing that turns me off a lot is racism and hate. Since I'm into gentle femdom I just can't get turned on by a guy who's not a good person. So I can not feel desire towards a racist. Sorry.

Opal you retard he's talking about himself. And while we're at it please make more BBC videos. I'm not racist myself but I like the color contrast and the way you smiled after he came on your face was so pretty.

Eh, we're probably not even in the same continent fembot so don't sweat it. And as for dictating, I'm merely asking what you're into. If you're not into black guys, we're just not going to have a satisfying sex life together. I would only do this with a girl if she was into them in the first place.

nvm I'm the idiot
Black bulls are hot buddy but so are bulls of other colors, no need for a preference

>It makes me absolutely convinced women are all just sadistic cunts that get off on betraying people in a passive aggressive way while manipulating and lying to them.
It's a power dynamic in which they possess the power. If they can't club you to death, they're going to fuck you up on the inside while feigning they dindu nuffin.

For me, I gain significantly less pleasure when the bull is not black. But I agree it's still hot even with nonblack bulls. If the girl is feeling pleasure being slutty, then so am I.

Absolute disgust and I can't even imagine how someone would want that.

If he was certain it's what he wanted then yeah. The racial component doesn't bother me.

Luckily I expect them to cheat from the moment we get together so when I find out it's literally more of a relief than anything.

Honestly I like the idea of other weak men fucking my lady.

Discord? Or any other kind of social app? Originally asking.

>i hope my hubby will give up on sex once we are married.

Im not into wife sharing but damn this is telling hahahah.

I don't care about his physicality, huge musclebound guys don't really impact anything for me, and sometimes they just seem unnatural. If the bull is black I'm even okay with him having an average or smaller than average cock.

I just love the idea of my gf/wife getting off to another cock. This is the thrill of this for me.

Yea that's the thing. The heavy preference strikes me as racist so I would never date a cuck who was like that. Ever.

I mean I guess to some extent it's somewhat built on racial taboo? I don't know, I like black people and get on with them well. I just think black cocks, and to an extent black guys, look wayyy hotter, and girls seem to enjoy them A LOT more.

I want a girl who feels the same... at least to a decent extent. If that makes sense.

I'm saying this as someone with this fantasy/fetish myself but what is it about cuckolds online that makes them so insufferable? I catch myself doing the same things they do so don't think I'm making myself out to be an exception but why do we act so cringy? I can't identify why I behave this way so I was wondering if one of the other pathetic fucks ITT could help me understand where it comes from.

Porn is influencing you too much. You need to stop.

>Porn is influencing you too much. You need to stop.

user, I'm past the point of wanting to stop. I want this lifestyle full on now and don't think I can have a sexually satisfying relationship without it.

have you fucked a black guy before?

Well the chances of you finding a woman into this are exceptionally slim and the girl posing ITT herself has said she wouldn't want a guy who only liked her because of some fetish and I'm willing to bet most women feel the same way.

Stop watching porn.

I can't imagine why someone would be so pissed at the novelty of fucking other partners in itself, but what about the consequences of it? Aside from obvious ones like the risk of disease and pregnancy, how can you respect a partner, male or female, who consistently asks to be cuckolded and humiliated? How can you expect your kids to grow up to be sexually confident and develop healthy, normal relationships when their parents can't?

Even if it's mutually consented to, cheating will always debase the relationship.

>she wouldn't want a guy who only liked her because of some fetish and I'm willing to bet most women feel the same way.

I'm not looking for a girl into that fetish. I want a girl I like and am compatible with to be into that fetish, or at least open and interested in exploring it.

Yeah slim chances, I'm aware. I've been trying for almost 2 years. But once you've felt that rush, normal sex can never compare again.

Even if you force her to fuck guys she isn't attracted to, it will empower her to go out and find someone she is attracted to to cheat on you with. I really can't imagine someone who's pushed into letting his wife cuck him to his face being strong willed enough to force her to only fuck partners he approves of.

read exhentai dot org/g/1055282/27f6bf29c4/

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My ex used to tell me she would be interested but only if it was me making her do it, if it was me being dominant by telling her to fuck guys for my pleasure.

p.u.s.s.y for sale! trade my wife! my wife only 20 dollars. Anyone taking? Sell my wife! Wife for o.n.l.y 20 foo dollars!

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I do have discord but I don't know about posting it.
No I've never fucked anyone.

Yea it just sickens me because it's racist. So I could never date a cuck who specifically wanted me to fuck black guys. I have fucked a black guy but it wasn't BECAUSE he was black that I did it. Any cuck who wants me to fuck a black guy BECAUSE he's black makes me disgusted and automatically strikes me as a racist.

I do like black guys but I like them for other reasons than their blackness. Anyone who specifically targets blacks is just a racist. It's really sickening and annoying how many racist cucks there are. I wish I could just find a wholesome sweet cuck instead of a disgusting one.

>I do have discord but I don't know about posting it.


Okay, whatever. I don't care. You got annoying and boring 5 comments ago, femoid.

Add me quick, fembot.

I'm the girl in the thread and I've been looking for a cuck husband for about 4 years but I just can not stomach a racist. Sorry. I just can't. I hate racists so much.

Furthermore I can't help but think that any guy who wants me to sleep with a black guy SPECIFICALLY is disgusting. I like black guys but it's not more or less than other races. Anyone who doesn't understand that is a racist.

Holy shit nobody fucking cares lmao. We get it. Christ...

>make her have sex with random dude she doesn't even find attractive

That's not how it works.
I have no idea how people think the man is the one in control in cuck relationships.
The woman is the one who chooses and depending on the woman the bull vetting process can take a while, of course some women just want to get fucked and don't put too much effort into finding THE bull.

Cope harder over the fact that you are realizing you are racist.

I want a guy who actually cares about MY pleasure. Instead of a brainwashed racist conformist egotist guy who objectifies me and just wants me to act out his fantasies. I want an actual REAL connection. Not to be an object.

You are more boring for not being creative and just digesting and regurgitating the same toxic ideas that porn has taught you.

You are a racist and therefore a horrible person and you just need to deal with that fact. Sorry user. That's just what it is. Try not to be.

how big are your boobs femanon? origg

I don't care, and neither should you. We like what we like, yap away you old bag.

weirdass larping

This is how cucks usually are. Entitled little babies who will throw a hissy fit if they don't get what they want. Which is hilarious because cucking advertises it's self like it's all about female empowerment. Really it's about the cuck objectifying the hotwife and using her as a proxy to live vicariously through and imagine himself taking BBC.

I can't help that I prefer a real bond over that. I'd just rather have an actual friendship & bond instead of a guy only using me to experience his BBC fantasies.

>I don't care,
Well yea, selfish narcissists usually don't care about other people. That's prob the real reason you can't find a relationship, not because of your fantasies.

I still don't care, femoid, and you're never going to make me. Go post another essay you old crow.

>relationship that would last almost no time at all and would be entirely full of hate and loathing
you're an idiot

Why would you ever care about anyone but yourself? That's why you can't find a hotwife user.

>I suppose I'd be doing it for them anyway
Yeah until it invariably changes how you see them, how you feel about them, and you develop feelings for one of the other 9000 dudes you let plow you.
It's an irreversible course straight to breaking up and disaster, even if you go into it with the concept of "doing it for them bc i love them"

I hope you get your cuck hubby someday opal

To be honest women can go off long term bfs due to dreams or work crushes or a basedboy paying her some attention after he bf/husband ignored her the night before.

There's really not much more risk of her leaving you for another guy by letting her plow half the town.

>So I can not feel desire towards a racist. Sorry.
You can't feel desire towards literally anyone on the planet then user, because as much as some retards don't want to accept it - everyone is racist on a subconscious level to some degree, and they always will be. Even the morons that campaign against racism, or white guilt idiots, or the kind of people that actually try very very hard to not be even a tiny bit racist are still racist and they cannot actually change it regardless of how much effort or willpower they have towards it.

S/he's just baiting dude. Did you not see the essay hey posted earlier in a pic?

I read an article a while back about cuckolding.
It postulated that the harder nutting that the cucks expirience and the attraction to the fetish itself is due to a evolutionary factor within the male brain that reacts to females cheating in such a way that they last longer get harder and cum more as it calls back to the caveman days where another caveman fucking YOUR cavewoman would result in a death struggle where you either kill him or he kills you.If you are successful in his elimination your mind,body and dick compensate for the percieved loss in social and sexual standing with temporarily better performance this is also why dicks are usually curved slightly its in order to scrape out competitor cum.Except the modern cuck relation completely eschews this dynamic in favour of the man simply submitting and masturbating in the corner.

And after mulling about on this theory ive tought of a really fucked up fetish relationship that would probably make really good snuff movies.
The wife/gf and husband/bf have an agreement where the wife/gf systematically flirts and engages in relations with a bull but the end result is the execution of the bull and subsequent hatefucking.

If it wasnt so psychotic it might be even wholesome,i wonder if something is wrong with me when i think of things like this.

>wholesome sweet cuck instead of a disgusting one.
what a fucking oxymoron of a concept lmao

>I have no idea how people think the man is the one in control in cuck relationships.
depends how you define "relationship"

Basketball-Americans seem to be inclined to "call their niggas over and let her fuck the team"

Letting a girl get fucked by other guys shows how little you care about her and how little she means to you. I've certainly never demanded monogamy from my FWBs.

This is how racists actually cope. Lmao.


the jokes write themselves

Nobody with a brain copes, they just accept it because that's how things are and they're not drooling retards who think you can actually control your subconscious and biological reactions. I couldn't care less that I'm racist. Opposite of these fags though, they actually want you to fuck nogs, any girl that fucks a nog is almost always going to be disowned and cut out of my life unless it's someone quality and not a stereotypical monkey, like my bro here :^)

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Confirmed for room temperature IQ.

They aren't huge but they're there. Medium I guess.
I don't know if that would happen but maybe it would. I guess I just mean I would be open to trying it if they really wanted to. If it turned out badly then it would be a learning experience.

Post tits slut.


Did you add me on Discord, fembot?

Please add me this time.


No I mean it's the husband's fetish

I would never share by wife, but I would be lying if I said I didn't fuck a couple of wives in my past with the husband's consent.

bruh that nigga on the second from top on the right side shat himself

Not yet no.

>tfw no submissive cuck friend to fuck his gf and have him clean up my seed afterwards
Why even live?

Can you take note of my username then so I can delete it? Let me know when you have, assuming you want to.

Honestly based on the thumbnail it almost looked like sissy gay porn.

>I would be so mad if I got married and my husband suggested that other men should fuck me.

femanon here, I dated a cuck for about 2 years before knowing about his fetish. I was not okay with it art first.
I did eventually cuck him with a guy I know on the other side of the country.

How did you find the experience?

It was good for the most part. I liked the experience. I have done it a couple times, I spend vacation with him every now and then.

Oh really? Cuck vacation?

Can you tell me about how he brought it up and your feelings over time? Personally I plan to repress this fetish and tell no one but I'd like to know how it went for him.

Did you use condoms with the bulls or did you let them bareback you? Didnyou get creampied?

I don't want to cuck my bf with random dudes, so I do it with people that I actually like and feel like I have a connection with.The guy I go on vacation with is someone I met in a discord chat a while ago.

We were first talking about some kinks and he mentioned it.
>Personally I plan to repress this fetish and tell no one
I don't blame you, even at first I was weirded out by it, because it didn't make much sense, and my first thought was he wanted to watch me get fucked by black guys or something, but that wasn't the case.
I'd only suggest bringing your fetish up if you think your gf would be understanding of it.