I need diazepam, 5htp, and masturbation to be able to sleep. How about you user?

I need diazepam, 5htp, and masturbation to be able to sleep. How about you user?

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opiates and alcohol at the same time

Sounds good in theory. Doesn't work at all irl. You will be numb at but unable to fall asleep.

Sleep depirvation

I just stay up listening to youtube videos until I'm so drowsy I can't keep my eyes open

xanax or zolpidem usually do the trick

alcohol and doing nothing until 5 am every night

5htp works like 40% of the time for me. I need mirtazapine, though that works maybe 60% of the time. The rest of the time I need mirtazapine, 5htp, GABA, and l-theanine, and even then that shit might not work. The only thing that consistently puts me to sleep (at really low doses too) is zopiclone, but I can't take it since I'm scared of getting dementia (also I feel like shit the next day and it tastes like robotic ballsack)

A hug from a female I like

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Valarian melatonin camomile tea and two ambien do me.

This, or I read a book.

I usually just cry myself to sleep

I just go to the gym, drink half a liter of milk with 40g of whey protein, four eggs and some potatoes, then watch like two episodes of anime, put on a true crime podcast and pass out from exhaustion+being full as fuck

how are you not perpetually constipated

My insomnia isn't as bad as it used to be, so nothing right now (used to have to drink and smoke myself to sleep every night).
Bought weed today though so will probably sleep like a mad cunt tonight.

Idk. I take one huge solid shit when I wake up, and sometimes a smaller one halfway through the day but not usually. My macros are roughly 200g of carbs, 80-90g of fat and 180g of BROtein. Also I have like zero intolerance for lactose, you might need to get whey isolate instead of concentrate and drink it with water if it's a problem for you.

melatonin, clonidine, and a little sleep deprivation usually does the trick :)

Usually a fap followed by alcohol and melatonin.

>400mg of quetiapine.

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I do not sleep

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jesus christ. They catch you eating your own turds or something?

400migs of seroquil

I like to get really stoned. That's about it.
Oh, and I never go to bed without thanking Christ for the blessings he bestows upon me and my family.

Exercise, red wine, melatonin.
Just use up all your energy during the day and you can sleep fine. Lately I haven't been doing as much cardio but I still sleep like a baby with melatonin and red wine.

A shot to the head.

Or just wait a couple days until I faint from sleep deprivation.

I need THC to sleep, not to make me sleep but to stop me from dreaming.
the nightmares are real too, because I feel like I'm biting on glass and in real life I'm grinding my teeth
my teeth are broken because of the nightmares
I got a filling in one and now the filling is broken.
I wish I believed in god because God Help Me.