Does anyone actually use the home row keys bullshit they teach in school?

Does anyone actually use the home row keys bullshit they teach in school?

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I think they only did that to get you used to typing. After you figure out how to type, there's no use for it.

This is going to sound really fucking weird, but im anonymous so who gives a fuck. I only type using my thumbs. I cannot use any other digit on my hands. People laugh but I don't care, I can often get up to 120wpm using only my thumbs.

literal mouthbreathing retards

Based thumbtyper. I can only get up to 80wpm even with the home row layout.

>120wpm thumbs only
Please film it user I need to see that

I use most of my fingers, but I don't keep my fingers on the home row.

>I know how to type without using the home keys
>"haha what a retard"

My dad uses it, never understood why.

What other way is there? don't levitate my palms off the board like they taught us, though.

I honestly thought that I'm a slow typer and the reason is I never mastered this. I don't actually know my wpm or anything though.

they teach people how to type in school?

first time ive really documented it but i rest my
left hand as ctrl, w, a, f, space
and right hand as i, p, j, enter

>Still use indexes primarily
I'm fucked lads.

my rest keys are wasd. even if im typing, just feels nice

There's no method to the way I type. I just know where all the keys are and I press them. I used to get bad grades in computer class when we had to do the gay home row tests despite having around 100 WPM when I type in my own crazy way.

the only buttons you need are WSAD

i do like 95wpm and my default finger positions are the wasd gaming positions. home row keys are just some boomer thing that doesn't matter much anymore

> i can bunnyhop as fast as some people can run
read my lips, you literal mouthbreathing retard

Its a good way to get carpal tunnel

homerow method keeps ALL the keys equal distance from your finger tips. Why Wouldnt you use the home row?! Do you keep your fingers by the number pad, or do you just flail your hands all over the place? Or let me guess, you only type using your index fingers.

64wpm 98% accuracy
I cant probably type faster if i wasnt trying to read off words to copy.
test yourself

lololol under fucking age
please leave lol



Debate me.

I type using my own style

Yes, why wouldn't I want to type efficiently on QWERTY?
If I'm going to type I'm going to use all my fingers, not just a few of them.

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Not really, I don't really have a specific way of typing. I just kind of type. Though, my new laptop doesn't have a keypad and I've very annoyed by this...

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sorry for my autism.

I'll never improve my accuracy.

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What sense does that make? I can type fast without resting my hands on those keys. Hell I can type with one hand. The home row was some shit they taught you to get you acclimated to keyboards. Your retarded ass is the only adult who still needs to rest his hands there in order to type. You're the equivalent of a grown ass man who still rides a bike with training wheels and calls others stupid for riding an adult bike.

>The home row was some shit they taught you to get you acclimated to keyboards.
The home row is called the homerow because you can reach all the rest of the keys from the homerow with minimal movement.
Maybe you can type using some esoteric method, but it's far less efficient than using the homerow.
People have been typing longer than computer keyboards have existed user. The home row is the result of 150 years of typing.

>not being a touch typist
You don't deserve Internet access.

youll type faster if you use home row keys and use the finger closest to the key instead of freewheeling it

I used to just sort of do my own thing, where I'd natually taken to using most but not all of my fingers and occasionally having to glance at the keyboard. A couple of years ago, I was made to do a touch typing course at work. I thought it would be a complete waste of time as I was pretty quick anyway, but I'm glad now, it's one of those things that seems pointless until you are actually able to do it properly.

>>what sense does that make
>>I can type fast without resting my hands on those keys

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I never bothered trying to "learn how to type" and hardly paid attention when they taught us in school because it was dumb. I use my index fingers for 90% of the keys (sometimes I'll hit a couple with nearby fingers) and I can still type very fast so I don't see what the issue is. I think most people under age 40 are like me as well

No matter what position your fingers are In you can only press one key at a time.

>58 WPM (257 CPM). Your accuracy was 100%.
why exactly should I learn some pointless "procedure" for typing when I can already type great just moving my hands around the keyboard and using mostly just my index?

i mean does it really fucking matter? Frankly, it doesn't matter how you type, but what you type.

They used to way back in the day when computers were starting to become more common place in the home. This was when I was in middle school so roughly 2006 or so.

I already had a computer then and was already typing regularly. I had a much faster WPM than the person teaching the lecture and I didn't even make a big deal of it. I literally just noted in my head that I was faster than her by nearly double and she proceeded to berate me for not using homerow and when I did use homerow my WPM was slower than hers and she then proceeded to mock and insult me. My normal teacher never said anything during the class, but when we went back next week there was a different teacher and I never saw the other lady again.

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I type with six fingers. Homerow basically on the left and just one finger zoomin around on the right.

I can do like 105 WPM average and 120 at my best so I'm fine with it.

Actually now that I look, I use all five fingers but they're definitely not doing homerow shit they reachin all over the place

Back when things were good they did zoomer.

Lynch all cellfags.

always do

so much so that i never understood the WASD meme every damn pc game uses since it forces you to shift your whole hand one place over from homerow position

i just reassign the keys to ESDF which has always made a lot more sense

I kinda do but I often miss the right key. It's still the most efficient way for me tho

It helps people learn the docking of index fingers to f and j. I usually freestyle it from there, since keeping your fingers cramped on the four keys as you should is really annoying.
The classes are mostly aimed at people that don't have experience spamming the global chat in MMOs.

I more or less have motions for every single common word and most letter combinations memorized, I type using my left index, middle and ring finger and my right index, middle, little finger and thumb.

It's not exactly a "system" you can teach, but for me, it's more effective than the "proper" way to type.

holy shit man, 120wpm with your thumbs?
that sounds super epic, just go into a public library or something and start typing up a hurricane with your thumbs, imagine the face of the normies when they start seething at your incredibly based flying thumbs

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They taught it to us in middle school on ancient computers, early 2000s. I really took to it and have always used home row method ever since. I'm amazed when I learn my fast typing friends get by with their index fingers, but I am still faster than anyone I know. If you think about it, there will be a limit to how fast you can type only using 2 fingers versus all of them. The idea that schools would skip something as critical as typing classes convinces there is a real agenda to make American students utterly inferior.

i dont use this bullshit and im the fastest typer i know. fuck school for trying to teach me that, it only slowed me down

i get frustrated when i see capable people typing with two fingers. Ive never seen a zoomer tpye before so im not sure how irritated it would make me.

No I'm not a fucking retard, my pinkies are on shift and I'm resting on WASD on the left, right hand is just muscle memory

Pretty close i guess, though i rarely use thumb for space and only use pinkies for shift/ctrl. It does feel like i'm underutilising my pinkies a bit, but who cares i'm not going for wpm and i can type pretty well using only a single hand. Also, who the fuck learns this shit at school and not by experience? Do they teach this in america?