All you guys are obese r-right?

All you guys are obese r-right?

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No just got a bit of chub

I'm pretty sure most are skelly

I just had a honey butter chicken biscuit for breakfast with two back taquitos for breakfast, and I'm about to try that Toasted Cheddar Chalupa Box at Taco bell.
I'm also 28 and weight 153 lbs. Not sure if metabolism is a meme or not, but it seems mine is strong af

I'm fit, I even have abs

uh uhm uhh yeah

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used to be but skelly now

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Fuck no, get fucked fatty

I used to be but I lost \30 pounds and now I am just chubby. I have given up on losing more weight now, oh well.

Nah I only have 1 meal a day. I spend all day playing vidya so there's no reason to consume more since I don't spend any energy

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Give it 10 - 15 years

Tell me how : C

diet and exercise. lost 110 lbs or so from heaviest to lightest

I am the slimmest person I know, look like a skeleton, but I still fucking manage to have a double chin

Only overweight. In a high food craving period due to previous diet in this month, by will bounce back. Looking to lose another 20 to 40 pounds.

I'm 120lbs

Im the fittest and tallest from my friends

Only have 3 or 4 friends but I still feel like chad around them

no but i can't exercise anymore and i like eating so i probaby will be soon

>no but i can't exercise anymore
why user

No, I am 6ft 6in skelly with long hair.

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Nope, I'm 5'10, 90kgs and pretty fit from manual labor.
Why? Are you gravitationally challenged?

Im the complete opposite my guy

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>gravitationally challenged

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>Fuck no, get fucked fatty
when and fucking where

No. 6 ft 2, 170 lbs. No real muscles or anything to speak up, still got baby fat and some pudge on my figure. I think I want to be skelly though

You have to go back to normistan

>tfw getting over anorexia
>tfw went from ~50kg to ~63kg
I'd rather be overweight than underweight, at least from the standpoint of recovery. Losing weight is so much fucking easier than gaining it.

I'm fit
you can't lift a gf, trust me

I thought it'd just be a matter of eating more and moving less.

not in a million years.
i may not have a gf, but i'd rather have a twinkish looking body and be my own gf than becoming a fatty.

Its always the faggots who are seething about the chad fatbot

die pig, obesity is an illness

Shoo shoo normandy

>tfw no thiccrobot bf like tony soprano

I'm just regular fat, not obese.

No, I have a barely visible six pack.
Girls don't normally see it though so it is not like it matters.

Just fatten up a regular robot bf

Some men are destined to be fat, right?
Nah, we're just a weird animal that has insatiable appetites. Like Do The Evolution by Perl Jam.

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no fatty, I'm not a retard and have more than the bare minimum amount of self control needed not to stuff my face
if you're fat you literally cannot be a robot since your problems literally just come from not being able to stop stuffing your face

no, i'm skinny just have a tiny hanging gut. i have a four pack just he lower part. i go to the gym once time a week.

Do you have any apps that encourage or pay you to do that? Or is it just by your own will?

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I used to be. Then I lost ~100 lbs in a little more than a year by counting calories, buying a food scale, and learning portion sizes.

Was far easier than I thought it would be.