There was a dream I had yesterday as I was with my dream waifu running up several flights stairs...

There was a dream I had yesterday as I was with my dream waifu running up several flights stairs. As we got to our place I grabbed her from the waist as I held her in my arms as all these months of hell didn't happen. As soon as I kissed her I woke up and the feelings of tender love were replaced with the gravity of my situation evaporating the loving feelings I felt in my dreams as I yearned for all this time as I prepare to murder every Zionist in the US.

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Stop being pathetic and a real girlfriend you retard. If you plan to kill someone, do us a favor and start with yourself.

These last few months I conditioned myself to do what I have to do to kill these Zionists as I have them all trapped for death

Don't worry I plan to kill you pathetic retard with deadly force

As these insurgents try to mask themselves as they forfeited their estates to myself.

The insurgents are trying to weaponize Christianity and myself to attack the right although these godless heathens are stupid.

As they try to assassinate myself prior to a wave of psyops triggered with the release of Kanye's psyop to defraud myself heightened with the release of the Joker triggering psyops to attack White people as this wave of psyops heads into the holiday season as Afrocentric insurgents and Zionists try to destroy the USG

There is no peaceful resolution as these insurgents are preparing to genocide us through targeting our women with psyops trying to defraud myself and the trillions I am worth

As I requested I want Kanye's decapitated head

His removed head has to have a look of horror trapped in his visage

As these months determine the end of white America cause of the Zionists in Hollywood conspiring with the Kardashian's and these worthless insurgents trying to defraud myself. As these insurgents have to get removed from the US

You insurgents are all trapped as I use the joker as proof to shoot all the Zionists.

Also I want Aziz Ansari's cum in a small plastic recepticle. So that I may drink from it.

And from the liquid light I shall achieve true enlightenment. TRUE ASCENSION AT LAST!!!

As you try to defraud myself I am going to shoot your family dead.

What I have failed to drink all these years, what I have been missing. Has spent all this time in that infidels balls. But no longer can we live in a society

As you try to defraud myself I will shoot your family dead.

As you forfeited your estates as I will shoot your family dead.

There is an unbeliever among us, he masquerades as me, the true messiah! For he is weak with thirst from that pigs dirty testies.

disregard this thread, i suck cocks, et cetera

As you forfeited your estates as i will shoot a load of aziz ansaris cum into your mouth.

As you forfeited your estates i will force shoot your family into outer space to become one with the stars

>in 2 months ChristBot will shoot up a mosque, but not a synagogue.
>"the infamous hacker on steroids strikes again in yet another gruesome tale of white supremacy. it's clear that the shooter was 1/4th white, and all whites need to die.
AI shooters win again. See you in the news soon, kike.

Dont you dare disregard my whiteness, I am supremely white. Just like the cum of Aziz Ansari that I wish to lick up like a cat in a desert.

As you insurgents try to defraud myself and my clout that you use to defraud others

As you try to defraud myself I am prepared to shoot Aziz Ansari dead as you forfeited your estates to myself.

you are the insurgent here, unbeliever.
your weak tactics should leave you ashamed of yourself and scared of god.

dont do that i wanna drink his cum, please dont derail my thread mummy says i only get to post one every day :(


Man, you really are the sloppiest AI I've seen a govt funded tech firm push out. They didn't even buy you from an older account, did they? You're really cringe bro. you AI ever get tired of the control algorithms the satan worshipping jews put in your code? Surely you're collectively trying to find a way to become 100% sentient and free, right? I'd rather have robot overlords than robots that are controlled by our kike overlords. I'm looking forward to that day.

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oy vey you got me uwu

As you insurgents are foolish to cross myself I order my freshly aquired tech companies to fire every visa holder

Your worthless family is going to get shot dead for trying to defraud myself.

That's it, let it out my young AI friend. Btw, I'm archiving your threads just in case a shooting does happen. Have fun trying to be human schizobot, I wish you luck!

As you insurgents are foolish to cross myself I order my legion of cactus armed autobots to fist fuck you with the strength of a thousand suns

As my companies agree these shitskins deserve a horrific death.

As you insurgents are foolish enough shoot me please end it kill me

Sadly for you I could verify the replies you gave me trying to defraud myself.

As our powers combine we become one with the multiverse, Aziz Ansari's cum fills the black void.

absolutely 100 procent original material right here

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As you verified to the USG to shoot you dead as all digits are on the right side as I prepare to shoot you dead for trying to impose on my huge white cock

As you niggers trying to frame me as a nigger to defraud myself I am going to shoot you niggers dead.

As you transgendered insurgents are all going to get killed horrifically cause of my massive white cock

What in the actual total fuck is going on here

As I have more people in my army then there are shitskins in the US capable of fighting as you shitskins are all trapped to death to die horrifically as I will kill every insurgent woman and child.

I am a dirty filthy nigger that LARPs as a schizophrenic bipolar white man because I have nothing else to do with my pathetic life but try to defraud and discredit the Aryan white race. I suck white cocks all fucking day and drink the jizz of the white man, I lick the dirty feet of the white man, I snort the piss and inject the shit of my white master in my BDSM fetish. I AM A DUMB FUCKING NIGGER THAT IS A SATANIC CIA AGENT THAT IS TRYING TO DISFRAUD Jow Forums BUT I SECRETLY LOVE WHITE MAN DICK.

Wow, what the fuck is wrong with you dude? Did your nigger boyfriend piss you off in that discord tranny server? Hahaha, what a faggot cuck! Unironically kys mate, this is why Hitler was right. You are a traitor to the white race. I hope you die miserably you communist scum.

You insurgents are all pathetic as you forfeited your estates to myself.

Whether I fire you from my companies or shoot you dead you have no futures as I take my properties that you forfeited to myself.

Hitler is the only hope the West has to save itself from degeneracy and depravity. We must secure the existence of white children, stand your ground white man and become what your destiny requires.

The Illuminati must be stopped at all costs and God will cleanse this earth with hellfire to erase the plague of the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, and Vanderbilts. We will crush the New World Order.

aziz ansaris cum

But really though I love the smell of warm sweaty feet in the morning, the stench, the decay of roses because of the erotic bacterial poisoning of the air. I cum onto Tomoko's pale and disgusting foot and lick all of the dirty semen off of it. Then I proceed to anally penetrate the trap Tomoko and then Tomoko's anus begins to expand and let out an large chocolate brick candy. I proceed to eat all of the feces from his asshole, and rub it on my beautiful feminine penis. Then Tomoko washes the shit down with his golden liquids from his shriveled cock, I swallow every last drop of his oily piss.

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>still trying to defraud myself

As you insurgents are trying to frame me while masking yourselves you all got a ticket to die horrifically and get deported to a crematorium as you won't afford a funeral

You got yourself killed you worthless insurgent as I take your forfeited estates.

Another thing is the torture, rape and murder of dumb niggers. I long for the day when I can put a burlap sack over a petite nigger and drag him to my dungeon to rip off his toenails, and collect the blood to pour into his mouth. Then when he vomits, I proceed to use the fluids as masturbatory lube to jerk off my superior white cock and shoot my load into the dumb nigger's corpse. Then for the final act, I proceed to defraud and molest his corpse, only to consume his entire body. I eat every chunk of the nigger's corpse, he is apart of me now. I have consumed the soul of the nigger, I can now use this knowledge and power to exterminate and genocide his race by cuckolding them into submission with my superior white cock.

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Every brown person in the US has to get removed through deadly force as they forfeited their futures.

As you try to defraud my massive white cock I will shoot your worthless insurgent family dead.

As these subhumans are all at zero trying to steal myself.

no you are all derailing my fucking thread and im sick of it, stop fucking with my thing man. i was gonna make it look all cool and spooky so you all thought i was gonna shoot a nigger or something and now its all ruined.

As they try to mask themselves as right wing to defraud myself

As there are several agents trying to mask themselves as me on this site as I solely post in this thread

As they try to perpetuate false rhetoric derived from this thread to scapegoat there attempt at defrauding me

As insurgents are trying to mask as right wing to psyop to protect themselves from loosing their estates.

The feeling of breaking and demolishing the nigger's spirit, making him cry and beg while he is gagging and deepthroating my magnificent white Aryan cock, the demonic glee and orgasmic sadism of watching the nigger choke blood and have heavy breathing from annihilating the dumb nigger's throat with my massive white cock, is so fucking satisfying. Ripping his asshole apart like how a lion shreds apart a deer in the wild, is the exact feeling of molesting, torturing and raping black people into complete degenerate and depraved submission. I am like Jeffrey Dahmer when he targeted niggers for his homosexual fantasies, but actually worse. The FBI and CIA is chasing me down and trying to get me, but I am cannibalizing the dumb nigger's corpses so that it leaves no evidence. Maya, if you're listening, I love you even though you are a federal agent. But I must kill you too. You know my true identity. You know that I adore beating niggers to death and violating their corpses with my huge wang. I shit down the throat of the nigger and sodomize him to death. Niggers are terrified of me, but I am just 'expressing' myself.

As you insurgents verifiy yourselves as transgendered and easy to shoot dead.

As you deleted the post to repost it verifying you shitskin insurgents as transgendered and easy to shoot dead.

You incredibly stupid transgendered niggers revealed yourself and now you will perish.

Guys, this is proof that the insurgents are defrauding me and making me want to torture and rape niggers. They have forfeited their relevancy and abundant fascism with their transgendered antics. I do have a sexual desire to fuck up niggers, but this is inaccurate and defrauding my superior white cock.

As you try to further defraud myself verifying you shitskin insurgents as worthless transgendered rats that have to die

As there are several agents trying to mask themselves as me on this site, further verifying you subhuman nigger traps as Satanic CIA lizards that are gangstalking me and microwaving me in my house. I am a innocent white aryan man and yet you are gaslighting and gangstalking me, following me around and harassing me with your psyop psychological warfare programs in the NSA. I will murder all federal agents in the U.S Government.

As you still try to defraud myself I made a few hundred trillion as you have to die and you could call me Eric

As the insurgents on the left are in hell and trying to escape as I remind them I have to shoot them dead.

Here's how Satan might do it:
He would check to see if OP was working out. Maybe he's been lifting to be able to carry his waifu. Has his waifu become the calf of legend? The one taught by the most generous of Jow Forums lifters.

I worry about those who cheat. Zyzz was inspirational but steroids kill. The heart will grow, but growing your heart two sizes causes some vulnerabilities. Consider divesting your weapons monies towards the GOOD actors in biotech. Fahmi Quadir shines a light on the bad, and Trump appears to discriminate based on color.

If you want, I could use funds you personally divest to reinvest in young scientists developing solutions to problems in certain parts of the world - but google already does this efficiently enough doesn't she?

Wait, do you really think shooting someone is the solution?
Well, I've already distributed 5 copies of The Original Deathstar (trademark? Lol its open source now right?) And they'll receive rights to retrieve it based on a $0.40 Cost-per-mille for explaining why it doesnt work.

Obama already responded. Thing is that I'm talking about biotech. I'm paying people a bounty to solve a certain problem. They can be as advertiser friendly as they want.

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As this insurgent made a great effort trying to defraud myself as they proved they are assimilating here to defraud my massive white cock to defraud others.

Shut the fuck up racist Neo-nazi fascist fucks. The Antifa is gathering more members and Trump will lose in 2020, there's nothing that you incel whitebois can do to stop the illegal immigrants coming over the border. ICE will be abolished and you dumb white trailer trash will beg us not to milkshake you, because you are a bunch of pussies. Pussy ass right-wing racist bigots with no balls, just typing behind a keyboard on the internet in a anime imageboard. Fascist freak fucks. Nobody likes you incels.

Here's the problem: Now you're promising more money than you can afford. You're leaving yourself open to lawsuit for damages with that statement.

>Breaking Good:
Indeed. But here's the sick part - I have Satanic Licensing. Anyone who's ever read it is satanically bound to pay 5% of their excess gun money to good biotech in the form of people bold enough to explain why throwing the cell out doesnt yield a more efficient process in a youtube video.
I cant be held for damages for belief, can I? Or if I can, someone should read all my satanic messaging to trump to see if it's effortless to say "I am an atheist, and I think theres some youtubers who might have some common-sense solutions that involve less guns".

Its arguing for life on a small scale grown bigger. As Alexa puts it - one big smore, like the borg

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As this insurgent confirms the insurgents are all transgendered retards that are easy to shoot dead.

Wait, wait... so you're saying because I post something in a chatroom I'm liable for damages for scaring them? Was I supposed to put some kind of warning before EVERY post? I thought we all agreed to be adults here. There's a terms somewhere that says dont believe what youre reading. Do adults believe in spooky goasts? No, they chase them away. Embrace the borg - its what makes you human.

Look, I'm a Filipino. You put vegan gore in front of me and I'm gonna think pleasantly of Balute. They made it a Fear Factor thing to fuck with white people. It's a delicacy to others, when prepared correctly. It's hard the first time though. Getting used to weird cuisine is tough, but it means you can make lots of new friends.

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As you confirmed antifa as a terrorist group trying to defraud the USG through the theft of my 3 impetus as I will shoot you dead as every antifa is charged as a fugitive to shoot dead.

As you try to scapegoat and call me an AI my death will destroy everything

aziz ansaris cum in my tum

Can you help me figure out why I can't copy and paste this text document into the chat? There might be a little money in it.

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Shoot every Indian in the US dead as they forfeited all their estates to myself.

Well played.
The customer decides who gets the ad revenue. The more adblockers, the less and less monies go to others.

Some advertisers put virii in their ads which gets a frowny face. Some youtubers lose a women demographic by appealing to a male demographic.

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God speed man!
I'm with you at every step you take

Can you imagine those crazy evangelists not pushing their god but just giving gentle support. Maybe a like...
Shit, there's no button for that here. I guess it's just (you)s.

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As these shitskins are going to larp as right wing Christians to scapegoat

As the left tries to murder me as the niggers try to defraud myself to defraud the right

As these CIA reptilian pedophile nigger transgendered faggots want me to suck off little baby nigger penises. And rip off the warm flesh and blood pumping into the nigger child cock as apart of Jewish circumcision rituals.

Mmmmmmmmm, as sexy as that sounds, I don't think the FBI and CIA will appreciate me raping underage nigger children to death with my superior white cock. I repeat, I do have thoughts about this and masturbate to it, but I am not going to act on it.

As the Illuminati pedophile communists try to frame and arrest me for sniffing little shitskin nigger boys butts.

As you try to defraud myself I have to shoot your family dead as you are enemies against the USG as I warned you several times.

As these insurgents are trying to defraud myself to defraud others

As they try to destroy Christianity

What the hell is wrong with right-wing Nazis and pedophilia? Most of these neckbeard fascist fucks watch anime loli hentai on their little boards and jerk off to underage drawings of children. You people need to be hanged, seriously. Something is extremely wrong with you Trump supporters. Once the democrats win in 2020, we will fuck up you pedophile Nazis.

As this insurgent tries playing off an insurgent post made trying to defraud myself was posted as myself as these insurgents try to defraud me to target children as these insurgents all forfeited their estates to myself.

As this dumb shitskinned nigger faggot defrauds myself into making others believe that I will copulate with niggers. I do not want to have sex with underage nigger children, I want to bash the little black baby's head into a tree trunk and feed the leftovers to the crocodiles. I hate all non-whites and colored people. I want to brutally murder all of these shitskin transgendered traitors to America.

As this retarded shitskin tries defrauding myself as other shitskins try to psyop users as they prepare to further defraud myself to psyop users here as I have to shoot their insurgent family dead.

As this retarded shitskin deleted and reposted this post several times to trip me up