Did self improvement meme and got to see what life could be like as a somewhat attractive guy vs a fat ugly sperg...

did self improvement meme and got to see what life could be like as a somewhat attractive guy vs a fat ugly sperg. what i did isn't guaranteed to work for you but AMA if you want to hear about how things are different

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bump just in case. for those of you out there trying to change things around, good luck. life can be good

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>lose weight
>guy turns into chad
im so bored of these stories. im not fat and girls dont give a shit about me

then there is something else wrong with you user. im sorry that thats the case as that requires more work than simply working out but most people can change

uh yea its this thing called just being ugly

is there literally nothing you can do? losing face weight, getting contacts, going to hairstylist, wearing better clothes, getting into skincare? is your personality ugly as well?

Just keep running on your hamster wheel and fuck off, please

i hope things turn around for you user. life can be worth living and putting effort into your own life is great

all this cope, originally

are you aware of what cope means user? if i said that nothing i do to change things included the list of shit i mentioned that would be a cope as in i would be giving up without actually attempting anything

a cope is when you lie to yourself to *cope* with some unpalatable situation. right now you're lying to yourself so you don't have to face the cold indifference of a universe that runs by hard determinism.

life can be cold and im sure there are actual people on here that are really fucked from the getgo but reality is that most of the posters here can change their lives around relatively easily. if i was coping id have doomed myself and everyone else to a life of misery without thinking about how premature that kind of thinking is in most cases

Yeah it is very hard to believe this shit. I had kinda drunk with friends 2 years ago and one of girls I did not know (someone friend friend) she looked like the art hoe type, was high and start touching my face telling me if I got fit with my jaw and cheekbones I can look like chris pratt, but people say anything on drugs. Even if it is all true I do I don't think I can get successful on better looks alone.

Do you really think people like us could ever possibly be somewhat content with life. I'm dress fairly well when I go out. Lift 5 to 6 times a week. Force myself to socialise at least once a week and had a phase about 2 months ago where I was socializing every day without failure. I haven't been working for about a month now but I'm looking for another job and I'm trying albeit unsuccessfully to keep doing well in college. I feel absolutely fucked still. I've never has a gf or anything but I'm incredibly pessimistic to the idea that it would change anything or be anything other than harmful to the idiot to who decided to care about me. I'm really glad you made it.I really am so I'm not going to call you a normalfaggot and tell you to GTFO, but I just dont know anymore.

Why not an attractive fat guy. And then a muscular ugly sperm vs an ugly fat sperg.

I feel your stacking the board improperly. I call for a mulligan

i think my own experiences have shaped my biased mindset and i believe most people can make it out. i dont want to call you a liar but if you are truly doing all those things and nobody is getting close to you and you are not making any friends or girlfriends, i would think about any other factors in your life holding you back before thinking its all fucked. i know this is super cliche and i can definitely understand you and others wanting to call me a normie and to fuck off but we all want to feel normal and well adjusted and loved i think
ive just never been an attraive fat guy so i dont think id have much to offer desu

maybe some people can (i.e. failed normies), but certainly not most people on here. most actual robots here are somewhere on the autism spectrum - you can't will that shit away. you can be a very good looking autistic person even, but people will sense your social bizarreness and stay away. also most people start off optimistic and then end up here for legitimate reasons - not the other way around.
I tried really hard during my undergrad (studying CS), got into a great graduate school, then my sleep went to utter shit (it hasn't recovered as of 2-3 years ago now) and I had to drop out. I wanted to be a NEET so badly but my parents pushed me into doing something else, so now I lecture part time at a community college and I'm doing a philosophy PhD in a desperate attempt to find meaning and structure. the problem is even that's gone to shit now - I'm a contract worker at the college so it isn't exactly the most stable job (I haven't had it not renewed yet, but as more people start teaching IT I imagine I'll get fucked and I can't rely on it as a stable career) and although I genuinely did like philosophy (I also did well academically and got awards and shit because I tried really really hard) my supervisor and literally none of the other fucking faculty are willing to look at anything I write, so I can't publish, which essentially renders the PhD moot. My point is that I keep trying and trying and trying despite my raging diagnosed mental illnesses (the insomnia makes it really hard to read and think and write and the generalized and social anxiety makes it such that I can't connect with any other students and faculty, which puts me at a major disadvantage career-wise too) and I keep making tiny steps forward only to be shoved back substantially. I can't even kill myself because we have strict gun regulations here and any other suicide method is so unreliable.

Ugly shovel face-Chad level body IQ of a potato/sperg. Vs fat ugly sperg

Basically a "of mice and men" meme

the PhD's also at an incredibly mediocre school, so I don't even get to take pride or anything in that. I have no clue what I'm doing with myself or my life or why I'm doing any of this
>we all want to feel normal and well adjusted and loved i think
we certainly do, but I think the marker of a normie is their unwarranted optimism about life, which is essentially sustained by not having gone through enough hardship. I think that's why people on here like calling happy people normies - the basis of your happiness is something you probably take for granted and is also something out of your control, and we're all envious

Alot of people get 3-4hrs a day and crash on days off. It really depends on when you have that sleep and what your doing directly after it.

Also obsessing over sleep will cause you to not sleep.

You're right, I might've not considered all the factors but the gravity of despair is overwhelming a lot of the time. I still have some things I want to try before I entirely give up. So I'm still pushing forward but but I dont know for how much longer. I've considered getting professional help but the thought is incredibly terrifying to me. But again no judgement and I hope you're having a nice day and all your efforts are paying off.

im fairly new here, maybe from about 4-5 years ago, so i have been mostly known r99k as a board of underage and overpriveleged kids so i guess my post was aimed towards them more than anything else. if you are truly on the spectrum and have other issues i agree life is hard and fucked but most people on this board these days dont have those issues and are exaggerating their problems imo
iktf and i used to be bitter and hate people who had it good and loved life and i admit i have lucked out in many factors in life compared to others but optimism is actually based. i wont say ive lived the hardest life but ive been depressed, gone through eating disorder, drinking problem, etc and made it out. not to say every is definitely going to make it or tha tmy issues were wide enough to encompass all your issues but i just want to spread some positivty if i can. life really can be great
thanks user, thats really kind of you to say. i think getting help of any kind, professional or from your close loved ones is terrifying because it means you have to be honest for once but if can be a huge weight off your shoulders. the shame and guilt and pain wont go away immediately but it can be worth it. im glad to hear you are still working through things and wish the best for you, really. i hope life becomes beautiful for you user

>Also obsessing over sleep will cause you to not sleep.
tell me about it. also most people have sleep issues due to sleep hygiene problems - I don't. I spend like 11 hours in bed trying to sleep and it's always int he same time frame each night. I've been asked to go to pubs with normies from work and I have to decline every time since I've got this self imposed 10:00 curfew because of sleep, which I never get anyway. I've tried everything (orange glasses that filter blue light, exercise in the morning - which I still keep up but which never did shit for sleep, sleep restriction, CBT for insomnia, meme meditation for 2 years straight (which was probably the biggest waste of time out of all of these), 5htp, l-theanine, skullcap, hops, passionflower, melatonin, silenor, zopiclone, mirtazapine, trazodone, birth control (for possible cycle-related issues), weed, etc.). Nothing's worked. Also the problem is I can't crash. Like if I'm sleep deprived for one day I don't just automatically crash the next day - it goes on and on and on. I've been getting 4-5 hours of sleep every night without fail since May. It accumulates and makes it really hard to do day to day things. My working memory is shot. I had to drop out of grad school the first time because it ruined my brain so severely that I couldn't work - I fear it's happening again (philosophy's a lot more forgiving in this respect than computer science, but it's still not easy). I also don't drink, smoke anything, take psychedelics etc. because of all of this, and it's socially isolated me even more (since most normie social events are predicated on drinking).

OP is not wrong, by just working out you CAN become brad/Chad tier and get pussy if that's all you want. Defeatist foreverfat fags dont like hearing this because it requires work and they dont want to do that or are scared they will fail.

The problem is when despair sets in. I spent at minimum 3 hours a day running/lifting to lose weight and gain muscle, and it worked. Started getting mires, girls asking me out, flirting with me at my job, ect.
But I see them in their literally skin tight booty pants and just see filthy thots who never would've given me the time of day before. Filthy bitches who should by law have a milage counter installed on their aids ridden cunts.
People are also nicer to you, people who would've treated you like shit if you were chubby, now suck your cock because it benefits them hanging out with a chad.
It's all so tiresome, maybe if I started working out before I grew to hate people things would be different, but I didnt.

Anyway, not disagreeing with you OP, most people could benefit by exercising and everyone should do it for the sake of being healthy alone or if you just want pussy. But at some point you get so blackpilled on how shitty people are, even looking like Chad wont save you (at least socially).

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professional help never saved me. most psychiatrists just prescribe you medications that don't work in the long run and kind of trial-and-error it on you. meanwhile therapists never really delve into your issues, or if they do, they can't offer meaningful advice since they're normies themselves. there's a degree of alienation between robots and therapists that can't really be breached.

i know what you mean. i can definitely see why you would feel that way when people just treat you so differently by just how you look and it can fuck with you. i think i just spent some more time trying to meet good people through the social opportunities and just was blessed with really honest and nice people. none of us look down on ugly or fat or mentally challenged people and while many robots think thats virtue signalling, love and acceptance can be very based. im glad to hear you kicked your own ass and you are aware of how much effort you put it and appreciate it. i hoep you can meet better people soon user

>Jow Forums should have id's
hard to follow what op did, but is lifting/exercising a few times a week and getting good sleep a good summary?