How do I tell my boyfriend I'm pregnant with his baby?

How do I tell my boyfriend I'm pregnant with his baby?
asking for a friend, obviously

please help

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Meet with him in person and sit him down and then say "So I have something I need to tell you. I'm pregnant."

there you go dumby

With your mouth maybe

abort it and don't tell him at all. if you have to tell him and you are nervous in a bad way, then it means you aren't ready and you are signing up to be a shit parent and live a tragic life lmao good luck with your mistake

immediately sue him for child support without even telling him about the baby first

Shut up devil i least she gets laid

>huurr it's better for a child to be dead than poor
Absolutely retarded.
Babies are not "mistakes" and abortion is murder. Literally the killing of the most innocent being possible.
How can you advocate for such an evil thing

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if baby never lives it can't suffer.

Anti-Mute Pass

>Babies are not "mistakes" and abortion is murder. Literally the killing of the most innocent being possible.
Imagine thinking this unironically.

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>suffering is better than not suffering
christian retard moralfag

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Babies are mistakes
Unwanted babies are better off dead as the spawn of irresponsible retards who will grow up in broken homes
Poor people will never amount to anything and just sit in squalour - wasted human potential
Subhuman accident cope kys
Swallow some mifepristone, then serve him plain pasta and queef your home-brew ragu onto his plate while exclaiming
>foetus deloetus
at the dinner table

humans slaughter each other like cattle by the thousands every single day in war, crime, and preventable accidents. I guarantee there are plenty of people out there whom you would have no problem killing if you could get away with it. anyone who says human life is sacred is either lying through their teeth or actually retarded. honestly, abortion should be mandatory for undesirable people.


Wait until your older to have kids, and your certain the person wants to be a parent as well.

You're a completely degenerate sheltered millennial faggot if you think people who grew up in the face of adversity should have been killed as babies.
All the strongest, most alpha and hardworking people I know had tough childhoods.
Tell to their faces they would have been better off getting killed in vitro and they'd make you swallow your teeth. All of you are a bunch of faggots who never experienced hardship in their lives. Pathetic.

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I think everyone should be killed as babies, not just adversity or whatever.

>All the strongest, most alpha and hardworking people I know had tough childhoods.
They're also extremely dumb and don't realize they're working themselves into an early grave. They're so stupid in fact, that their stupidity is rubbing off on otherwise more intelligent people. More reason to kill them off in "vivo", btw - "in vitro" means test tube babies, abortions are in vivo, you big DUMMY. Nice anime picture, baby boy.

Edgy mongoloids. Such a relief that you removed yourselves from the gene pool

not like i need to justify myself on a site full of virgins, but i get laid and am careful with birthcontrol
abortion is not murder you retard. you can call yourself as "redpilled, based etc" for thinking that but all you are is deluded. its a scientific fact that its not murder and an embryo is nothing but a bunch of brain-dead cells.

Put a pillow in your shirt or something big. And ask "how would it be if I was like this"

Then break the news

Killing humans is murder. Unborn children are human beings with distinct, unique DNA and a heartbeat at 5-6 weeks.
How is murdering an unborn baby different from murdering a born child?
Go on, try to back up your wicked, subjective, emotions driven claim. You can't rationally justify the murdering of the unborn. You'd have to establish what makes a human worthy of life in the first place, and you can't do such a thing with objective, scientific facts, considering science tells us unborn kids are conscious human beings even in the womb.

>Killing humans is murder
Boo fucking hoo. You're talking to the website that wishes the holocaust were real.

This could be R-----P but this situation happens in reality;

Break up with him if you can't handle it or just don't like him. abort the baby and refrain from sex. Most people can't handle the reality of having a living person, they can't survive by themselves and will be forced to depend on other people, we're not animals.

science proves they dont class as living beings and you are forcing subjective views. kill yourself subhuman faggot

so? nothing wrong with murdering babies

how the fuck did a guy get pregnant

abstinence should not be used as birthcontrol you autistic fuck

Honestly, this.
Just be direct, let him process it, and then talk to him about what you two want to do next (abort, adoption, keep). While ultimately and legally it's your decision about what to do, I think it's better to have a discussion with him as it's his child as well.

>this is the kind of anons who complains about being lonely virgin losers

>ignoring my point
as I already explained, I think most people should abstain from sex because it can result in babies, I don't mean "just don't have sex" I mean if you can't handle a baby, don't have sex, as op was implying in their post.

why would you create suffering where there was none?
if they are innocent they do not deserve to suffer the life of an unwanted child. It is one thing to be poor but loved. it is another to be poor and a failed abortion.

Coming to Jow Forums, of all fucking places, for advice about pregnancy. Now that is something special

OP here, I don't have any (male) friends and I was just wondering in which way robots would like their hypothetical gf to tell them about an unexpected pregnancy so I could take notes for the moment I tell my bf he might very well be a dad in 9 months.

link him this thread for kicks, if he's a chill guy