How to find a black metal gf?

How to find a black metal gf?

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Go to black metal concerts?

>Stacie girl wearing a metal band shirt
>unghhhhhhhhhhhh where muh black metal gf like dis
Get a real fucking Gothic girl u faggot

go to the local bar that plays live music

Not OP but,
Give me an example of a "real" gothic girl.

>implying women enjoy metal or anything for that matter
they just do it for chad's cock my friend

Doesn't give a shit about anyone, sociopathic behavior (usually), total black everything, actually smart, not a whore. That's all I can think of. All the Gothic girls I've met had all these characteristics, apart from one or two that had orgies every weekend

You can try Grindr I heard it's a sure thing unlike Tinder

What country/city do you recommend?

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I want a black black metal gf.

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>not wanting a metal gf (male)
>not going to concerts together
>not letting her TOP you

big tiddy nsbm-gf would be 10 for me

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It's simple, user.
>go to an alternative bar
>sit at the bar counter and drink
>wear a black metal shirt and be good looking
>occasionally give a glance to black metal cuties walking to the bar or to the bathroom
>if you get eye contact, keep it for a bit, but not too long
>wait till she gets to you because you're good looking and in a black metal shirt
So far so good
>provide interesting and engaging conversation in an attempt to get to know her and hopefully get together with her
See, this is where I fucked up

Good luck, user

>kilograms of makeup

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Girls don't listen to black metal


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>male metal fans: man I wish more girls listened to metal
>qt grill wears a metal shirt
>male metal fans: I bet she doesnt even listen to metal

Just be a black metal Chad
Is that easy anons

Metal sucks. Originally.

I hate how the "big hair Goth" from the 80s is pretty much forgotten.

literally this
men are fucking retarded and faggots, reason i became lesbian. my ex was a fucking idiot. women are so much better and caring

Her name is Sunniva, she's from Norway, and she (used to, at least) posts here

yeah I'm a bit of a creepy fuck

Got any more pictures, fren?

How do you know this? Did you talk to her on discord or something?

Why would you even want one?
Sure they look nice, but that's where all the positives end.

Any girl wearing a Burzum, Mayhem, Pantera, Bathory, Nirvana or Metallica hoodie/shirt is 99% of the timer some normie who bought it online from a store that sells "trendy" stuff, the money doesn't even go towards the bands!
Thank you for your time.