What would you do if you were guaranteed no consequences for your actions?

what would you do if you were guaranteed no consequences for your actions?

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Walk east in a straight line until I die.

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ima fuck the sun

kill myself finally

Never work. Eat, sleep and fuck whatever I want until the day I die.

dying would be a consequence

as would moving east

>kill myself finally
definitely this

Probably rape the first cunny I see, steal, not go to school and just be a NEET that rapes cunny and terrorizes normies.

Eat like 6 blueberry cheesecakes

Those are forbidden lands, my friend.
Who knows what horrors you might find there.

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become a serial killer obviously

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rape everything that moves

im concerned for you user

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>im concerned for you user
because I only want to kill myself?

I'd certainly wouldn't post it here. That's for sure

If my actions have literally no consequences I couldn't make anything happen so I dunno

I would OwO and UwU all the time~!

If I were depressed, I'd do this but play Bitter Sweet Symphony on repeat while walking!

Yay! Cheesecakes! ^o^

How philosophical... :3c

The fuck you eating there user

I would hunt down and slay this poster.

Well, rob banks. Taking money from the (((merchants))) is always good. Maybe screw with their system too, find a way to access a high ranking worker's computer and just delete a shit ton of random people's debts (starting with my parents).

Rob ten banks give half of it to deserving people
use the rest to go on a couple of vacations and be a powerneet

i made a taco kek

a buttery baked potato, butter beans, mozarella cheese, some salt, roasted garlic powder on a wheat tortilla

why yes i do smoke weed, how could you tell?

Yh but you look unhealthy op. Start working out. Quit addictions. Like smoking fapping sugar etc etc

you have an unfortunate face lmao

not op here but i wanna see your face lol

Launch all nukes at population centers

i'm not so sure user

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Shoutout to all my ani/mlp/huckers out there

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You look sad user, cheer up

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