Everyone has a secret

everyone has a secret.

tell me yours.

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i raped op when he was 9

I shit in the public washing machine at my local laundry mat.

You keep making threads. I think that you're having a mental breakdown.

im legitimately in love did you

with* oopsie daisy

i want to dress up in girls' clothes and try to look as cute as i can. not a tranny tho i just like femininity and cuteness and i'd like to take part in it too

Ive been feeding my asshole step-grandfather botulism that ive been growing in the shed for two years.

would you like to be friends? or would you prefer to love me from a distance

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I keep threatening suicide online on various websites and under different accounts for attention

woah, thats a juicy one. thanks for sharing.

Yes thank you for sharing. Very good information indeed.

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that's a pretty flower, i like it very much.
i like watching you from here. it's comfortable

i picked it for you for being such a sweetheart

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thank you!! goodness i am spellbound
is it your intention to fluster me?

not my intention, just a happy accident :)

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a very welcome one at that. your posts mean a lot to me, perhaps more than you think.

I squandered $250,000 that I won in the lottery

i'm just glad to hear that i've made your day a little better, whoever and wherever you are

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on what user? details

one time in hs i told this cute girl that i had an ex that looked like her who killed herself just to guilt her into talking to me

cute decals :) and im very grateful to you

drugs, hookers, a pretty fast car, gambling

you know, productive uses of capital

r9k love story

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>Guy gets compliments
>Becomes an e-boy basically
Men really are just as narcissistic as women aren't they. Just less opportunity most of the time

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i faked having an orgasm over phone sex with some chick from here once

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