Be me fembot always in sad mode but what you gonna do ya know

>be me fembot always in sad mode but what you gonna do ya know
> man 11 years older than me totally grooms me and I fall for it :-(
> have extreme trauma from it bc when he pressured me into sex i said yes like a dumb bitch

Im very sadboi

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why cant some fat tiddy milf groom me?
god i wish i wasnt so ugly

I'm so sorry to hear this.
How old were you at this time and how old are you now?
Also where in the world was this?

came for the miku pic, stayed for the b8

"Grooming" is nonsense. You had others convince you it was a bad thing.

I was 16 he was 27 :-( it happened in the midwest literally where all the pedos and creeps live :-(((((

I guess youre right i just totally got caught up in the web he created like we were friends and he asked me to come eat with him and kept saying how good of friends we were and shit i was just happy to have a close bud ya know then i get in his car and its all "youre mine" "i love you" "lets get pregnant and barefoot on the beach" i was so young and confused i didnt know how to stop it :-(

I knew the miku pic would get ppl to pretend to care i guess i groomed yall owo

Why would an 11 year old be grooming you?
How old were you?

Well that sucks user. But more importantly do you like miku though?

Help kids when you can op

>pregnant and barefoot
VERY based and breedpilled

Like my Pa always said: "a good woman should only move between the bed, kitchen, and fist"

He was 11 years older than me he was 27 and i was 16

My vocaloid phase hit me too soon and was too shirt lived so although im not obsessed anymore and certainly was a huge otaku at one point those days are far behind me and now i cry about sleeping with w a pedo :'(

Mmmm, old enough for kisses.

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Literally he always talked about getting me knocked up right then and there. Unfortunately im not ready to get an suv and pack lunches for the rest of my life lmao

Or be beaten haha

>im not ready
this is a bullshit excuse, no one ever is until it happens, believe me

Old enough to be pressured into sex multiple times too haha big gamer moment :-/

Don worry i have ptsd just thinking about being intimate with anyone ever again so i guess im a fembot incel now rip me

I bet you would have and will fall for it again in your adulthood.

I just dont understand why creeps like willingly do this i thought i was in love with the guy who did this to me i wanted to love him and everything to be normal but he literally just wanted to manipulate a barely 16 year old highschool girl and now im fucked up :-(

Idk, maybe because he thought you were attractive but he knew society would disapprove of the relationship so he just got to live a fantasy for a while?
After a guy cums he realizes he's been thinking with his dick and then the of fuck what have I done moment kicks in.
He might even tell guilty about what he did, or afraid if people finding out he slept with someone so young.

Any autority figure:...and that kids is why you should be careful when hanging out with old men
You:lol fuck you i know better

I hope your right user but if he just wanted to fuck why didnt he just fuck me and leave like we were in a relationship that was so werid and scary and he pressured me so much to be sexual, once in his car we were chilling and he tells me strictly that if i didnt take my shorts off to get the fuck outta his car and shit its so confusing

I'm sure whatever 27yo she fucked prolly does it a lot with other kids

Why are you coming onto a board full of pedophiles and incels for sympathy roastie? 16 is not a child you are fully cognitively and morally aware by that age and it was your own fault. 27 and 16 isnt even that big an age gap I am 26 and dated a 17 year old and it was great and they were happy and so was I. If somebody suggested they were a child I would laugh in their faces. Fucking burgers man.

It totally came out of nowhere though thats why i was so confused he was my ex bfs roommate who we hung with sometimes and was completely normal and very likeable one day i got his snap so i could send him memes and one day outta nowhere it went from lets be friends to ily fuck my now :-(

I never woulda complained if i wasnt scared to say no to this man and if it was a totally healthy relationship but it wasnt healthy at all and he completely ate up the fact that i was 16 and his toy to mess with, but i apologize i just wanted to get some of this out because i have no one to talk to about it also didnt know there was a large pedo population on here i guess you learn something new everyday :-/

Post your insta,don't worry im just 26

Very funny haha >:-( sad uwu

shoulda let him knock you up, then sued his ass for child support. you could be living the high life right now.

Omg if i had no morals i totally woulda literally god tier thinking thank u user

Get away from him femanon (uterus owning, menstruating,XX female). Go to a psychiatrist or anybody who could help you cope with the trauma you've been through. Pray to Jesus Christ with all your heart and read your Bible. It will cleanse you from the inside and enable you to live a new life free from abuse and PTSD.

I find something weirdly attractive about OPs style of writing. I think she's my kinda girl.

Thank you for the kinda words and including my sex chromosomes into the convo they feel appreciated i cant go to therapy bc my family blah blah and im not religious and the guy just liked my insta pic and im sobbing big oof

I thought I was over women, why did you have to ruin it for me? now I will be obsessing over you...

This is not allowed big amgry

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Boom now your over women again uwu i fixed it user :-)

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I want to pet your hair and keep you warm

>"lets get pregnant and barefoot on the beach"
Can you blame him? After reading your post i can't say i don't want that too

Guys, I fear she might not be as female as it seems, be very cautious, this wild beast requires extra love and care.

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Why do you believe that this board is some kind of blog?

Sadbois can be any gender uwu!!!! honestly most sadbois are prob young girls like me who will never be happy and apparently can only be hurt :-( i just want all of the luv and to eat cereal

>being a 16yr old slut
>not appriciating the pleasure of being cummed inside

Stop whining. If you were born in Uganda or Iran, you would have been married at age 10 and had 2 babies by 16.

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I'll give you all my luv and cereal if you know what I mean

Im sorry this is just the only place i feel comfortable being myself :-/

>"doesnt appreciate the pleasure of being came inside of"
also youre right i am grateful im not subjected to constant trauma and scary things like that i apologize user :-(

Amgry >:-((

So some older guy fucked you, big deal.
How many high school girls aged 14-18 have -older- boyfriends in the late teens, early 20s?
A lot of them. It's a common occurrence.
At age 16 you should have been mentally capable of having consenting sex, as it is one of THE MOST COMMON ages of losing ones virginity.
I'm sorry user. But unless you are in a state where it was strictly illegal, you've only yourself to blame.

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pleeeeeeease love meeeeeeee all I want is yooooooou

I have consensual sex and normally everything is fine and i feel normal ya know but this was predatory and different and scary. I could have stood up and left immediately but i was literally scared to say no and couldn't understand the situation and was so confused. I think it hurts the most because it was my fault im too weak to take the risk and try and get away and it sucks :-(

I am a 16 year old sadboi blue hair manic pixie girl. You do not want

>waaah, i'm wust a swared wittle gurl i can't say no uwu
Fuck off.

Least you could have done is put on your big girl pants and actually say NO or STOP.
I bet he's a total beta, he would have stopped and listened to you.

>but i was literally scared to say no and couldn't understand the situation and was so confused.

What dos this even mean lmao.
Did he drug you?
Did he magically turn your brain capacity to 0?

I don't understand how you can somehow just turn into a total imbecile at the flip of a switch.
That has to a talent. You should make a podcast.

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this thread is pretty much proof positive that women enjoy rape

>"youre mine" "i love you" "lets get pregnant and barefoot on the beach

i probably would say weird shit like this if i had sex

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If i didnt think i woulda been psychically hurt i woulda tried saying no straight up but i always made it clear i was uncomfortable

2 years from now, she will be posting nudes, open a private snapchat and have a massive daddy kink.

nvm I busted a nut and now I'm not interested anymore

He was a dealer and always smoked me out big time. This man was literally s c a r y and very psychically fit and im literally mega short and weak it was in a very chaotic time in my life but youre right i coulda done more to fight it user :-(

Literally scum of the earth :nauseated_face:

We're not telling you that you should have fought him, or try to knock him out or anything.


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lmao you spread your legs for drugs. you are T R A S H

I hope ur cock rots sick fuck lmao


Im pretty sure i said stop when we were in his car early into us hanging out but he woukd laugh and continue but i never made it seem like i was comfortable

Thread TL;DR:
>roastie 16 yr old sleeps with chad weed dealer (loser)
>she gives him pussy because she's retarded and no one told her to not fuck low-life weed dealers lmao
>now she has big sad guys :( can't believe he DID THIS TO ME OMG T_T
>post to r9k for sympathy?

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I understand i did this to myself for posting about it here and not explaining myself well enough. But if you could read the messages he sent youd be disgusted

So why not post the messages? Look I'm not saying he's innocent. I'm sure he was a dick. Praying on teen girls is something a lot of fucked up guys do for a lot of different reasons.
We're just hard on you because you sound like a proto-tumblr poster.
You don't post here and then expect to get a lot of "oh hunty im so sry that happened to u

Im sorry i completely understand i didnt mean to blow this up at least i learned from this thank u user

Also all the messages are on snap and he pursed me for like a month so itd be like a million screenshots and he still tries to contact me :-/

Cool, and? What am I to do now? Give you sympathy? If you were naive enough with 16 to fall for some pedo then there was obviously an underlying psychological problem that went overboard. Sucks for you. You still take some blame for not seeing this at all until it was too late tho. Still sucks for you. Now you're fucked up for life because you were stupid in your teens. Life is unfair isn't it?

I just wanted to put it out there ive had to keep all of this locked away bc i wasnt allowed to tell ppl but ur right it does suck to suck :-( but hopefully itll make me stronger in the big picture i just gotta get over it a lil more

This happened to me too, its why I reject any flirting and why I understand why people say sex is predatory

I guess your only choice then is to find some desperate sugar daddy from r9k to take care of you

*sweats nervously, fingers crossed*

Do sugar daddies actually go for minors lmao