Can we just have a thread to post possums, bats, kittens and pups?

Can we just have a thread to post possums, bats, kittens and pups?

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Hamsters are welcome too.

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birfday boyee

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snuffle fluff

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post more you enormous cock gargling faghordes I'm not gonna do all the work for you

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here's my cat. my best friend

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you browse those threads too, user?

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happy birfday posso

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opossums are muy superior to possums

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Possums are so cute, I'd let eat my garbage all night long if they wanted.

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does anyone have the picture of a possum breaking out of his cage to smell a really long hotdog with mustard on the bun?

this thing is a fucking possum?

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>tfw no opossum mom gf to put me in her pouch and let me suck on her milkers

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Merkats are such weird animals

on the lookout
looking out

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Here's a platipus

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this right here is me
i am this

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possums are the best

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mobile mommy

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my baby boy is an artist

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yes, what did you think it was?

Rats are the cutest, change my mind.

indeed rats are quite cute

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I dated one once, she was pretty awful

weird looking possums

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That's a fucking raccoon

oh my god he's god aaa

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