Tfw never will be senior software engineer, investment professional or startup founder

Any other NEETS romanicize the (elite) working life? How to cope?

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Just make a start up, im 22 and i did it

Tfw when no ideas, connections, or even skills

>Senior Software Engineer
Just go learn to code and work your way up if you don't want to go to school.

I mean like crazy senior, CTO and such
8, 9 figure net worth

Fuck that shit. Way too much ball ache for what you get.

>I did it
Prove it faggot

what country? here in communist sweden you need like 5-50k-ish USD on hand just to form a company, then you need to attract investors etc just to stay afloat. Not to mention all the fucking red tape

But the glory user

I live this life and it sucks ass, 60-80 hours on the regular. And you constantly have to be learning new shit and upgrading your skills or you'll get left in the dust by someone 10 years your junior who keeps up with the latest meme frameworks. You also have to leetcode constantly to do well in interviews

oh well, at least i have a cute blonde girlfriend to nut in raw daily

I wish every day that I was a NEET with all the time in the world to do artwork. But I have to squeeze in the time when and where I can. So my startup is selling TShirts. Sold only one so far...but I have hopes.

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I'm just sad because I had the potential to be some kind of code monkey for these companies if it weren't for the mental health problems. I really am that smart.

Another part of me, and this really isn't just a cope, realises that these companies are basically the great satan and the modern equivalent of Standard Oil and intend to monopolize the world so maybe it's not so great to help them out. Google used to be a company people fantasized about working for but then Google grew up and became like any other sociopathic corporation. I look at somebody like James Damore and really that's who I fantasize about being like. Somebody too good for google.

The work/life balance is also pretty fucked for these companies.

I'm just sad about how low status I am as a person and there's no potential for me to ever work for FAANG now. It just can't happen. Not when there are 20 year olds who are legitimately smarter than me without blothes on their resumes.

I'm just an ambitious person and I'm just a bit sad I was too weak to be a person like that. It really wasn't a matter of effort. I never really had a chance.

Leetcoding interviews are IQ tests

Okay cool story bro.

The portion of IQ that leetcode interviews test I absolutely smash but that's NOT the reason I can't get into FAANG. There are more filters than that.

If you have dev experience you can definitely get a first online coding challenge invitation they have no standards for that

If I got into that world it would be more from the devops/SRE side which I'm working my way into from the ops side. At this point I honestly just don't want to do it. Even if I could get in I'm just so old that I would have a short career of maybe 10 years before my brain atrophied and the age discrimination really slammed me.

I also simply can't handle the workload. I'm working 35 hour weeks and I'm barely keeping it together. The only jobs that have workloads like that I'm usually the smartest one in a given room and it makes me feel really bad that I'm squandering my potential. I exercised today, exercised yesterday, exercised the day before that. Cooked myself healthy food. I try to take care of my health but I just haven't been able to handle it.

There's somebody else I work with who is even smarter than me and probably as smart or smarter than the average person at google and he's in the same boat. Some people just can't handle the pressure. Especially the type of people with brains suited to this sort of work.

I just really want a family and it's really too late to worry about having the best career ever for me and especially too late to try and think about working 70 hour weeks for google.

Maybe I could do it but I would be unhappy afterwards. These employers utilize a strategy of hiring only elite workers at big salaries. Not smart workers who can't handle big workloads.

I'm not stagnant. I have an interview lined up in not too long from now. I already got into the best job of my life this year.

Maybe if I grew up richer and had more support maybe I could have made it but not everybody can work for FAANG. I just try to do a good job in a smaller way.

fuck I know that feel, I started off so promising excelling in university during my first year
but I had a mental breakdown which led to alcoholism and left me a useless nobody for 2 years and counting because I'm ashamed of seeking help
I feel like there's so much shit to catch up with I don't even know if I want to pursue it as a career or just do it recreationally

Maybe there's a lifestyle team somewhere that would like to have you, everything at FAANG can't be high pressure

Stuff of little interest to the business side is probably chill, open source tools, etc

I was useless for 5 years and I bounced back but there's some doors that close. Yet if you're really smart you can burst open doors that people say are impossible to open. Intelligence is a form of power. It's also amazing how lucky you can get even after being very unlucky. Fortune is fickle.

It's not too late for you user but the kind of brains that are good at these STEM jobs are vulnerable to drug abuse. It's just how it is. Just try your best to understand that these issues you struggle with are part of what enables you to see the world in the unique way that you do that lets you help other people.

Alcoholism isn't trivial to recover from especially compounded with mental health issues. You just need to slowly learn how to take care of yourself better. Then when you learn enough lessons suddenly you'll find yourself able to overcome what you couldn't before.

Yet this is a process that takes time and patience and sadly you probably won't peak in your 20s. Your life might not get easier until your 30s. Yet don't forget the power of intelligence and how it lets you bounce back quicker and more strongly than others.

I eventually got into union work where I'm unlikely to get fired or find myself completely out of work even if I have serious and extended mental health issues. Which is a very real possibility for me. The pay isn't great but i don't need much money to be happy. The only thing I'm really missing, is again, the social status. Since with my problems it would be nice for people to treat me with respect and admiration in some ways.

It's a possibility I'm fighting very hard against but it can just happen to me and there's nothing I can do about it.

I think where I am is okay. I'm making good decisions for myself. I'm just a bit sad but it's okay to feel sad.

I just want to win the lottery or find some way to passively make $10K a month. That's it.

Are you incel? I'm at a deadend in my "career" and also incel. You can't complain if you're not incel imo

yeah, you have to be non-white and or a woman and match the interviewer's race

If I just had discipline to study hard I could get a nice career. I don't even like being here on this shithole. One time I managed to study hard for a couple of months thanks to having buddies to study with and then I got exceptionally good results at that course (I think best in the whole class in a school where everyone else studies their asses off and were best in their high schools). I even had fun while doing it. If I could have continued like that I could probably have had a great maths degree by now.
When I fantasize about a career I think about being a quant at a hedge fund.
This is the primary suicide fuel for me. I'm still trying to become at least half decent so I could get a kind of alright job but if I can't improve, I'd much rather kill myself than be an unskilled wagecuck. I've done that shit and there's no way I'm putting up with that for several decades

Oh yeah also be advised that IN GENERAL, 25 year olds have much stronger impulse control than 20 year olds. 30 year olds have much stronger impulse control than 25 year olds.

As hormone levels change and your brain matures all the way until 25 it's probable you will have stronger impulse control.

No I'm volcel. I've turned down the affections of two women who I knew were interested in me and could see a prostitute whenever I want. You could too. You have the money and the smarts.

The two women I turned down, one was legitimately the most annoying person I have ever met, the other couldn't hold down a part time job, both were extremely low social status. Like I said before I'm ambitious. Yet as I've also expressed I've been full on NEET for half a decade. This results in a sexless life. I guess I'm arrogant and believe I can do better.

Women are starting to take more interest in me because as I've said so far in this thread, I'm in the best job of my life and I'm taking care of my health. If I can land my next job it would be a total chad move and creates a pretense to invite others out. Wish me luck brahs.

I'm in an affirmative action category for disability so I leap right through that filter as well. Sadly this does not let me overcome disability itself.

Being the same race as the interviewer does sadly matter. This goes both ways - you think there are no white interviewers in STEM trying to push back against affirmative action keeping out good candidates? Non-racist whites now have a pretense to justify ethnic favoritism. It's a nice plus to be the same race as your boss.

>I'd much rather kill myself than be an unskilled wagecuck. I've done that shit and there's no way I'm putting up with that for several decades

I've been there too.

The bad part isn't the work. The work is okay. The bad part is getting pushed around by the stupidest most despicable unrespectable people on the fucking planet. It's degrading on a level cleaning out urinals isn't degrading.

I work in IP litigation as computer shit expert, work like 30 hours a week at best and make 200+k. and all of that while I'm a tranny and bipolar/ADHD and It's really the life for this shit. It's periods of intense work on cool projects and then fucking nothing during which I can just neet.

>you think there are no white interviewers in STEM trying to push back against affirmative action keeping out good candidates

I think there are some, but the white blue and grey tribers who dominate stem tend to have a slight outgroup bias. I agree it's probably changing post damore and there's likely more pushback, but idpol in tech has gotten very ridiculous in recent years.

Yeah I think the tide is turning though. Whites definitely have had an outgroup bias for awhile and to some extent it made sense. If the rest of the world was richer the world economy would be better to the extent that a rising tide would raise all boats.

I think whites are getting more jaded over time though and the biggest driving force is not damore but instead the housing market being pushed up by foreign investment. It's just a classic blameless difference in interest between ethnic groups.

I'm not really racist though and just go with whatever group suits my interests. The disabled frequently throw their lot in with minorities so I'm frequently working against whites myself. I mean look at Jow Forumss reaction to Greta Thunberg and it's pretty clear that ethnocentrist whites are even more hostile towards the disabled than the SJWs at google are. I don't see non-whites pushing #metoo and making it a crime punishable by social media lynching to not pick up on non-verbal signals. So I mean fuck whites really.

I wish I became a private equity investor

ITT: people making excuses for why they didn't make it.

You didn't make it because you're not as good as you think you are.

t. faggot that made it

what did you make it in

Agreed. Just cuz ur mum told you you're smart and you did well in high school doesn't mean you're actually smart. Smarts are trained, and finding the right habits and constructing your life in such a way that you can perform well is a long term process. You can't just "discipline" your way into it.

I'm the IP litigation person above

>ip litigation tranny

you made it but you're also kind of awful, sorry

law is shit i don't envy you

I work like 30 hours a week on code analysis mostly, half of it from home.

sounds good enough but my dream is to be a baller

just sell chink shit to retarded normies on fb using the shopify meme. i usually net around $5k/month, which isnt amazing or anything but enough to fund my dumb neet lifestlye and give my mom food/rent money