Hey Jow Forums, I'm not really one of you guys anymore, but I still remember what it's like

Hey Jow Forums, I'm not really one of you guys anymore, but I still remember what it's like.

I know a lot of you guys are really vulnerable, I know you're upset with your lives and you're looking for anything in the world that will change that, I got you. Pretty much anyone with an ounce of self awareness has been where you are at right now.

But by God, if there's two things that aren't gonna help, it's suicide and becoming a trap. Some of you probably already know this, but there is a group of people on this board with a predatory agenda that are looking to brainwash as many of you as they can into their little cult. They will blackmail you, they will threaten your life, and they will go through whatever dirty, disgusting means they can to turn you into one of them. Don't do it. It won't help, and in the end you'll probably end up killing yourself anyway, except that now you'll be remembered as a mentally ill cross-dresser.

Do something else. Find a good hobby. Get into a support group. Try and get involved in the workplace. Do anything but that, robots. Godspeed.

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I don't even know what the psyop is anymore, trannies trying to convert incels or incels trying to falseflagging as trannies

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both as they are the same

damage control all you want, tranny, but you can never hide the truth. your days are numbered

How is it predatory to make eggs hatch into the transgirls they always were?

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Bless you, sailor o7

If anyone actually falls for this discord tranny shit they deserve what's coming to them

You shouldn't browse imageboards if you're that retarded. All I see is a bunch of teen fags being histrionic attention-whores and even more pathetic teens falling for it

If the hatching didnt include pills and eventual mutilation i would support the trans movment. But fact is the tech is and probably will never be there, so right now people are just turning themselves into monsters.
Not everyone gets to be bailey jay or sarina valentina.

that's like saying rape victims deserved to be raped because they were walking alone and unaware of the rapists existence

You can't be blackmailed or threatened into becoming a transgirl. At most some people need a little push

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Trannies dont deserve civil rights

>If the hatching didnt include pills and eventual mutilation
It doesn't require pills or "mutiliation". Most trannies don't even want bottom surgery, it's too risky and usually doesn't work well.
There's literally NOTHING wrong with taking pills though. You get more side effects from taking antidepressants. Both men and women have estrogen AND testosterone. Women can have low T, and men can have low E. Our bodies know how to use those hormones to do things like grow boobs and distribute fat.
Pic related, this girl didn't need surgery to get mild hips and breasts.

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Finally someone made a thread like this

>There's literally NOTHING wrong with taking pills though.

"High estrogen levels in men contribute to prostate cancer and heart disease as well as gynecomastia ( enlarged breasts). As the testosterone is transformed into estrogen the low levels of testosterone can cause many unpleasant symptoms including loss of muscle mass, fatigue, low libido, erectile dysfunction. Furthermore, excessive estrogen in men raises body fat and can contribute to diabetes and high lipids."

Try again, mentally ill faggot

Most of those side effects are desirable for trannies. You also seemed to stop reading.
>You get more side effects from taking antidepressants.
Look up the side effects for zoloft and seroquel sometime.


I get enough of this shit from the MSM.

Yeah, and high levels of testosterone make you a "coomer", and all the online catholics give you a bunch of fucking shit about it, because you're not willing to do a bunch of mindfucking grunt work so they'll dole out a gf.

I mean, I am incredibly pissed off at you people. Years of "sex is gross, horny is evil" and people are actually doing something about it, are actually fixing the characteristic that makes you hate them (which turns out to be "they're male and they're not small and cute and soft"), and you have some kind of fucking problem with it.

And the hypocrisy of it is your problem's just "they're not small and cute and soft ENOUGH". That's why you always include the pictures of whatever uggo.

You said there was literally NOTHING wrong with taking pills, I just proved you wrong.

I "stopped reading" because the side effects from antidepressants are irrelevant, no one is shilling or forcing anyone to take antidepressants like zoloft or seroquel the way discord trannies are forcing or encouraging vulnerable robots to take HRT and testosterone blockers. Also, who the fuck are you anyway to say which pills are harmless or not? Are you a doctor? Can you prescribe me some illegal drugs, too?

Shhh, run back to your discord server, you are truly mentally ill and not worthy of my time.

>You said there was literally NOTHING wrong with taking pills, I just proved you wrong.
Everything in medicine has side effects user. Surgery causes MASSIVE amounts of trauma to your body after all. Anesthesia has lots of side effects, such as putting you into a delirious state where you convulse so hard you can break bones.
Are you going to argue we shouldn't get surgery, or use pills at all?

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Are you seriously going to argue that you didn't just say there was literally NOTHING wrong with taking pills just a few posts ago? Are you paranoid or something?

Wait, on second thoughts, don't answer that question.

nicholas will pay for his sins

I disagree. Become a trap. It's funny.

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Actually, most trans people are conditioned into doing this. They have insane complexes from bullying and what not because they're massive masochists.

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Yes, because side effects are an acceptable part of medical procedures ya dunce.
What's worse, leaving a cancerous tumor on your lung, or LITERALLY cracking open your rib cage, cutting off a lump of flesh from your lung (including healthy tissue), and putting it all back together, or letting the tumor grow until you die?
What's worse, a 40% chance of attempting suicide due to intense dysphoria, or taking some pills that will make you feel less dysphoric and drastically reduce the chance of suicide?
Really makes you think.

Oops, that was for cis women. Here's the correct paper.

>Participants in both studies had depression scores in the normal range at baseline as indicated by the SCL-90-R Italian version depression subscale, Zung Depression Scale,12 and SCL-90 Dutch depression subscale.14 Nonetheless, the SCL-90-R Italian version12 and SCL-90 Dutch version each showed statistically significant reductions in depression posthormone therapy across the two studies with an SMD of _0.51 [95% CI: _0.78, _0.24] (12-month follow-up)12 and _0.89 [95% CI: _1.30, _0.48] (3-6 months of follow-up).14 One study also assessed depression scores using the Zung Depression Scale and saw a similar statistically significant reduction at 12-month follow-up (mean difference=_8.06 (95% CI: _10.91, _5.21).12 Meta-analysis of these two studies was precluded due to statistical heterogeneity (I2=0%) and disparate follow-up periods.

Thank you, you just compared transitioning to cancer, that was enough.

>or taking some pills that will make you feel less dysphoric and drastically reduce the chance of suicide?
That's a load of shit.
Those pill are full of hormones that destabilise your natural hormone system. How the flying fuck is that going to reduce suicidal behaviour? Isn't that going to exaggerate extreme behaviour, such as self destructive behaviour?

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Yes, both are medical aliments with specific methods for treating them.

see Science doesn't care about your feels user. There's evidence to support the hypothesis, and with more research a causal link between HRT and lower depression in transgender people.

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See bottom of pic.
I wouldn't be surprised if this is think tank funded. They want you sterilised for eugenic purposes and because these people tend to be involved in tech. As such, they want to prevent potential competition.

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see You're just a fucking retard. Open your eyes. Oh wait, you don't want to because you're afraid of doing that now.

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Dude, again, are you a doctor? Can you diagnose other people's illnesses over the internet and prescribe to them drugs? No? Fuck off then and stop toying with other peoples lives.

reminds me of that thread that was up the other day. im not sure if it's true but it was fucked up.

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avatarfagging and that file name.
shill .

Read the conclusions user.
>Although the studies differ with regard to outcome measures and most studies have methodological shortcomings, the three prospective cohort studies reviewed here offer provisional conclusions about the effects of hormone therapy on the psychological functioning of transgender individuals accessing it. Two studies12,14 reported on psychological functioning and found a statistically significant reduction in depression, somatization, interpersonal sensitivity, anxiety, hostility, and phobic anxiety/agoraphobia after initiating hormone therapy, with one study observing significant results 3-6 months posthormone initiation and the other 12 months posthormone initiation. There is insufficient evidence about whether changes in quality of life occur for FTM individuals who initiate hormone therapy. However, low quality evidence suggests that quality of life may be improved for MTF individuals accessing hormone therapy.

This is a metastudy. The actual research was already done before this paper was written.
You also ignore that low quality, statistically significant correlations that match up high quality, statistically significant correlations suggests the correlation probably has something to it.

Doctors are known for knowing little to nothing about hormone replacement therapy, so why would me being a doctor have any bearing on this situation?
Here's a video of a bonafide doctor talking to other doctors about how most doctors don't have any clue what they're doing when it comes to transgender people.

You clearly have no clue what avatarfagging is, neuecis.

I think the backmailing and all that is horrible but I support traps completely. Saying that it wont help someone to transition when they have gender dysphoria is as dumb as telling them they MUST transition by blackmailing them.

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tomboys aren't trap. don't mix perfection and trash.

>"girl" originalkekked, just looks like a guy who lost all the hard work he put in.

Go back to your filthy discord you disgusting piece of trash.

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Even if your dick wants the trap, you're basically destroying a boy's life through coercion and manipulative conditioning for the sake of your fetish.

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noboby has those kind of pictures with shill filenames while not being a shill .

I thought you were soooo concerned about the mentally vulnerable robots killing themselves though user. There's a solution for robots with gender dysphoria, and it doesn't even involve chopping off your dick or putting on a dress.
But you're right, we should just kill ourselves, even though you apparently wanted to prevent that.

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OP isn't a shill but I am huh?
Guess I should just shill harder then

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I've given up you. It's time for removing the cancer before it spreads.

How come every one of these debates boils down to the people on this side suddenly resorting to conspiracies. Really makes me think

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I recognize these screenshots
They come from this server i'm in

>Doctors are known for knowing little to nothing

Ok so you know more than specialized doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists etc.

Welp that's it then, you are officially mentally ill and need to seek professional help asap

>I'm going to pretend I'm somebody else and set up a discord for the sake of conditioning people into my penis removal cult
Maybe we should just lynch you.
You'd probably just cum from it 2bh.

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I never talked about op .your post reeks of "but what about him?"

>think tanks do not exist
Also, international law is key too.
Look mate, you only have to look at the Iraq War to see how this shit works.

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Yes, I linked you to a video of a doctor talking about how doctors in general don't know anything about HRT. It's a 2 hour long talk that goes into great detail about how other doctors fuck up, and how to do it properly. Even talking about how the bog standard "WPATH" method is critically flawed, and leads to stunted breath growth and other health issues.
Keep appealing to authority though.

Yes, because if you wish to complain about me apparently shilling for pointing out other people's agendas, which they try to hide behind caring for others, then clearly you must also be upset by their shilling as well.
Or is it perhaps you agree with OP's agenda, and only choose to point out "shilling" when it's against your own beliefs?
Why are you so biased user?

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We don't even need this as we know they exist.
The problem is, you can try talking nicely or savagely with them, they simply will not accept that they're living a lie. Probably something to do with masochism.

Now if they looked like my animus I'd be more enthusiastic, but instead they look like that crazy dude you stay away from on the train because he's probably got a disease or something.
Furthermore, they're clearly praying on feeble minded people. I hate that. I don't want people to be feeble minded.

Even wet wood can be ignited if you work on it.

Oh boy I can't wait to get diabetes, cancer, and foot fungus from my allergy medicine

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Bitch I ain't watching a 2 hour long video that "disproves" the efficiency of doctors, I don't need to, you are clearly mentally deranged

>Brompheniramine is an antihistamine that reduces the effects of natural chemical histamine in the body. Histamine can produce symptoms of sneezing, itching, watery eyes, and runny nose.
>fast or uneven heart rate;
>mood changes;
>tremor, seizure (convulsions);
>easy bruising or bleeding, unusual weakness;
>feeling short of breath; or
>urinating less than usual or not at all.

>how doctors in general don't know anything about HRT. It's a 2 hour long talk that goes into great detail about how other doctors fuck up
That's the thing, the failure rate seems to be extremely high. If these trans people looked legitimately female if mtf or male if ftm I'd be more lenient. They don't though.
Furthermore, they target children specifically with this crap. Why? To condition them in a state of early development and neural plasticity. They want these people dysfunctional and obedient to the system. Males are not too obedient to systems, they destroy them for good reason.

That brings me to another issue I've been thinking about since that tranny leaked Capitol One data a month or so ago. Who for? Pic is one possibility, though I feel they're more likely against it.

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I call it out when I see it and you were too obvious.
the question is whether Op is a shill or not and Im not sure.you on the other end are shilling and now you try frame me as biased while those discord gruops that you belong to keep shitting up this board .the one who has an agenda is you.no deflecting will change that.

>cherry picks only one example
at least try

Guess he's just mentally ill too, even though he's a specialist in HRT. Anything you don't watch yourself is clearly false right?
Thank you for calling me bitch though

>Arguing against people who literally want you to die is SHILLING WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
Guess I'm a shill then.

That was literally the first example I saw for "prescription antihistamine". Pic related.
Here's the second.

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yes you are and now you fabricated this victim narative to justify it while you prey on others

Why are you even bothering trying to argue using these studies which are clearly pushed by think tanks and therefore are complete nonsense they spin for the agenda of the managers of these tanks and the corps that fund them?

>victim narrative
lmao, no one ever tells trannies to kill themselves, especially on Jow Forums. Stop lying you dumb tranny

Prove the metastudy is funded by a think tank with a bias. If they truly had a bias then why did they show that most of the studies were low quality and had a high probability of bias? Wouldn't they want to make the studies look high quality and definitive?
Guess it's Jews working in mysterious ways.

are you stupid? they trannys shill here 24/7 and then pretend to be the victim when they get called out.

>Thank you for calling me bitch though

I also called you mentally deranged but you seem to keep ignoring that, maybe it's because you know it's true and doesn't phase you anymore

You called me mentally deranged because I correctly assessed that I know more than the average psychiatrist/physician/psychologist does about HRT.
You'd literally know more than them as well just by watching the video, that's how easy it is to know more than doctors about something.

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yes because autists on four chans are making trannies kill themselves in record numbers. has nothing to do with cutting off your dick because trannies and yids told you it would make you happy and then regretting it later or living with the mental illness that is gender dysphoria.

>le cutting off dick strawman
The fact you focus on something optional, that most trannies can't even afford to do (if they even wanted to) shows where you bias lies user.

>Prove the metastudy is funded by a think tank with a bias.
It is literally posted on a think tank, user.
Things are so bad it's not funny.

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>nice le fallacy bro
>doesn't even address the other point
not afraid to admit that gender dysphoria is a mental illness and that anyone touting HRT or surgery as a means for depressed anons to feel better is either extremely ignorant or malicious in their intent

This is a think tank? Can you prove it?

Most doctors are quacks that have no idea what they are doing.
This isn't new either, we just became blind to it because of marketing.

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I didn't say they don't exist. But positing X study you don't agree with is the result of one without evidence or proof sounds conspiratorial

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Does it produce ideas, directly or from selecting info from other parties at it's discretion? Yes
Does it profit from doing so? Yes.
It's a think tank.

Most people just don't recognise it as such yet.

It's also worth remembering that being published doesn't mean the publishing journal/site funded the study either. The funding for the study should be easy enough to find.

Then why were you pushing so hard for me being a doctor, when you know doctors are dunces? Come on user.

What other point? More non-arguments that push your views? Do you have evidence supporting the idea that " trannies and yids told you it would make you happy and then regretting it later or living with the mental illness" is "gender dysphoria"?
You have no arguments, only emotionally charged words and a view you believe without any evidence supporting it.

>Does it produce ideas, directly or from selecting info from other parties at it's discretion? Yes
>Does it profit from doing so? Yes.
>It's a think tank.
Guess Nature is also a thinktank, even though it's the most well known and respected scientific journal in the entire world.
Then again they support climate change, CLEARLY they are shills

>sounds conspiratorial
Which is how they sell themselves user.

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>Why were you pushing so hard for me being a doctor
Not that user. Baka.

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Then you and I agree, doctors don't know specialized treatments like HRT, and it's not difficult to learn yourself with online resources.

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>Then why were you pushing so hard for me being a doctor, when you know doctors are dunces? Come on user.

That guy is another user, I'm the one who were pushing you "hard" because I know for certain any doctor, no matter how bad, is more reliable than you, fruitcake

Most doctors who have any training with HRT are advised on the WPATH method, which is KNOWN to do retarded things like prescribing people diuretics to "block" testosterone (even though there are plenty of anti-androgens that are much safer for this task), and suggest 2mg of estradiol, even though much higher doses are needed for proper feminization to occur.
Oh yeah, that diuretic can kill you if you eat bannans, because it's originally meant to treat potassium diffencency. If that wren't bad enough, it will also affect breath growth and cause transwomen to grow disfigured cone-boobs that require surgery.
You can find all of this information from a presentation given by a specialist in HRT here youtube.com/watch?v=fefu33e8O-0
But yes, keep telling me how I don't know better than some physician in bumfuck Wisconsin.

Doctors don't know anything really though.
Hence the dilemma.

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Philosophers know even less, if they're good that is.

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Ok, i'll just take your word for it then. Nutjob.

I gave you a link to a medical doctor who specializes in HRT. You don't need to take my word for it.
I guess HRT specialist opinions aren't worth anything.

wasn't that guy used as the model for the NPCs in Oblivion?

>do my research for me
if you haven't seen the numbers on tranny suicide, and how those rate soar even higher post op, then me showing them would still accomplish nothing because you seem adamant in pushing it as a good idea for anons regardless of what any of us or any statistics might say otherwise. here they are though anyway. this source covers attempts, successful or otherwise, but the same trend applies. williamsinstitute.law.ucla.edu/wp-content/uploads/AFSP-Williams-Suicide-Report-Final.pdf

You're just gonna be told he's part of le jewish conspiracy to turn all white men into girls or whatever other conspiracy/pol rhetoric gets spouted here constantly

If you're unattractive as a male, becoming trans won't change that. The only difference is you actually start to give a fuck about your appearance, since you're under that placebo.

Remember victorian green wallpaper?

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>if you haven't seen the numbers on tranny suicide, and how those rate soar even higher post op
Most trannies can't afford surgery, and keep their dicks. You are already framing this in a way that shows you have an agenda, instead of trying to be accurate.
I doubt the evidence you cited here even exists.

>then me showing them would still accomplish nothing because you seem adamant in pushing it as a good idea for anons regardless of what any of us or any statistics might say otherwise.
If you have gender dysphoria, then yes, HRT is a great way to combat it. You don't even need to identify as a girl. You can just make yourself into a femmy boy. No "chopping off your dick" required.

> here they are though anyway. this source covers attempts, successful or otherwise, but the same trend applies. williamsinstitute.law.ucla.edu/wp-content/uploads/AFSP-Williams-Suicide-Report-Final.pdf
Nowhere in this article does it show an increase in suicide attempts post-operation, so now you're just lying.

Nah, I'm just simply gonna ignore him from now on, I proved my point and the dude is clearly delusional. You keep shilling like a good puppy though

The people who sold it sure do

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ditching this retarded trainwreck of a thread. only posting again to reiterate OP's point: anons, stay the fuck away from traps, trannies, and HRT and dont listen to any of their snake oil salesmen "just take hormones lol ik what im talking about fuck the doctors and stats" bullshit. that is all

what page shows attempts for post-op trans. hell, what page covers successful suicide attempts since you mentioned it

That's a healthy way to cope with losing the argument.

Reminder this user was given research professionals in the field, showing a correlated increase in quality of life for trans people after HRT.
They were also given a presentation by an HRT specialist, talking about how doctors are basically retarded when it comes to transgender care.
But yes, just trust this user over science. OP knows better than you do, eh hehehehe

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Yea I was completely annihilated, bro

>I lost the argument but I'm right please listen to me reeeeeeee

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