What do you desire most in life?

what do you desire most in life?

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dont say a gf

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Death. I want to die more than anything. I want the courage to shoot myself. I want to die so fucking badly.

dont you dare say a gf

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My own demise

a wife


getting stage 4 bladder cancer

to know what i desire most in life

why not brain cancer?

Superpowers, if I may be allowed to be a little original

My bladder is already fucked up and I don't want to lose my mind even if it'll kill me

Well I would want a gf obviously OP you stupid nigger

Philosophical knowledge

Righteous glory in combat
The love of a good woman

To die without leaving too much suffering behind as a result.

I want pure unadulterated freedom.

Put me in da woods several days from the closest human, just let me be free.

I want my motivation back. I want to forget about the possibility to quit again.
Also I want a gf

To die leaving as much suffering as possible as a result

original nonexistence


I desire, I desire, a shrubbery